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‘Future’ exhibition, artists: Meeting with the artists

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 6 dicembre 2021

Rome Saturday 11 December hours 5-7 pm Via Raffaele Cadorna 28 Visitabile da lunedì a venerdì 11-17 Incontro con gli artisti sabato 11 dicembre ore 17-19. Curator Cristina Madini.For the ‘Future’ exhibition, artists from all countries have shared their reflections on how they imagine could transform the world. Nothing more than art can create enchantment, vision, dreams and utopia.It is well known that utopias nourished and continue to nourish artists today, but what exactly does it mean and because it is so important for each of us today to believe in vision and strive to achieve utopias.We are short-sighted, we are used to seeing too closely, we satisfy immediate desires, thus limiting that discussion around themes, concerning the great ambitions, visions, utopias that in the past have allowed human progress. In fact, however, it would be necessary to reflect deeply on the still open scourge of world hunger, on social disparities, on great migrations, on climate change and the consequent new geographies, on the pollution of the land and the sea, to reflect on the level of freedoms, that are taking different forms in our world.We have before our eyes enormous challenges that seem to remain out of the public discussion and too often from the daily discussion of each of us, while these challenges could be precisely to generate opportunities for a revolution of the gaze to propose new ideas, new companies, new visions in a planetary ever-changing geography.Certainly, that’s a generalization, but the artists, through sensitivity, create and communicate what is no longer traceable on the planet: ideas.The prerogative of art isn’t solving the problems, but the artists are capable of highlighting, interpreting and simplifying them to generate new visions, approaches and ideas. Artists can focus on the relationship between man and planet, show human or war tragedies, raise environmental issues through their works. The exhibition organized by Rossocinabro is sponsored by AMACI (Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums) on the 2021 Day Contemporary which provides for the extraordinary opening of Museums and Galleries on Saturday 11 December.The exhibition will be open until December 30th without reservation, changes due to new government measures will be communicated in real time on our website


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