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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 220

Libya: “All warring parties must stop immediately their attacks”

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 30 marzo 2020

Statement by the Chair of the European Parliament delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries (DMAG), Andrea Cozzolino, on the situation in Libya and EU “Operation Irene”.DMAG Chair Andrea Cozzolino denounces the new escalation of violence in Libya and salutes the launch of the EU military ‘Operation Irene’ to monitor the UN arms embargo and contribute to its enforcement.”At a time when the world needs to unite against the Covid-19 pandemic, every citizen, everywhere in the world, should heed the UN call to halt hostilities. In a war-torn country like Libya, where the health system has been gravely damaged by years of civil strife, and where many people lack basic sanitation, it is particularly cynical and irresponsible on the part of General Haftar to launch, yet again, an attack against the capital city of Tripoli.All warring parties must stop immediately their attacks and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to all the people who need it.Once again, I recall that there can be no military solution for Libya. The simmering crisis can only be overcome through an inclusive Libyan-owned political process facilitated by the UN.As a prerequisite, all neighbours and external actors must not only desist from arming the warring parties, but also promote actively the cessation of hostilities by fully respecting the UN arms embargo on Libya. As Libya’s neighbour, the EU and its member states hold specific responsibilities in this regard.In this respect, I salute the unanimous decision adopted by the European Council to launch the EU military ‘Operation Irene’ in order to monitor the UN arms embargo and contribute to its enforcement. I call on the EU institutions and all the Member States to redouble efforts to ensure the rapid deployment of ‘Operation Irene.”


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