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COVID-19: Data and Artificial Intelligence can help ease lockdowns

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 15 aprile 2020

Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE) Chair Cristian Bușoi reacted on Thursday to the Commission recommendation to support lockdown exit strategies through mobile data and apps.
“As soon as the epidemic wave will be behind us, we’ll need to move away from the logic of containments. But easing the lockdowns and getting back to normal will be a huge technical and organisational challenge as the virus will still be among us. We are in favour of making use of the possibilities offered by mobile and data applications, and we support the approach proposed by the Commission” said ITRE Chair Cristian Bușoi (EPP, RO).“In order to overcome this unprecedented crisis, we must test new solutions and make use of innovation and research. Various methods have been used by some countries, with contrasting results. We need to look at what has already been tried, and work according to our principles. We also need to make sure that European citizens are on board. The problem to be solved is to find an effective and efficient way of understanding how the virus spreads and being able to deploy strategies adapted to the different territories” he said.The European Commission proposes a common approach for modelling and predicting the evolution of the virus through anonymised and aggregated mobile location data. “Such use of data must of course take place at European level, because that is where the data will have the critical mass to be effective. We will therefore be vigilant concerning user consent and data protection. We welcome the fact that the European Commission is closely working with the European Data Protection Board” he added.


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