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Amazing Tamadoge Beats Ethereum to As it Speeds Past $16 Million in Presale

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 21 settembre 2022

London, England Tamadoge, the Play-to-Earn games platform, has raised $16 million as it speeds towards selling out ahead of schedule. The fundraise of more than $16 million beats the initial coin offering of Ethereum which ended in August 2014. Ethereum is the number two digital currency by market capitalisation.Tamadoge’s presale has also comfortably beaten the $9.2 million that move-to-earn crypto STEPN was able to raise.This latest milestone achievement is all the more remarkable given the current crypto winter in which the valuations of many digital assets have fallen considerably.Tamadoge strengthens that view, showing continuing strong demand from investors for quality projects able to demonstrate business models with the potential to breakthrough as mass consumer products, not just niche crypto projects.Tamadoge is building a play-to-earn gaming platform that centres on the Tamadoge Pet, which is reared from birth (minting) to adulthood, with players competing to climb the leaderboard by being the best parent or winning battles with other pets.Unlike many other Play-to-Earn games’ economics, the TAMA token is deflationary, with a fixed supply and a 5% burning mechanism in place for purchases from the Tamadoge Petstore. The pet store is where players can buy food, clothes and other in-game assets for their pet.Tamadoge is designed from the ground up to be both fun and rewarding. Gameplay will be engaging and players rewarded for their skill, as opposed to just for doing repetitive and laborious tasks.The Tamadoge ecosystem is one of a new breed of meme tokens that provides real utility to their users and that is likely at the root of its appeal to investors.Such is his love for Shiba Inu-branded meme coin crypto projects, it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that Elon Musk might be one of those backers.“They also want to be rewarded for the hours and hours they might spend on their pastime as they nurture their adorable virtual pet. Tamadoge is that game.” (abstract)


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