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eFuel Alliance: Climate-neutral aviation only with CO2-neutral fuels

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 6 luglio 2022

Brussels/Strasbourg. Ahead of this week’s plenary vote on the ReFuelEU Aviation Regulation, MEPs as well as industry and environmental experts criticised the EU Commission’s plans and called for higher blending mandates of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and eFuels at an event organised by the eFuel Alliance. “I strongly believe that eFuels are the future of aviation,” said MEP Ciaran Cuffe. CO2-neutral fuels will also profit from price development and economies of scale, Cuffe stressed: “eFuels may be expensive now, but the greater the supply, the lower the price and that comes from a clear signal to the market by the ReFuelEU Aviation proposal. Look at what has happened with renewables over the last few years. When we are serious about new technologies, prices fall to the point where they are more competitive than less sustainable alternatives, and the same is true for eFuels”. The market for synthetic fuels in aviation will grow and become more attractively priced, Silke Bölts, Aviation Policy Officer at the NGO umbrella organisation Transport & Environment (T&E), also underlined. “We have found in a study that the production capacities for e-kerosene in Europe until 2030 and beyond are significantly higher than the Commission’s estimates.” Of course, this development would depend on the political framework conditions, but the technical possibilities for production could be 1.83 Mt in 2030 – compared to the less than 0.4 Mt projected by the Commission. Bölts: “Finally, companies have to assess the market and the market opportunities. Companies need those blending mandates because the investors need to be sure that the product will also be sold”. Today, less than one per cent of aviation fuel worldwide comes from renewable sources, which provides immense potential, Dr. David Zaziski, Vice President of Infinium, also pointed out. “But this is where the opportunities lie to reduce greenhouse gases and achieve air quality benefits. What is often overlooked is that aviation fuel is actually harder to make given its tighter specifications. As a result, it takes extra processing and extra cost compared to diesel for road transport,” Zaziski said. Initiatives like the EU’s showed that there needed to be specific policy incentives for aviation fuel from renewables, “with clear targets, so that we can rapidly advance the SAF market”. Samuel Maubanc, Head of EU Affairs at Neste, also underlined the need for a clear framework: “We need to have realistic regulatory rules for Power to X for SAF starting now, because it’s a new market”. He also spoke out against cherry-picking preferred options, or even worse, pitching one technology against another, as climate targets should always be kept in mind. “Fossil fuels must be replaced by renewable energies, that is the order of the day”, Maubanc emphasized. “Both HEFA SAF, based on waste and residues, and eFuels will be badly needed to decarbonise aviation, and Neste is investing in all of them”, Maubanc added.The role of biofuels was also discussed, the definition of which was expanded during the vote in the lead committee TRAN. The eFuel Alliance is an interest group working for the political and social acceptance of eFuels and for their approval. We represent more than 170 companies, associations, and consumer organizations along the eFuel production value chain. We stand for fair competition and a level playing field for all relevant emission reduction solutions. We are clearly committed to greater climate protection and want to see the significant contribution of eFuels to sustainability and climate protection more widely recognized. Our goal is to enable the industrial production and widespread use of CO2-neutral fuels from renewable energy sources.


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