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The Economist: 12 briefings that defined 2021

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 dicembre 2021

The Economist’s briefings section is something of a Swiss Army knife; it does what the paper needs doing when it needs it done. Its subjects can range widely, from what is wrong with Mexico’s president to how big European companies have become also-rans and what they might do about it. When our data journalism reveals something remarkable, such as the true scale of the covid-19 epidemic, the briefing can be a showcase for it; when we think there’s a big change in the world to which people are not paying enough attention, such as the rise of open-source intelligence gathering, it is where we tell them about it. It can look at the present—the way repression is coming to Russia, say, or to Hong Kong—or the past, capturing the sweep of American foreign policy since 9/11. And it can open up the future by showing what else the technology that lies behind mRNA vaccines could be used for, or by warning against the results of failing to cut greenhouse-gas emissions.This selection from 2021’s offering has no claim to objectivity. It does not reflect what click-by-click analysis tells us about how widely read the pieces were or how many letters we received on the subject, it does not attempt to cover the biggest news stories of the year and it was certainly not the subject of internal discussion. They are just some of the ones which, when I looked back on the year, stood out most prominently.The results are not presented in any imagined order of merit. What is more, though I was asked to choose just a top ten, I gave up on whittling down when I reached 12. Whether this makes me generous or indecisive, I could not say (an inability which pushes slightly towards the former). By Oliver Morton Senior editor, Essays, Briefings and Technology Quarterlies The Economist


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