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Special edition: What to read this summer

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 21 giugno 2022

Welcome to the first edition of “Summer reads”, a newsletter that celebrates the season. We’ll return to our regular coronavirus newsletter next weekend, but if you like this special edition, keep an eye out for regular instalments throughout the summer. In this newsletter I’ll share stories from The Economist, both recent and classic, that I’ve most enjoyed reading as our days warm up. Highlighted below are just a few of those that I’ll keep adding daily to our new collection of Summer reads. Dive right in here.What makes summer so special? For Fitzgerald’s narrator in “The Great Gatsby”, Nick Carraway, it held the conviction that life could begin over again. It is days that expand wondrously, heavy naps, baking heat in some places and, elsewhere, fat beads of warm rain. (In yet others, it is winter: my line-up won’t forget those of you for whom big jumpers and hot chocolate are top of mind. Start with the man trying to save the Winter Olympics on a warming planet.) No sandy beach near you? No sweat. Be transported to another place with my pick of stories from 1843, our sister magazine, or stretch out—deck chair or grassy patch advised—with our “Gentle distractions”. A particular favourite of mine this week casts light on the long and tangled history of California’s eucalyptus trees. This summer’s best breezy reads and poolside paperbacks will clamour for your attention. Indulge (I certainly will). But don’t shy away from a more demanding read. In “Food for thought”, you’ll find Special reports and essays that uncover everything from the lifelike qualities of atoms to the mysterious substance pushing our universe apart. Play around with our just-published interactive story on AI and another on what Spotify songs tell us about the decline of English.In “The Economist reads”, a new series, our journalists recommend the best books to get up to speed on a subject, from Vladimir Putin to cooking. As France goes to the polls this weekend, our Paris bureau chief shares seven books to help you make sense of the country today. I’m the US Digital Editor, based in New York. Write to me from your part of the world and tell me which articles you’re reading this season, and why. I’ll share a selection of them in future newsletters. I look forward to reading them all. Font: Stephanie Studer US Digital Editor The Economist


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