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Renewed efforts needed to help protect girls from violence

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 14 febbraio 2015

gender violenceOne in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence by an adult in childhood, according to the results of FRA’s survey on violence against women published last March. This translates to roughly 61 million women in the EU. Such levels of abuse underline the need for the EU to renew their efforts to address the widespread and under-reported abuse that girls are exposed to.
“Throughout the EU many girls have been physically or sexually abused,” said FRA Director Morten Kjaerum on V-Day, in support of the global movement to end violence against women and girls. “This is unacceptable. The EU and Member States need to make sure girls are protected and cycles of abuse are stopped. This means targeting polices, legislation and programmes to reach those girls most at risk to end their suffering.”FRA’s survey on violence against women revealed the extent and nature of abuse against women and girls across the EU. The results were based on face-to-face interviews with 42,000 women in the 28 EU Member States. They provide reliable and comparable data on childhood experiences of violence.As with other areas of FRA research, the results point to widespread under-reporting as the scale of the abuse does not match the number of incidents reported to the authorities. To address this, specialist support systems, with adequate resources, are therefore crucial, as FRA’s recent report on victim support services across the EU also highlighted. Such measures will increase trust in the authorities and help young girls report instances of abuse. This in turn will help improve their access to justice.The needs of girls who are child victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse should also be better addressed during judicial proceedings. In spring this year, FRA will publish a comparative report on child participation in judicial proceedings which draws on examples of cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The preliminary findings highlight the importance of ensuring the child’s right to be heard and to receive information. For this, specific measures and training are required to help professionals better understand and cater to the needs of child victims, in line with the EU’s Victims’ Directive and the Council of Europe’s guidelines on child-friendly justice. For example, training lawyers or court workers to adequately inform and interview girls who have suffered abuse, or ensuring that girl victims of sexual violence are interviewed, whenever possible, by female professionals.From the scale of abuse revealed by FRA’s survey, it is clear that girls and young women need better protection. To help, FRA’s research points to some ways that should significantly alleviate the suffering of the many abused girls across Europe. These include dedicated support services and trained professionals, such as police, social workers, lawyers, prosecutors and judges, who can help girls seek justice.

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The abuses of Wall Street

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 luglio 2011

This morning, a group of public servants showed up to work at a brand-new agency created to protect everyday Americans from the abuses of Wall Street. They’re the folks of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and they’ll be the cops on the beat protecting consumers from predatory credit card and mortgage lenders, bait-and-switch creditors, and anyone trying to make a quick buck by deceiving or manipulating Americans who are just trying to secure their financial future. Many Americans don’t know it, but this bureau is just one part of a sweeping Wall Street reform law — the most pro-consumer and pro-taxpayer reform of our financial system since the Great Depression — that President Obama signed a year ago today. Watch this video to get a quick overview of the law, and a briefing on the special interests trying to undermine it: Whether you watch the video or not, please share this email with someone. It’s important that everyone knows what this law means for all of us. Simpler mortgages. Clearer credit card rates, fees, and rules. Fairer loan terms. It’s based on the simple idea that if you make sure that people get clear information, they’ll make the financial decisions that work best for them. And we can all rest a little easier knowing that our common financial future is more protected from the irresponsibility of a few. This law made structural reforms to ensure that the financial crisis we experienced in 2008 never happens again and that taxpayers aren’t on the hook to pay for Wall Street’s risky bets. It’s up to you to make sure more people know about this. Most Americans don’t have all the details on how this law is working for them, and it’s our job to change that. (Jim Messina Campaign Manager Obama for America)

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