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Stories from before

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 1 agosto 2020

Rome Reception: Monday, August 3rd 3rd – 30th August, 2020 Rossocinabro Gallery street Raffaele Cadorna, 28 is pleasures to present the group show “Stories from Before” In latest works presented at the exhibition, Rossocinabro combines multi-figure scenes, fragments of nature, landscapes or cityscapes, paintings and photographs with fictional images and abstract segments to create multi-planar compositions, and new sculptures. The works are constructed by mixing intentional and spontaneous, as if accidental effects, three-dimensional shapes and near-abstract, flattened, decorative forms, realistic depictions and reproduced mediated images. Bursts of bright colours, variety of shapes and textures enrich artists’ works, mark the renovation of their art language and act as powerful catalysts of emotions.The narrative is often driven by the concept of art as an act. This act becomes a universal key to reveal the stories behind elaborate and multi-contextual scenes. Many narratives often focus on the time of the setting. This prevailing sense of temporality provokes to rethink historical and personal past, explore the mechanisms of memory, remembrance, longing and the importance of image in this context. Complex time structures of the stories move in circles, swirl, repeat themselves, stretch from the past to the present and future, resulting in infinite possibilities. So the stories from before become stories not yet told.


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