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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 34 n° 221

Riccardo Alfonso, a publicist, born in Campobasso, lives in Rome

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2022

Director in charge of the “Fidest” press agency. With the types of Fidest he has published extensive series of essays in Italian and foreign periodicals. A hundred of his books are on Amazon. He received the 1982 Culture Award of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – non-fiction section – for his text “The Last Frontier” (Editrice Zephyr of Rome). He wrote a monograph on the origins of the Vercelli laborer movement entitled: “The humble sons of the earth” and later, in the same vein, “Mondine in risaia”, “The land of the fathers”, “The land of sons”. He is the author of an “English Grammar” and “History of painters and Theater” (in two volumes) and Medicine online. He has written three Dossiers on Europe. On the characters of our time he wrote “Il dictatore” (The story of Mino Pecorelli that is intertwined with that of Andreotti), Gaddafi and more generally “The evolution and history of life”, “The dates that make history”, “The observer”, “The anthropophagus”, “The price of progress”, “The Second World War” “From the news to history”, “Twentieth century stories of our time”. Extensive was the production of essays: “The human factor and the logic of employment”, “The laboratory of the last frontier”, “The step of the chameleon”, “The pendulum”, “The thought, the things, the future” ” My never ending story “,” The mystique of faith “,” The mystique of evolution ” On medicine he wrote: “The prostate”, “The mystique of well-being (in two volumes),” Medicine conjugated to the social “,” The biological adventure “,” The evolution and history of life “, 12 volumes of “Medicine on line” and six volumes of “Social medicine”. Various other volumes concern the “initiatory science and the esoteric intertwining” (two volumes), “thoughts in free output”, “Beyond life”, “Memories”, “Lives of illustrious men”, “I write”, The seven cavalieri dello spazio “and then all the editorials published as Fidest launches (about two thousand) And in the end he can consider himself a ghost writer for all the works that have been commissioned to him by various authors.


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