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The Economist: A special edition on our coronavirus coverage

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 26 aprile 2021

Our cover in Asia tells the grim story of covid-19 in India, which is struggling with a catastrophic second wave. Until March, India was recording barely 13,000 new covid-19 cases a day, fewer than Germany or France and a drop in the ocean for a nation of 1.4bn. By late last month, however, it was rocketing. On April 21st India clocked 315,000 new positive tests, above even the biggest daily rise recorded in America, the only other country to report such highs. A return of the virus was inevitable, but the government’s distraction and complacency have amplified the surge. (We also cover the story in our daily podcast, “The Intelligence”).In the Netherlands, the state is funding pilot programmes to explore whether rapid testing of patrons for covid-19 can allow reopening of restaurants, museums, cultural events and the like. The budget is huge: €1.1bn ($1.3bn) through August, more than 0.1% of GDP. But critics say the experiments are so flawed that they may prove useless. In Africa, vaccination is off to a slow start. Just 6m doses have been administered in sub-Saharan Africa, fewer than in New Jersey. Just 1% of African adults have received a first jab, versus a global average of 13%. Scant supply is the biggest problem, but not the only one.Meanwhile, Latin American athletes are jumping the queue for vaccines: on April 13th Lionel Messi helped to score 50,000 vaccines for Conmebol, the South American football confederation, after sending three signed shirts to Sinovac, a Chinese pharmaceutical company. American export controls on raw materials and equipment threaten to hinder global vaccine production. Production lines in India, turning out at least 160m doses of covid vaccine a month, will soon grind to a halt unless America supplies 37 critical items.Our “Free exchange” columnist considers how to think about vaccines and patents during a pandemic—do public-health crises call for a departure from the rules? We explore the issue further in a pair of “By Invitation” articles, in which economists and business leaders make their arguments for and against suspending intellectual property rights on medical products related to covid-19.On “The Jab”, our podcast reporting from the sharp end of the vaccination race, we turn our attention to Europe. The continent is suffering a third wave of covid-19 after the European Commission’s vaccine roll-out stalled. France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, has said Europe “lacked ambition” in its vaccine efforts. How can European countries catch up?Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist


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