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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 338

MEPs want consumers to have a central role in the green and digital transitions

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 10 giugno 2020

Empowering consumers in the green economy and managing any further disruptions as COVID-19 will be key in the future Consumer Agenda, said Commissioner Reynders to MEPs.Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders discussed today with the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee the plans for the New Consumer Agenda, due to be presented by the Commission in the last quarter of the year to align consumer protection with today’s realities.The upcoming initiatives will aim at empowering consumers in the green and digital transitions, enforcing their rights and addressing how to improve protection for consumers disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Reynders told the committee. “Consumer protection should be an integral part of the economic recovery and will help to increase the resilience of our economies”, he stated.Questioned on the right to repair and on planned obsolescence, the Commissioner reassured MEPs that they will be an important part of the circular economy and the consumer agenda. Some MEPs regretted, however, that various green transition and circular economy files have been postponed to next year, since sustainable product design should and will be key in the green deal and recovery.Several Members asked Reynders about what is being done to better protect consumers from scams and to avoid that unsafe products enter the EU market. The Commissioner reiterated the importance of working with online platforms and national authorities to ensure that scams are removed swiftly and to have a mandatory system to fight disinformation.Under the Consumer Agenda, the Commission will have to address some of the issues that were highlighted during the crisis, in order to ensure that consumers are not exposed to dangerous products or to disinformation, speakers said during the debate.On refunds and vouchers for travellers, Reynders reiterated that he will not hesitate to take the necessary action to ensure full compliance from travel companies and to protect the rights of travellers.On labelling, the Commissioner agreed with MEPs that consumers must have clear information on the origin and on the sustainability of the products, saying that the Commission will launch a consultation on the matter. He also pointed out that local production has become more important in the context of COVID-19.Artificial intelligence, consumer trust in the single market, common chargers, due diligence, and consumer class actions were among the other issues addressed by MEPs.


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