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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 348

Trade MEPs agree to new EU export rules on dual use items

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 4 dicembre 2020

The trade committee backed the new set of rules for exporting dual use products and technologies, including cyber-surveillance tools.The reviewed rules, agreed provisionally by Parliament and Council negotiators on 22 November, govern the export of so-called dual use goods, software and technology – for example, high-performance computers, drones and certain chemicals – that can have legitimate civilian applications, but can also be used for the development of weapons of mass-destruction, terrorist acts and human rights violations.The current update, made necessary by technological developments and growing security risks, includes new criteria to grant or reject export licenses for certain items.Thanks to Parliament’s negotiators, the updated regulation will also have substantially stronger human rights considerations among those new criteria to avoid that certain surveillance and intrusion technologies exported from the EU contribute to human rights abuses.It will set up an extensive, EU list of technologies that are subject to export restrictions. The list, which goes beyond international lists, also includes stricter export controls on certain cyber-surveillance tools in the interest of protecting human rights and political freedoms. The regulation also sets up an EU-level coordination mechanism for the exports of cyber-surveillance items, new transparency and reporting obligations for member states, and will swiftly incorporate emerging technologies.The Committee on International Trade approved the provisional agreement by 39 votes, with two against and one abstention on 30 November (the results were announced on 1 December). The proposal for the updated regulation now needs to be formally endorsed by Parliament as a whole, as well as the Council, before it can enter into effect.


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