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Eu: fishing activities

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 15 giugno 2020

In France, fishing activities have recovered but demand is still fragile and too low to absorb the increased supplies and imports from neighbour countries, leading to low prices. FranceAgriMer data on weekly auction sales (excluding the Mediterranean seaboard) show that for the 31 main species, first sales volumes significantly increased in week 22 against week 21 (+17%, mostly due to sardine and to a lesser extent monk, saithe and haddock) but then decreased in week 23 compared with week 22 (-9%, mostly due to sardine). This led the average first sale price to decrease by 23% from week 21 to week 22 (mostly due to the volume effect and the increasing share of sardine) and to increase from week 22 to week 23 (+10%, with most species experiencing price increases and sardine share decreasing).
In Spain, sardine prices dropped in Galicia since the sardine campaign started in Portugal, the first week of June. In A Coruña, the medium sized sardine was sold at 1,50 EUR/kg and the big sized at 3,00 EUR/kg. The first week of June, Galician fishers sold medium sized sardines at 0,40 EUR/kg and big sized ones at 1,50 EUR/kg. The demand is expected to be lower than last year according to Acerga (seiners association of Galicia), due to COVID-19 restrictions making difficult the “sardiñadas” celebrations. In addition, the anchovy campaign is ending for Cantabrian seiners and prices have been lower than last year, making this year’s campaign hardly profitable.
In five auctions in Denmark (Hanstholm, Hirtshals, Strandby, Grenaa and Skagen), first-sale volumes decreased by 7% in week 22 compared to week 21 and remained stable in week 23 despite a public holiday on Monday 1st June. First-sale value decreased by 10% in week 22 but recovered in week 23 (+3%). Fishing activity seems to have increased over the past two months. The total first-sale volume in April and May was more than 50% higher compared to February and March. The main species contributing to this increase were plaice (+184%), saithe (+36%), cod (+86%), hake (+97%) and pollack (+129%).
In Ireland, the situation for the groundfish and shellfish fleets is reportedly depressed. In an attempt to balance the market, fFishermen receive public economic support for committing to vessel tie-ups. However, with the amounts received by fishermen being considered too low, fisheres go at sea fishing – with the result that fish is being landed at low prices. Achieved prices by fishermen for cod destined for the French market have been reported as low as 0,40 EUR/kg. The shellfish (crab) market has to some extent picked up. Still, market prices are low – currently around 2,00 EUR/kg, down from around 4,00 EUR/kg last year. Air freight capacity is limited, and the freight cost is still high to the Asian market. Another constraint is the test capacity for issuing veterinary certificates needed for exports to the Chinese market as the tests are conducted by one institution only.
In the Netherlands, the situation for fishermen has improved as public economic support measures seem to be effective and prices are currently on an acceptable level. There are currently no fishing restrictions for the flatfish fisheries. However, POs have decided a 60-hour restriction on for shrimp fisheries due to limited capacity at peeling factories in Morocco. As the HORECA segment is slowly opening again, demand for seafood seems to rise. From week 20 to week 23, first sale prices for sole have trended above 12,00 EUR/kg and were around 2,00 EUR/kg for plaice.


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