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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 335

MEPs blueprint for a new Industrial strategy

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 17 ottobre 2020

Industry, Research and Energy MEPs advocated a shift in the EU approach to industrial policy, to help businesses cope with the crisis and face the digital and environmental transitions.MEPs call on the Commission to come up with a revised industrial strategy, in a report adopted on Friday in the Industry, Research and Energy committee. The original strategy, from March 2020, was published in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and before the Next Generation EU plan was set up. The new strategy should have two distinct phases, one focusing on recovery and the other on reconstruction and resilience, say MEPs.First, the industrial strategy should contribute to recovery from the current economic crisis, and first aim to consolidate jobs, reactivate production and adapt it to a post-COVID “new normal”. The second phase should be aimed at reconstruction and transformation of the European industry.The new strategy should in particular help the EU achieve climate-neutrality, deliver on the European Green Deal, manage the twin green and digital transitions and create high-quality jobs, say MEPs.In particular, it should contain a strong social pillar and address the social consequences of structural change. The European Commission should put in place a policy facilitate economic and social revitalization of territories at risk, say MEPs, who highlight that the twin transition is an opportunity for fossil-dominated areas to move towards the frontline of innovation.MEPs also stress that industrial transformation requires a significant boost in research and development efforts, and recall Parliament’s position to increase the budget for Horizon Europe up to 120 billion euro and to ensure the program’s consistency with the Union’s climate neutrality targets.MEPs highlight the importance of a research-based pharmaceutical industry, and reiterate the need to put in place a medicine shortage risk mitigation plan to manage any vulnerabilities and risks for the supply chain for critical medicines.MEPs call for particular attention to be given to the situation of SMEs, and consider that measures set up by Members States to help them cope with the current cash crunch are useful, but might in some cases increase their debt levels. They call on the Commission to support EU and national programmes incentivising capital increase and to facilitate recovery. The non-binding report was adopted with 52 votes to 7, with 12 abstentions. It will be put to a vote by the full House during the 23-26 November plenary session.


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