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Fish Oil Producer Daudruy Van Cauwenberghe finds in Sustainability the Key to Thriving in a Booming Global Market

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 2 agosto 2022

In recent years, the global fish oil market has experienced exponential growth due to the increasing interest in its beneficial properties. Business projections indicate that this upward trajectory will continue, with an annual growth of 6%. As a result, the global fish oil market is expected to reach USD 3603 million by 2030. Under this scenario, the need for the fish oil sector to align with the Sustainable Development Goals is even more urgent.In this context, French fish oil producer Ch. Daudruy Van Cauwenberghe & Fils (DVC) has earned special recognition from Friend of the Sea, the certification program from the World Sustainability Organization, for persistently working to implement sustainable practices. Daudruy Van Cauwenberghe achieved the Friend of the Sea sustainability certification in 2019 and has since maintained the distinction thanks to its effective commitment to sustainability.Based in Dunkirk, in Northern France, the history of Ch. Daudruy Van Cauwenberghe & Fils goes back to 1827. The refinery plant was established in 1966 by Charles Daudruy. Until today, it’s managed by the Daudry Van Cauwenberghe family, who has successfully led the company into the XXI century, standing up to the new challenges.DVC produces and commercializes a wide range of marine oils for different industries, from animal feed and aquaculture to pet food. Fish oil comes from the tissue of oily fish such as anchovies, sardine, sprat, and herring, among many other species, rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These precious acids are indispensable in aquaculture, animal nutrition, supplements.A specialist in marine oils, DVC developed high expertise in producing and supplying elaborate oils. The company uses fish oil from Friend of the Sea sustainable-certified sources. Likewise, Daudruy Van Cauwenberghe has successfully proven to comply with the Friend of the Sea criteria for refining fish oil. That includes well-managed sources of fish oil and fishmeal ingredients, traceability, and social accountability.Being part of the Friend of the Sea certification program is part of the broader sustainable management policy by the company’s leadership, following a CSR approach that seeks to engage in the ecological transition, revitalize the territory and ensure the quality of life at work.In addition, Daudruy Van Cauwenberghe started a carbon footprint project in January 2022 to assess the environmental impact of the company’s activities.


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