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Shopify, OnlyFans, and BitCloud Three Top-Grossing Creator Economy Companies in 2022 with $8.7B in Combined Revenues

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 marzo 2023

Over the past years, the creator or influencer economy has boomed, enabling individual creators, influencers, podcasters, TikTokers, and YouTubers to make six-figure earnings from their businesses. However, the impressive growth of the entire market has also boosted the revenue of companies supporting the creator economy.According to data presented by, Shopify, OnlyFans, and BitCloud were the three highest-grossing creator economy companies in 2022, with $8.7bn in combined revenues.OnlyFans as the Youngest Company Grossed $2.5B in 2022. According to the Top 100 Creator Economy Companies survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, Shopify was the highest-grossing company in the creator industry last year. The e-commerce and point-of-sales platform plays a key role in the creator economy by offering online shopping via social media. Last year, Shopify grossed an impressive $5.2bn in revenue, or nearly 50% more than the following two companies on the list.Content creators’ platform OnlyFans ranked as the second highest-grossing company in 2022. Last year, OnlyFans grossed $2.5bn from its business, which is even more impressive considering it’s one of the youngest companies on the top ten list. Blockchain and social platform BitClout ranked third, with $1bn in annual revenues. Statistics show, a website for influencers’ recruiting and affiliate marketing, saw revenues of $233.6 million in 2022, ranking fourth on the list. Jellysmack and Teespring followed, with $216 million and $183.7 million, respectively.


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