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ITRE Chair on industrial strategy: those who set the standards today will have a leverage on the markets tomorrow

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 13 marzo 2020

Industry, Research and Energy committee (ITRE) committee Chair and rapporteur reacted to the European Commission proposals published on Tuesday.“Industrial leadership will be a key factor in the geopolitical context, as those who set the standards today are those who will have a leverage on the international markets tomorrow.” said Cristian Silviu Bușoi (EPP, RO)“It will be of utmost importance to succeed in designing a new industrial strategy that will enable European industry to manage the great challenges of making the industry fit for the digital age on one hand and of the transformation towards a sustainable industry contributing to a green and competitive economy on the other”.“I consider that EU’s new industrial policy should be based on a strong competition policy and significant transition funding for the industrial regions most impacted by the green transition. We need to align different policy areas such as trade, environment, research, health, investment, competition, energy, climate and creative industries in one coherent approach under the industrial strategy” he said.“We, the ITRE Committee, are looking forward to working closely with all the parts involved in a coordinated and inclusive manner. The coordinators will be shortly deciding on the most effective way to react to the communication” he added.”The objectives are sharable indeed, while there is a lack in identifying the means on how to reach them” said ITRE rapporteur for the report on the future of European Industry Carlo Calenda (S&D, IT). “Furthermore, the document of the European Commission does not take into account the recessive impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The European Commission should exclusively focus on this right now.” In a 2017 resolution, the European Parliament asked for a Union strategy based on digitalisation, an energy- and resource-efficient economy and a circular economy approach.Parliament also asked the Commission to assess the adequacy of market definitions and the current set of EU competition rules, taking into account the evolution of global markets and the emergence of major national players in third countries.MEPs called in particular to pay more attention to the role of foreign-based state-owned enterprises that are supported and subsidised by their governments.


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