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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 348

Moto GP, Sbk and safety

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 ottobre 2021

“Regarding the controversy that has been unleashed over the sad truths of motorcycle racing at all levels, even Marquez admitted that” hard work is being done on the safety of the circuits, clothing and everything else “. But he does not say why as he does not want to fuel controversy with national and international federations, which to date have not highlighted any proposals other than a discussion table on the establishment of a points license proposed by myself “. This was declared by the rider Michel Fabrizio, born in 1984, former Italian champion 125 sp 2001, Superstock 1000 World Champion in 2003 and vice SBK world champion in 2009. “Furthermore, I think that it is not a personal matter between me and him but a matter of safeguarding the weakest who in this specific case are young people and minors. It is necessary to change the regulation, and to intervene at 360 degrees, promptly as early as 20/22. The hundreds of thousands of euros that are needed to make the boys run in the various national and international championships are certainly an ignoble deterrent not to change things! ”, Continued Fabrizio. “There is no more time to make generic statements that only serve to maintain the balance of economic power and I ask that action be taken in a timely manner through the press and the institutions if we really want to safeguard young people in this sport. Not only does Valentino Rossi confirm his fears regarding the risks faced by the aggression of the new riders for some years now, but Franco Morbidelli is also asking professional riders to set a good example on the track. Espargarò’s statement is striking, declaring that his children will never run but will play tennis. Furthermore, he adds that “the real problem lies in the direction that this sport is taking”, so I renew the invitation to Dorna and the International Federation to open a discussion table with expert people who begin to rewrite the rules to protect young people to increase safety in this sport and bring it to the levels of assurance that Formula 1 has arrived today. Enough with the promises waiting for time to pass and the whole world forgets what happened ”, concluded Fabrizio.


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