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International Public Dialogue and Proposals for the Parthenon Marbles

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 20 aprile 2021

ECOWEEK 2021 in Aegina (August 29 – September 5, 2021) ( A panel of experts will discuss the proposals at the international conference. The non-profit organization ECOWEEK and the non-profit cultural organization PAREMVASI propose a special initiative in the context of the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Greece, under the auspices of “Greece 2021”: Invitation for an international public dialogue on the Parthenon Marbles, with the aim of presenting ideas and proposals in search of a creative, sustainable and acceptable solution for the Parthenon Marbles: their return to Athens, their motherland or their stay at the British Museum? Or another creative scenario that will be mutually accepted? The international community is invited to submit ideas and proposals in a digital questionnaire and thus contribute to the dialogue to find a mutually acceptable and sustainable solution. Selected proposals will be evaluated and discussed in the experts panel from Greece and abroad titled GREEK CULTURE: THE SCULPTURES OF THE ACROPOLIS OF ATHENS: Towards a Sustainable Solution through Dialogue and Proposals from the International Community that will take place at ECOWEEK 2021: HISTORY + TOURISM + SUSTAINABILITY: Towards a Sustainable Vision in Practice For more details:


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