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The Economist We have two covers this week

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 6 luglio 2021

In most of our editions we highlight our new normalcy index. Taking the pre-pandemic average as 100, it tracks such things as flights, traffic and retailing across dozens of countries comprising 76% of the Earth’s population. Today it stands at 66—double the level in 2020, but still well below the pre-pandemic benchmark. One reason for this is that covid-19 is still ravaging many countries, as a lack of vaccines leaves them open to highly infectious new variants. But even vaccinated countries such as America remain far from normal. And that may be because it is becoming clear that the new normal will be profoundly different from the old one. In our American edition we write about the battle to defend American democracy. Democrats believe that the threat to elections centres on who is able to vote. The greater worry is what happens after votes have been cast. Across America, Republican state legislatures have come under pressure from Donald Trump and his allies, who continue to insist that Joe Biden did not really win the presidential election. As a result, they are passing laws that will turn vote-counting into a partisan battleground. This raises the spectre of a contested election that the courts are unable to resolve. Long after the hysteria over the 2020 election has abated, America’s voting system will bear the scars. Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist.


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