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eFuel Alliance calls for higher ambition level for eFuels in aviation

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 3 luglio 2022

Berlin/Brussels. Regarding the vote on the ReFuelEU Aviation Regulation in the European Parliament’s Transport Committee, Ralf Diemer, Managing Director of the eFuel Alliance, states: “Climate-neutral aviation can only be achieved with CO2-neutral fuels. It is up to the Parliament to create a good negotiating basis for the upcoming trilogue by voting in favour of higher blending quotas of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and eFuels. The compromise adopted in the Transport Committee is a step in the right direction, but not sufficient. We need ambitious quotas and we need synthetic fuels to achieve the ambitious climate targets. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to liquid fuels in aviation for the near future. This makes binding high quotas even more important to de-fossilize aviation and to stimulate investments in renewable fuels,” Diemer said.”We call for a blending in 2030 of at least 10% sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) including a sub-quota for eFuels of 2%. The quotas should increase to 75% SAF and a subquota of 53% eFuels in 2050. The cost of eFuels will not only decrease rapidly due to economies of scale, unlike what critics claim, but would also be financially supported by emissions trading, according to the European Parliament’s vote on the EU ETS. We will make extensive use of renewable energy for the production of synthetic fuels, which will be produced in locations around the world where wind and solar are abundant.”The plenary vote on the ReFuelEU Aviation Regulation will take place on July 7. More on eFuels in aviation at further information visit


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