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Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg emerge as the Democrats’ favourites

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 14 febbraio 2020

ON THE EVE of the primary, Joe Biden, the former vice-president and erstwhile front-runner, was in a church gymnasium in Manchester. He walked out to the assembled crowd of a few hundred as Carrie Underwood’s song, “The Champion”, blared from speakers. It had been specially selected by Mr Biden’s wife, Jill. “I am invincible, unbreakable / unstoppable, unshakeable / They knock me down, I get up again / I am the champion,” the lyrics ran as Mr Biden basked in applause, including a particularly enthusiastic delegation from a firefighters’ union clad in neon yellow. Yet, as disappointing results came out on Tuesday evening—showing him placing fifth with a dismal 8.4% of the vote, with 87% of the votes counted—Mr Biden was not in New Hampshire to face the music. Instead, he cancelled his election-night appearance and bolted for South Carolina, which has now become the last stand for his faltering campaign. The purported point of one of the oddest quirks of America’s presidential primary process, the early-state contests, is to whittle the field of candidates down to a manageable size and bring some clarity to the race. The disaster of last week’s Iowa caucus, caused by a malfunctioning app for tabulation and questionable management, failed to do that. The primary in New Hampshire—where the counting of votes is more straightforward—managed to rehabilitate the purpose of America’s early-state system. It clearly established a two-person struggle, for now, between Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator from Vermont, who finished first with 25.7% of the vote, and Pete Buttigieg, whose highest office was the mayorship of a mid-sized city in Indiana, and who finished close behind with 24.4% of the vote. “A campaign that some said shouldn’t be here at all has shown that we are here to stay,” Mr Buttigieg exulted in his election-night speech. No Democratic candidate in the modern era has won the nomination without placing first or second in either Iowa or New Hampshire. (By The Economist)


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