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Young European of the Year 2021 fights for free access to education for every child

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 30 aprile 2021

Every year, the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe, together with the European Youth Forum, awards the prize “Young European of the Year” to a young person who has shown a particularly strong commitment to a Europe of solidarity. This year’s winner, Constantin-Alexandru Manda (21) from Romania is awarded for his dedication to educational justice.“Alexandru is an inspiring young person, he showed his hard work and dedication to work for better education for every child in Romania. His motivation to work with different institutions and fight for justice is impressive.” Says Mariya Atanasova, member of the jury and Young European of the year 2020. Since 1997, the Schwarzkopf Foundation in cooperation with the European Youth Forum is looking for a Young European of the Year across all Countries of the Council of Europe: Young people who have learned to take initiative and responsibility, showing that they are prepared to seize the opportunities of our time for peaceful coexistence in a Europe of diversity. The award grants 5000€ for an internship or an individual project. This year’s Young European of the Year is Constantin-Alexandru Manda from Romania, who is fighting for just and equal education for all children. In 2013 he has founded Constanta’s School Students Association which represents students’ rights in Romania. He campaigned for the respect of the fundamental right to scholarships first in Constanta, later all over Romania: the impact of his actions are not only local but nationwide and past urban spaces. He achieved that the Romanian government guarantees every child in need a minimum scholarship and invested ca. 110 million EUR of the national budget for it. “I accept this award with deep gratitude and humility as a recognition of the efforts of every team I worked within the last 7 years, to make a real change in the Romanian educational system. We cannot have a just Europe without free access to quality education for every child. The investment in education is an investment in the future of Europe, the only way to end the social gaps between countries and communities.”, says the new Young European of the Year 2021.The Jury was impressed by his outstanding commitment: “Inequality in education is one of the most pressing issues in Europe. With his energy and his sensitivity for justice Alexandru showed us how a young and dedicated person can make a huge difference” says Luisa Seiler, Executive Director of Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe. Other members of the jury were a representative of the European Commission Representation in Germany, two former award winners, and a representative of the European Youth Forum. “Alexandru shows a great passion for his work that is benefiting many young people across Romania. I am happy that he is the Young European of the Year 2021 and I am positive that with his energy and dedication he will motivate young people all across Europe to do the same. “, says Anja Fortuna from the European Youth Forum.

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COVID-19: EU must ensure access to medical gear and future vaccine, MEPs say

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 27 marzo 2020

All the EU internal market tools should be used against the COVID-19 crisis. Price hikes and scams on consumers must be stopped and all must have equal access to a future vaccine.In a letter addressed on Monday to the EU Commission Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager (Europe Fit for the Digital Age), Commissioners Thierry Breton (Internal Market) and Didier Reynders (Justice), as well as to the Croatian Presidency of the Council, Parliament’s Internal Market Committee calls for further action to be taken to tackle the COVID-19 crisis.“We must show our citizens that the EU is here when they need it. In this time of uncertainty, we must preserve the achievements of the internal market and consumer protection more than ever and use all available tools to their full extent”, says the letter, signed by Internal Market Committee Chair, Petra de Sutter, on behalf of the committee.In order to prevent a shortage of essential goods, such as food, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and personal protection equipment, the Commission must monitor any restrictions imposed by member states on the free movement of goods in the internal market and ensure that they respect EU rules, MEPs stress.EU countries should also make sure that professional services, especially in the healthcare, childcare or elderly care sectors in cross-border regions can continue to run.“Joint procurement needs to be strengthened, so that it can be used to purchase the vaccine once it is available, and in order to avoid price speculation and allow for equal access in the European Union”, says the Internal Market Committee.MEPs also call for EU countries to coordinate in using innovative technologies such as 3D printing. “The additive manufacturing sector could provide immediate solutions for hospitals that are experiencing sudden shortages in equipment or limited access to essential pieces for personal protective equipment”, they say in the letter.MEPs urge the EU Commission and national authorities to proactively monitor the market during the crisis to prevent consumers from being harmed due to the COVID-19 situation.They should share information about malpractice, e.g. misleading claims about why prices have increased or coronavirus-related scams, in particular for products that are currently in high demand. A consistent and coordinated approach to tackle the misleading practices of rogue traders is needed, in particular for those selling false medical equipment online, says the committee.Finally, the committee welcomes the Commission’s guidelines on the EU passenger rights regulations and the reference to the travel package rules, which allow passengers to cancel their trips without penalty in such “unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances” and which require tour operators to provide assistance to travellers blocked abroad.

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Lincolnshire residents soon to gain access to 5 new GPs

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 30 novembre 2019

Residents of the UK region of Lincolnshire will soon gain better access to basic health care, as five new general practitioners (GPs) from Europe concluded job interviews held in Grantham. The interviews were part of a recruitment programme organized by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) with the Swedish-Polish recruitment firm Paragona.The GPs arrived from Romania, Spain, Slovakia, and Italy for the interviews in Grantham on November 17 for a visit that also included getting to know in detail their future workplaces as well as the Lincolnshire county.“We created a positive atmosphere for the candidates, mixing the formal and the informal, so that they could feel at ease when making decisions about how their professional future will look like long-term,” says Agnieszka Anusiewicz, Paragona’s International GP Recruitment (IGPR) Project Manager. During the visit, the GPs met with representatives of the regional GP practices, a National Health Service (NHS) team, and also Health Education England.The meeting in Grantham was a part of Paragona’s recruitment process organized for GPs from across the continent looking to boost their careers by moving to the UK. It is for doctors who after passing the initial screening take an intensive language course (C1 level).In meanwhile a new round of language training from Paragona is underway near Warsaw, Poland, where European GPs stay for a 12-week campus course, until February 14.

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Visa-free access to the EU for UK nationals and to the UK for EU nationals

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 31 gennaio 2019

UK nationals would be able to enter the EU visa-free for short periods after the country’s exit, provided EU nationals enjoy the same conditions when travelling to the UK.
By unanimity (53 votes) on Tuesday, the Civil Liberties Committee backed rules exempting UK nationals who are British citizens of visa requirements for stays in the EU of up to 90 days in any 180-day period, from the day following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.
Once the bill is agreed by both co-legislators (Parliament and Council), the United Kingdom would be included in the list of countries whose nationals do not need to request a visa to enter the EU for business, tourism or to visit relatives or friends. The visa exemption does not provide for the right to work in the EU.The draft specifically states that the visa waiver will be granted to UK nationals on the basis of reciprocity, i.e. provided that EU nationals are also given visa-free access for short business or tourist trips to the UK if it becomes a non-EU country.If the UK introduces a visa requirement for nationals of at least one member state, “the reciprocity mechanism foreseen in EU legislation should apply”, says the text. This may lead to visa requirements for UK nationals being reintroduced.Civil Liberties Committee MEPs also agreed on Tuesday, with 52 votes to 2, to open negotiations with the Council of Ministers. The negotiating mandate will need to be confirmed by the Chamber, during the session starting tomorrow in Brussels. Talks will then begin once the Council adopts its own common position.The visa waiver will be applicable in all EU member states (except Ireland, which has its own visa policy) and in the Schengen associated countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). Ireland and the UK have a specific bilateral arrangement which provides for visa-free travel between both countries.

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Improved access to financial information to curb serious crime

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 7 dicembre 2018

New rules improving law enforcement authorities’ access to financial information to investigate serious crimes or terrorism were approved by Civil Liberties Committee.Financial data can offer valuable information to law enforcement authorities and can help them prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute serious crime and terrorism. The new rules aim to improve law enforcement authorities’ access to information and the cross-border exchange of financial information between EU authorities.The new rules agreed on Monday by the Civil Liberties Committee would:
facilitate the competent law enforcement authorities’ access to bank account information on a case-by-case basis,
provide for better cooperation between member states and between law enforcement authorities and the national Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), and
provide for deadlines on exchanging information to improve and speed up the process.
Rapporteur Emil Radev (EPP, BG) said: “The fight against serious crime often depends on timely access to information and on how well competent authorities understand money flows. That is why we need to strengthen the cooperation between financial intelligence units and competent authorities, while preserving their operational independence and autonomy.”
The draft report was approved by 29 to 2, with 6 abstentions. The committee also approved a mandate to start informal talks with the Council, which can start as soon as Parliament as a whole gives its green light.

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MetLife Expands Access to Genomics to Help Customers in Asia Prevent and Manage Cance

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 7 dicembre 2018

MetLife continues to expand access to new and differentiated health services for customers in Asia to help them better understand and manage their risk of serious illnesses like cancer and determine the best prevention and treatment options.AmMetLife Insurance Berhad (“AmMetLife”), the strategic partnership between MetLife and AMMB Holdings Berhad (AmBank Group), has launched a first-of-its-kind plan in Malaysia that includes coverage of genomic testing for customers diagnosed with cancer.
The “HCC BoostUp Rider,” attached to the HealthCare Choice Rider, gives customers coverage for a unique combination of medical benefits including genomic testing for cancer, out-patient dengue treatment, home nursing care, and pre-hospitalisation treatment. “We’re pleased that AmMetLife, is the first insurer to offer a genomic tumour assessment benefit for cancer patients in Malaysia, so they have more information to undertake precision treatment. We already offer genomic testing and precision medicine benefits through some of our solutions in China and pharmacogenomics benefits as a value added service in Korea,” said Joyce Au-Yeung, Regional Head of Health for MetLife in Asia.
To ensure its services and solutions keep pace with medical trends and customers’ evolving needs, MetLife has teamed up with leading medical experts like Dr. Steven Tucker, who specialises in cancer, genomics and precision medicine.
“Genomics is a game changer when it comes to cancer treatment. No two people are the same and consumers everywhere are demanding more personalisation. Medical care is no different and genomics allows us to define the unique characteristics of a patient’s cancer and treat it with precision,” said Dr. Tucker, MetLife’s external medical consultant.Across Asia, MetLife is steadily building out a combination of holistic insurance solutions and services to help customers better understand how to prevent, diagnose, treat and manage serious illness. In doing so, the company is focused on the five serious illnesses most relevant to Asians: cancer; cardiovascular disease; diabetes; dementia; and mental health.

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TA Truck Service Commercial Tire Network Provides Easy Access to Tire Expertise

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 dicembre 2017

TA Truck ServicThe TA Truck Service Commercial Tire Network announced today a new service to connect truck owners and operators directly to a tire expert.“Our commercial tire sales team has decades of combined tire industry knowledge,” said Barry Richards, TravelCenter’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “Tires are the second largest expense a truck operator faces. This is the quickest way to provide access to our team’s knowledge and insight on ways to gain cost efficiencies with tire choices.”Professional drivers and fleet support managers can call 800-311-1092 between 7:00 am and 11:00 pm seven days a week and reach a tire expert ready to discuss the right tire for the intended application, how to evaluate tire wear, maintenance tips or any other tire related questions.
TA Truck Service, Commercial Tire Network, OnSITE and RoadSquad provide customers with a single source, nationwide solution for tires, quality parts, maintenance and repair services without limitation to where or when the service is performed. TA Truck Service facilities are located at TA and Petro Stopping Centers full service facilities, with the largest 24/7/365 amenities offering in the industry.
The TA Truck Service network includes 244 truck service facilities, the commercial tire network, 1,090 repair bays, nearly 3,000 technicians, a fleet of more than 600 RoadSquad service trucks, more than 2,000 third party provider service trucks and more than 100 OnSite™ mobile maintenance vehicles. TA Truck Service technicians are distinguished with more than 2,000 ASE certifications. TA Truck Service is a division of TravelCenters of America LLC, which offers diesel and gasoline fueling, restaurants, truck repair facilities, convenience stores and other services in 43 states and in Canada. For more information about TA and TA Truck Service, please visit (photo: TA Truck Servic)

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Access to education failing many migrants

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 21 Maggio 2017

migrantsThe Agency’s latest summary identifies pressing fundamental rights issues that need addressing in various EU Member States. Some of the main findings include:
Children in immigration detention have no access to any form of education in nine out of the 14 Member States covered by this report. This is mainly because Member States expect short detention periods, which may also be shorter than needed to perform the administrative and medical checks for schooling. In the other countries informal education is offered. Education, independent of the time spent in detention, is only on offer in three Member States.
Very few Member States specifically address the educational needs of those who have been unable to attend school regularly before arriving. As a result they may also lag behind students of a similar age. This is particularly a problem in many Member States when it comes to educating children who are above the compulsory school age without the necessary skills.
Traumatised children often have difficulties integrating due to behavioural issues or because they are withdrawn. In four Member States, there is some form of psychological support but it does not specifically target refugee children. Teachers receive support through training or guidance in dealing with traumatised children in only three Member States.
Early childhood education can help students learn better and prevent them from leaving school early. However, long waiting periods, language barriers, long distances, insufficient guidance to families, lack of information, low allowances for asylum applicants to cover expenses, and the treatment and integration of traumatised children are all factors limiting access to early childhood education. For example, over 40% of Dutch municipalities with reception centres have no childcare facilities at these centres.
In four Member States, asylum seekers and refugees have no access to formal schooling in some parts or regions of the country. Although almost all Member States have special support classes to help children follow or join regular schools, in five they spend up to two years in separate preparatory classes outside schools until they can attend public schools.
Once enrolled in school, migrant children generally benefit from the same services as national children. In some Member States they are also eligible for additional support such as language courses or allowances for buying school supplies.
Problems in recognising non-EU diplomas hinder access to third-level education and employment in many Member States.
Most Member States increased their budgets and staffing for education following the 2015/2016 migration crisis. For example, in Austria staffing for basic care has quadrupled since the large-scale increase in migration.
The European Commission asked the Agency to collect data about the fundamental rights situation of people arriving in Member States particularly affected by large migration movements. The reports cover 14 Member States: Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

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VEDC and JPMorgan Chase Announce Loan Fund for African American-Owned Small

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 29 ottobre 2015

New YorkNEW YORK, October 23, 2015 /3BL Media/ – VEDC and JPMorgan Chase & Co. today announced a new lending program for African American-owned small businesses in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. The National African American Small Business Loan Fund will boost economic opportunity for minority-owned businesses in these cities and help them serve low-income communities by providing them with greater access to capital, technical assistance and financial consulting. JPMorgan Chase Foundation has contributed a $3 million grant to help VEDC reach its goal of creating a $30 million loan fund.Facilitated by VEDC, a California 501(c)3 Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), this new Fund will provide financing for businesses across all industries. By providing the initial $3 million grant to seed the Fund, JPMorgan Chase is helping VEDC support small businesses that are a critical source of jobs and economic opportunity in their neighborhoods, but may be credit-impaired and unable to qualify for traditional capital. Without access to sustainable financing, these businesses may miss a growth opportunity or risk closing their operations.“As a direct small business lender and a leading intermediary of SBA loan programs, VEDC has a 39-year track record of providing business services to small businesses in low-and middle-income communities and especially in communities of color,” said Robert Barragan, President and CEO, VEDC. “Approximately 20 percent of our existing portfolio serves the African American community. With JPMorgan Chase’s seed funding, we look forward to helping more small businesses in our effort to further narrow the lending gap.” Currently, there are 268,000 African American-owned small businesses in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles – making them among the top cities for African American-owned small businesses. With ownership of approximately 1.9 million, 7 percent of small businesses nationwide, African Americans are the fastest growing segment of small business owners. [1]However, business loans to African American entrepreneurs have yet to rebound since the economic downturn in 2008. To address this need, the National African American Small Business Loan Fund will provide short and long-term loans. Loan sizes will vary, but the average loan will range from $35,000 to $250,000. The JPMorgan Chase grant will allow the National African American Small Business Loan Fund to provide loans and technical assistance and establish a loan loss reserve. This reserve will allow VEDC to expand its lending criteria to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles small businesses that traditionally did not qualify for a loan. “African American small business owners have identified flexible capital as a critical resource for growth, but they face a shortage of this kind of support,” said Janis Bowdler, Head of Community Development for Global Philanthropy, JPMorgan Chase. “CDFIs like VEDC provide small businesses with the consulting and financing they need to grow their operations and often serve as a bridge to traditional bank loans down the road. We’re proud to partner with VEDC on this new fund, which will increase access to the capital and assistance that African American entrepreneurs need most.” Businesses receiving financing will be able to use the capital to expand, finance equipment, address short-term cash flow needs and provide contractor lines of credit. The Fund will also provide small business loan recipients with technical assistance such as networking, marketing, business plan development and financial consulting. Eligible small businesses must be majority-owned by African Americans.
“This new lending program will be another critical piece in our ongoing efforts to promote small business development and entrepreneurship in all Chicago communities, and particularly those that have traditionally lacked access to capital,” said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “By investing in Chicago’s minority-owned businesses, VEDC and JPMorgan Chase are showing the power of the private sector to help cities tackle some of our biggest challenges.” “African American-owned small businesses are vital economic engines in Los Angeles, and when they are empowered, our communities have new doors open to them — opportunities that they both need and deserve,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “We expect great things from this fund, and thank VEDC and JPMorgan Chase for their commitment to addressing this great need.” “These small businesses are the heart of our neighborhoods,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “They put people to work and create opportunity for families to make their way up the economic ladder. We are excited to partner with JPMorgan Chase and our fellow cities to support and grow African-American small businesses.” “We know that mission lenders hold the key in providing a sustainable source of capital to minority borrowers and those that have been left out of the economic mainstream,” said Grady Hedgespeth, Director of U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Economic Opportunity.

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Earlier treatment would cut spending on migrant healthcare in the EU: FRA study

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 3 settembre 2015

african_migrants.jpg.crop_displayWhile the issue of migrants at the EU’s borders is currently at the top of the European agenda, once in the EU irregular migrants often find themselves cut off from health screening and preventive treatment. However, new research by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) suggests that Member States would spend less on migrant health by treating them earlier, rather than waiting until they require emergency treatment.Access The cost of exclusion from healthcare – the case of migrants in an irregular situation summary and full report >> In the first such research to investigate the cost-effectiveness of providing access to healthcare for irregular migrants, FRA used economic analysis based on a decision tree model to estimate the expenditure necessary for timely access to screening and medical care for irregular migrants, compared with the cost of emergency treatment. The research examined the situation in Germany, Greece and Sweden for two of the most common healthcare issues in the EU: hypertension and prenatal care.Based on available data, providing regular healthcare to hypertensive patients could: generate savings of approximately 9% over the space of one year, rising to 13% after five years and 16% over a lifetime help prevent more than 300 strokes and more than 200 heart attacks per 1,000 migrants in each country
Improved prenatal care could generate savings of up to 48% in Germany and Greece and as much as 69% in Sweden over the space of two years.
As documented by FRA’s earlier report on access to healthcare for migrants in an irregular situation, varying legal frameworks and practical barriers lead to substantial differences in healthcare services provided to irregular migrants around the EU. With many countries reducing their spending on social welfare in the wake of the financial crisis, FRA’s findings are particularly relevant. Combined with the fact that adequate healthcare is necessary in order to meet EU Member States’ fundamental rights obligations, this is a powerful argument to improve healthcare provision for irregular migrants throughout the EU. The three countries covered by this research project were chosen because of their geographical spread, the very different financing models for healthcare funding and public authority involvement in healthcare provisions, and the fact that all three have sizeable communities of migrants in an irregular situation. The medical issues selected are common health needs among irregular migrants. However, broader research covering a greater number of countries and health issues is needed for more conclusive analysis.

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3D city models: Fraunhofer researchers allow direct access to their technology

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 29 agosto 2015

3D city modelsWhenever a large-scale construction project is pending in a city or municipality, the citizens are legitimately interested in understanding how it might change their lives. 3D models have become increasingly popular in recent years in order to provide information on a project from the very beginning in a comprehensible and comprehensive manner. 3D city models or comparable spatial data, however, can quickly turn into an enormous flood of data. In order to master it, special software, high-performance computers and specifically trained staff are needed. “Various digital information, such as aerial views, construction plans or terrain models are compiled to one overall model in laborious suboperations”, explains Michel Krämer from the “Spatial Information Management” competence center of Fraunhofer IGD. “This is a very time-consuming process, often taking several days in practice”.
The GEOToolbox developed by the researchers of Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt should now significantly reduce this effort. “As we are faced with such tasks time and again, we have developed some tools to make our lives easier”, says Krämer. Fraunhofer IGD has more than two decades of experience in processing large 3D data and a long expertise in 3D spatial information. According to Krämer, the institute thus provides mainly smaller companies in the spatial industry with an opportunity to develop new applications more quickly and thus save costs.Krämer and his colleagues are not worried about making many competitors this way. “It is Fraunhofer’s task to provide the industry with academic basics”, says Krämer. “The potential of 3D models in urban planning for citizens and investors must be better exploited. If our GEOToolbox can make a contribution, then everyone benefits and opportunities for further research are created.”
The GEOToolbox will be presented together with other developments at this year’s INTERGEO in Stuttgart in Hall 6 Booth F6.037 from September 15 through 17. (photo: 3D city models)

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Nobel Laureates contribute to IBA report and film on the global financial crisis and poverty

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 novembre 2013

An in-depth report about the post-global financial crisis (GFC) effect on poverty, challenges in the aftermath of the GFC, and the role the law and lawyers can play in addressing this, has been published by the International Bar Association (IBA) Presidential Task Force on the Global Financial Crisis. It features the opinions of seminal contributors including four Nobel laureates – microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus; economists Amartya Sen, James Heckman and Joseph Stiglitz, former Chief Economist at the World Bank.Peter Maynard, IBA Task Force Chair, and co-editor of the Report commented, ‘Few contemporary issues are more pressing than one billion people living in poverty. This report is a brilliant first step for the IBA in dealing with that most urgent issue, and identifying how lawyers, through legal reform, can contribute to the sustainable development of the world economy and improve prosperity for people across the globe.’ He added, ‘It is particularly timely because the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals is in 2015. So, discussion is now turning to what needs to be done post-2015.’The 14-chapter report entitled ‘Poverty, Justice and the Rule of Law’, explores ways for the global community to mitigate the effects of the GFC on the world’s poor. Agenda-setting thinkers, academics and leading lawyers from a wide range of practice areas including corporate social responsibility, labour law and employment, pro bono, access to justice, and human rights, contributed analysis and opinions. The focus of the Report goes beyond poverty in developing countries, to austerity measures taken during the global financial crisis in more developed economies.

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Access to sexual and reproductive health services

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 14 dicembre 2012

Parliament “expresses concern about recent restrictions on access to sexual and reproductive health services in some member states, in particular safe and legal abortion, sexuality education and funding cuts to family planning”, says a paragraph adopted by 415 votes to 169 with 38 abstentions.

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Luciad Brings High Performance Situational Awareness to the Cloud

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 26 aprile 2012

Leuvwen, Belgium,(PRNewswire) Luciad, the market leader in high performance visualization, is pleased to announce its support for Cloud based Geospatial Situational Awareness applications and services.Cloud computing is a rapidly emerging technology in the Defense, Security and Aviation domains, and an essential element of Geospatial Situational Awareness applications and services. Cloud computing brings many benefits in terms of flexibility, scalability and cost of maintenance which are essential in today’s world.Luciad has a complete product portfolio that enables the development of Cloud based Geospatial Situational Awareness applications and services. This offering ranges from mobile and web-browser applications to full desktop applications and Geospatial services:
LuciadFusion enables management of large Geospatial data sets which can be offered through the Cloud, for example through the support for standard web services from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).
LuciadLightspeed runs on a user’s desktop or mobile computer and can access data and services in the Cloud. LuciadLightspeed can also be used for Situational Awareness as a Service, by offering its wide range of analysis and visualization capabilities in the Cloud.
LuciadMobile runs on mobile devices and enables in-the-field users to instantly access data and services from the Cloud. LuciadRIA, Luciad’s Rich Internet Application product, enables easy access to Cloud based resources for both data and computing through the web browser.
Luciad is the supplier of choice for leading Systems Integrators, at both the National and International level, for their Situational Awareness applications in mission-critical C4ISR and ATC/ATM systems. Luciad’s International customer base includes AENA, Belgocontrol, Boeing, Cassidian, DFS, EADS, ENAV, EUROCONTROL, FAA, Frequentis, Lockheed Martin, LVNL, NATO, NATS, NavCanada, NLR, Saab, SAIC, Sagem, STNA, Thales and Thales Raytheon Systems.

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Public access to documents: towards more transparency in the EU

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 24 novembre 2011

The European Parliament in brussels

Image via Wikipedia

The scope for restricting public access to documents held by EU institutions would be severely curtailed by amendments, made by the Civil Liberties Committee on Wednesday, to a draft law on public access. The committee’s bid to thus enhance transparency, accountability, and democracy in the EU will be put to a plenary vote in December.The Lisbon Treaty created a new legal framework for access to documents and the now legally-binding Charter describes such access as a “fundamental right”. The citizens’ right to access to documents will cover all the EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies, and not only the European Parliament, Council and Commission, as was hitherto the case.The purpose of the amended version of Regulation 1049/2001 is to give the fullest possible effect to the right of public access to documents and to lay down general principles and exceptions to such access on the grounds of public or private interest. “The committee has today sent a powerful message to the Commission and the Council that the European Parliament will not agree to dilute the existing rules and, on the contrary, wants us to be more transparent for our citizens. What we are talking about is a right that allows citizens to make sure that we are accountable: parliamentarians accountable for what we do in their name, the Commission for what it does in their name, and, equally, the Council of Ministers. How can citizens do that if the way we work and who does what within all of the different institutions, agencies, offices and bodies remains a well-kept secret, open only to those who know? If the plenary backs this progressive approach with a strong majority, we will enter the fight with the Council in a very convincing position”, said Civil Liberties Committee rapporteur, Michael Cashman (S&D, UK).
MEPs inserted a broader definition of “document” – a concept that lies at the very heart of the regulation – than that proposed by the Commission.

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EU documents: more transparency needed

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 14 aprile 2011

The regulation on access to EU documents needs to be thoroughly revised and a change of mentality is needed, argued MEPs on Wednesday at a hearing organised by the Civil Liberties Committee. The hearing, titled “The right of access to EU documents: implementation and future of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001”, gave the MEPs steering Parliament’s work in this field the opportunity to discuss with outside experts the state of play regarding the current regulation and the revision which is under way. “It was clear today that there is a need now more than ever for more transparency in the EU institutions, and we parliamentarians will drive the new regulation in this direction. This is a law that gives you, the citizens of the EU, the right to access any document held, received or produced by the EU institutions, bodies and agencies. Its main ambition is to make the EU lawmakers and all our institutions more accountable to the citizens, and together with my colleagues from the European Parliament I will do all I can for this to be achieved”, said Michael Cashman (S&D, UK), Civil Liberties Committee rapporteur on the revision of regulation 1049/2001 regarding public access to documents.

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Against “green” imperialism

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 24 ottobre 2010

Washington, D.C. In light of Agence France-Presse’s reporting  that provisions aboard Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior are running low after being denied access to the Port of Jakarta last week, Andrew Langer, spokesman for the Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP) and president of the Institute for Liberty, released the following statement, calling on Indonesia’s government to continue denying the warship entry until Greenpeace ceases and desists all anti-Indonesian activities. “Greenpeace’s efforts in Indonesia have thus far called for the destruction of viable businesses in-country and the rejection of its exports in the global marketplace. This has caused continuous suffering for workers and families throughout the country. CAGP stands with Indonesia’s government, armed with a clear message: ‘green’ imperialists are not welcomed in Jakarta.”
The Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP) educates and activates concerned citizens in response to costly collaboration between environmentalists, protectionist industries, big labor unions and retail companies. CAGP is an action-oriented alliance of advocacy groups that promotes economic growth and pro-consumer policies across the world.

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