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Spanish labels unite to raise money for hospitals in fight against Covid-19

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 1 aprile 2020

It’s clear that in facing a global crisis such as that through which we are currently living with the ongoing impacts of the Covid-19 virus around the world, we must look at our own communities and forge bonds that can help us through such times. That is exactly what a group of 20 independent Spanish labels (soon to be more!) have done. Forming under the banner of Music For Gloves, labels such as Action Weekend Records, Family Spree Recordings, You Are The Cosmos, Bickerton and more have joined forces with a simple yet vitally important aim: to raise money to help provide hospitals with the gloves needed to treat patients suffering the effects of Covid-19.Their proposal is simple and their methods even more so. Each label, which combined, cover some of the best underground garage, psych, powerpop and punk in the country and beyond, have uploaded four tracks each, available to download for just 2€. Alongside the great selection of current bands that the labels regularly release, you can also find some gems from some classic bands such as San Diego’s powerpop kings from the ’80s, Manual Scan.Forget the majors and the big businesses licking their wounds and working out how to save a few pennies, for it is clear that during times of such crises we must look to those immediately around us. Across the country, and now across the world, musicians holed up in lockdown are taking to social media to broadcast stripped-down concerts from their own homes. And now, this new initiative has been launched to provide resources directly to the frontline services fighting the pandemic.


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