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EMD In My Country events 2020 despite Covid-19 pandemic

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 3 luglio 2020

Although the European Maritime Day (EMD) 2020 Conference (foreseen to be held in Cork, Ireland) had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis and the related social distancing measures, our EMD In My Country partners managed to organise many open air or virtual events. This year, 200 EMD In My Country events have been initially registered, covering all the EU sea basins. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of several workshops, seminars and conferences, but many organisers managed to keep their events alive, be it often in a virtual format. Other EMD in my Country activities were taking place in open air, like eco-tours, excursions in coastal areas, beach-cleaning activities etc. At all times, the safety of the participants was of course the main priority.Wild seabass: new report on the market trends of one of Europe’s top fish
For many small vessels in the EU, seabass represents more than 10% of landing value, peaking at 50% in the Netherlands and 40% in France, according to a new report released today by the European Commission and the European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture (EUMOFA). These fleets, mainly passive gears and hooks and liners, are profitable and can value their catch at the highest price. Seabass caught with hooks and line can reach the price of up to 35€/kg on the French market – the largest market for wild seabass in Europe.The report highlights the main market trends for wild seabass in Europe, including the fleets’ economic dependency on seabass, the impact of recreational fisheries, as well as the significant market segmentation depending on production methods (wild-caught or farmed), size of the catch and type of gear used.


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