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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 220

The View From my office window

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 31 marzo 2020

Last week I described my impressions looking out from my office window on 45th Street. I told you how the city was shutting down, the traffic was thinning out, and the crazies weren’t screaming. It’s different this week. The city has shut down, the traffic is barely audible or visible and the only crazy people are the citizens of New York City, troubled by how quickly we went from the “city that never sleeps” to the city that craves nothing more than a restful night’s sleep. Over the weekend, my wife and I gathered up my inventory from 45th Street and made a couple of car trips back home to load it into my son’s bedroom. Jake, our son, is currently working and living in Bethesda, MD, so space is available, kind of, for a dozen or so boxes.My computer and printer are set up on his desk and it feels as if the world has shrunk to the size of our apartment. We go out every morning to stroll the quiet(er) streets and breathe the fresh(er) air.I’ve been caught up in a number of business related matters, which I will explain to you another time. For this week, I am sending you some photographs I took, which illustrate, in a very small way, what life has been like.This first picture is my current view from our son’s bedroom. He’s always enjoyed the best view in the apartment looking out onto the FDR drive, the East River and Long Island City with its famous Pepsi Cola sign.Returning home we were treated to the glorious, unfettered Magnolia trees, which, despite the prevailing sadness and stress, managed to put on a stunning welcome to spring. (David H. Lowenherz President) (by Lion Heart Autographs)


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