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Let’s help European Industry step up against COVID-19, say MEPs

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 30 marzo 2020

Industrial sectors need support and incentives to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, said Industry, Research and Energy Committee Chair and political groups coordinators on Friday.“In a context of the novel corona virus crisis, our role as individuals is to support our national Governments and the front line workers in their action. Member States, and in particular their emergency task forces deserve our gratitude and support for all the actions taken and need our continuous support further on!” said ITRE committee Chair Cristian-Silviu Bușoi (EPP, RO).“Afterwards, as lawmakers, we will have to reflect upon the many things will have to change in the long term if we want to be ready if such a pandemic were to happen again” he said.“We now want to build a response that will allow the EU to make a concrete difference on the ground, in support of the Member States, who often felt on their own. We will have to beef up EU competences so preparedness and response are more integrated, because pandemics know no borders” he said.Mobilise EU research funds to support medical research on Coronavirus
ITRE committee political group coordinators also called on the European Commission and the Member States to ensure that all necessary funding and research is directed towards promptly identifying and making available treatments and vaccines, building on the Union’s world-class research and pharmaceutical expertise. Given the current lack of protective equipment, sanitizers, and emergency equipment, and the fast spreading nature of this outbreak, they call on Europe’s industry to urgently step up production of needed supplies such as respirators and protective equipment.
MEPs also call on European telecom operators to ensure that the Internet and mobile networks continue to function normally, and on the Commission to intensify its efforts to ensure that robust and reliable very high capacity networks are rolled out to everyone, everywhere, in the Union so that the infrastructure can deal with demand in all circumstances.


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