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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 34 n° 316

Brussels Plenary session, The week ahead 05 – 11 October 2020

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 4 ottobre 2020

Long-term budget/Rule of law. With regard to ongoing talks, MEPs are set to remind member states that Parliament will only agree to a long-term budget if there is a strong mechanism that allows for EU funding to be reduced or suspended if a member state disrespects the rule of law. A press conference by the EP’s negotiating team for the next MFF and Own Resources reform is scheduled for 16.30 on Monday. (debate Monday) Mechanism to protect European values. In order to target autocratic and illiberal tendencies as well as corruption, disinformation and state capture in EU countries, Parliament will vote on a legislative initiative that envisages a permanent EU mechanism applying equally and fairly to all member states, to protect and strengthen democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights. (debate Monday, vote Wednesday) Bulgaria. MEPs will debate the situation of rule of law and fundamental rights as well as the ongoing protests against corruption and alleged state capture in Bulgaria. A resolution will be put to the vote on Thursday. (debate Monday, vote Thursday) EU climate law. MEPs will vote on a more ambitious 2030 emissions reduction target on Wednesday. The European climate law aims to transform political promises that the EU will become climate-neutral by 2050 into a binding obligation, to give European citizens and businesses the legal certainty and predictability they need to plan for the transformation. A press conference is scheduled for 10.00 on Wednesday (debate Tuesday, vote Wednesday) Changes in the Commission. Parliament is set to decide on the appointment of Commissioner-designate Ms McGuinness and on the new portfolio allocated to Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis, on Wednesday. Following their hearings in the competent committees, the Conference of Presidents will carry out the final evaluation and decide whether to close the hearings or request further action on Tuesday. Special EU summit. MEPs will comment on the results of the special European Council meeting, in particular on escalating tensions between Turkey and its EU neighbours, on relations with China and on the situation in Belarus, in a debate with Council President Michel. During the debate, MEPs will also look ahead and give their input regarding the next regular EU summit, to be held 15-16 October. (Tuesday) Women on Boards. MEPs are set to reiterate their demand to move forward on the ‘‘Women on boards’’ Directive, which sought to address gender inequality by requiring that at least 40% of board members of companies listed on stock exchanges should be women by 2020 in the private sector and by 2018 in the public sector. The directive has been blocked in the Council for years. (debate Monday) President’s diary. EP President David Sassoli will participate in the event commemorating the 57th anniversary of the Vajont Tragedy, on Saturday. On Sunday, the President will join the Peace March in Assisi. Press briefing. The European Parliament’s and the groups’ spokespersons will hold a press briefing on the plenary session at 11:00 on Monday, in the “Anna Politkovskaya” EP press conference room and via skype. Group leaders are due to brief the media on Tuesday morning.


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