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The Economist: Our coverage of the coronavirus

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 15 marzo 2021

A year ago this week the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the covid-19 outbreak to be a pandemic. Our data team has been closely following the course of the disease and its toll from the start, producing a range of trackers and interactive charts to keep us informed about how covid-19 has spread, how many people have died (and where) and how well vaccination programmes are faring worldwide. This week the team launched its latest and most ambitious project—the covid mortality risk estimator. Though covid-19 threatens everyone, its highest risks are concentrated among particular groups of people. For any group of unvaccinated people of a given age, sex and mix of other illnesses, the data team’s new tool can estimate the proportion that will be hospitalised or die within 30 days of a covid-19 diagnosis. You can interact with the data here.In the Asia section, we look at a conundrum in India: the country seems to have suffered surprisingly few deaths from covid-19. What explains its apparent success?It is well-established that, among rich nations, Europe is a laggard in its vaccination roll-out. A protracted swell of cases is highlighting the continent’s problems.In the Science and technology section, we look at the potential for vaccine passports to start getting life back on track in countries where jabs have become widespread. Though identity schemes such as vaccine passports do have a part to play in the return to life as normal, we argue it will be only modest.On the first anniversary of the WHO’s declaration of a pandemic, our “Babbage” podcast looks at the lessons the world has learned. And on “The Jab”, we discuss how clinical trials for vaccines work and give you a guide on how to interpret the numbers flowing out of them. Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist


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