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Marcello Mazzoni performs the ‘last Liszt’ on his new album “Liszt Noir”

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 18 aprile 2021

The pianistic repertoire includes, without exception, some works by Franz Liszt, therefore the renowned Italian pianist Marcello Mazzoni once again consecrated himself on the international piano scene with his new record material: “Liszt Noir”.The program of the Marcello Mazzoni’s interesting Live contains an extremely significant cross section of Liszt’s immense piano production. Some of the latest piano works were taken from a Recital held in Nancy in August 2019; and now the project sees the light thanks to a new collaboration with the Swiss record label BAM Music, after the success obtained with the previous album with Mazzoni “Alberto Franchetti Chamber Music”. In the words of Mazzoni himself, “the Late piano works also explore unknown sound levels, in the less beaten registers of the keyboard, almost on the edge of infrasound and ultrasound, as if one wanted to go “beyond” the 88 keys, but especially they investigate harmonic paths at that time not fully known and presaging shocking news”.The “last Liszt”, that of the final decade of his long existence, has been the object of study and research for some years now, but he is not always understood and performed. Instead it is a special music, pure virtuosity, it is not different from the production of some previous decades. The difference is that what in the past was -also, but not only- finger virtuosity and sometimes effects research, is now harmonic and timbral virtuosity. The album is made up of 8 music tracks, while the last one is the presentation in Italian of M° Luca Ciammarughi who presents an interesting phase of Liszt.


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