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Recovery package: stronger focus needed on research and industry, say MEPs

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 31 Maggio 2020

Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee Chair and Horizon Europe research programme rapporteurs reacted to the EU recovery package presented by the European Commission on Wednesday.”In this regard, we need resilience and the times we are living through now have shown us that research is of paramount importance. Whether on CO2 emissions, digitalisation and health, the recovery plan should be driven by innovation”, he said. Moreover, “the transformation of our industrial landscape needs to be feasible for all our sectors. No regions should be left behind, in particular those reliant on coal or heavy industry”, he said.“We must also ensure that both households and businesses benefit from cheap electricity bills as our different energy models converge towards decarbonisation. Energy policy can, if we get it right, help to kick-start the European economy in the context of the post-COVID-19 recovery. If we let prices go up, it will have the opposite effect and recovery efforts will be lost”, he added.
“This will require careful assessment, and should, nevertheless, not create new administrative burdens for SMEs, who will be the backbone of the recovery. In this respect we hope that the Commission will observe the “one in, one out” principle it has previously established, to avoid too many new regulations”, he concluded.“Europe will never be economically wealthy nor safe without substantial financing for its basic and applied research and without adequate financing and coordination on the health dimension. The answers to both challenges of the pandemic and the economic recovery are in research, innovation and new technologies”, he added.”From an industry stand point, it is disproportional that we emphasise a green deal so strongly but not an equivalent digital deal for Europe. Without a proportional emphasis on digitalisation, we will fall even more behind our global competitors in Asia and in the US. That is a lesson the Commission didn’t understand, which will lead to disastrous effects for the next generation of Europeans. In her consultations, President von der Leyen left the Parliament out completely, which shows her poor estimation of one of the European Institutions.”The ITRE committee will vote on the opening of negotiations with the Council on the Horizon Europe programme on Thursday. Parliament and Council will discuss the new proposals and decide on their final shape in upcoming negotiations.


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