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MEPs urge the Council to stop delaying EU accession talks further

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 10 dicembre 2020

In the run-up to next meeting of European Affairs ministers today, MEPs call on the Council to approve the negotiating frameworks for North Macedonia and Albania.In the statement on North Macedonia and Albania, signed by more than 20 MEPs, representatives of political groups urge all parties involved to find a solution to ensure that accession negotiations will begin before the end of the year. Warning that current hold-up in accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania is jeopardizing the European Union’s credibility in the Western Balkans, they call on Bulgaria and North Macedonia to find a compromise on pending bilateral issues to avoid delaying the accession process any further.Bulgaria should approve the opening of the intergovernmental conference (IGC) with North Macedonia as soon as possible and in any case in December, thereby acknowledging the country’s efforts in the EU accession process. North Macedonia, in its role as a future accession country, should also make every effort possible from its side to resolve the outstanding issues, stress MEPs in their statement.Albania also deserves to move forward on its path to EU accession, say MEPs, pointing to its comprehensive efforts to reform, in particular in the justice sector, over the last few years, as well as the Commission’s positive assessment. They add that effort is also needed by Albania in several areas, on its way to meet all the conditions laid out in the Council Conclusions.

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EU opens accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 27 marzo 2020

Foreign Affairs Committee Chair welcomes EU member states’ decision to open accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia.Following the Council of Ministers’ decision to open accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee David McAllister (EPP, DE) said:“In the midst of a crisis, the EU has overcome divisions and demonstrated a genuine solidarity with our friends and partners. I welcome the belated decision to open accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia, while regretting that we had to wait till now for this important step.Now is the time to continue our joint work under the enhanced enlargement methodology, and pursue together the broader goal of EU integration, namely that of ensuring peace, stability, solidarity and freedom in Europe. The EU must also ensure proper, flexible and efficient support under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).In the context of the COVID-19 emergency, I welcome proposals on extending the EU Solidarity Fund to cover major health emergencies, while urging to open it to all the Western Balkan countries. We must take the necessary additional action to strengthen public health systems and mitigate the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis in the Western Balkans.”
After the EU Ministers for European Affairs have reached an agreement on Tuesday, the decision has still to be approved by EU Heads of states and governments on Thursday.

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MEPs demand Bulgaria’s and Romania’s swift accession to Schengen area

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 8 novembre 2018

EU ministers should admit Bulgaria and Romania to the border check-free Schengen area as soon as possible, the Civil Liberties Committee urges. MEPs reiterated on Monday their call on EU Ministers to take a swift and affirmative decision on the accession of Bulgaria and Romania as fully-fledged members to the Schengen area.
They emphasize that a two-step approach – first ending checks at internal sea and air borders, followed by stopping checks at internal land borders – would pose a number of risks and could negatively impact the future enlargement of the Schengen area. The decision should therefore be taken in the form of a single legal act, say MEPs. MEPs also call on EU Ministers to decide on Croatia’s Schengen accession as soon as Croatia has successfully met the required criteria.Civil Liberties Committee MEPs underline that the Schengen area is a unique arrangement and one of the greatest achievements of the EU. The deferral of Bulgaria’s and Romania’s full accession has brought about negative consequences not just for the two countries, but also for the EU as a whole. MEPs highlight that maintaining internal border controls or reintroducing them in the Schengen area undermines citizens’ trust in the European institutions and integration. It also has a negative economic impact on the EU’s internal market and exports and imports to and from Bulgaria and Romania, MEPs stress. They also underline that the enlargement of the Schengen area or the free movement of EU citizens should not be negatively impacted by the shortcomings in other EU policies such as asylum and migration policy.

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Accession revolution in Brussels – a new flagship – Usain Bolt and the quality of statistics

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 novembre 2015

new sailsThe annual progress reports have long been the flagship of the European Commission’s enlargement policy. And yet progress reports have fallen into crisis in recent years, as their prose became incomprehensible and the methodology behind them unfathomable. Their credibility came to resemble the tattered mainsail of a clipper after a devastating storm.In 2014 a team of civil servants in the directorate general for enlargement of the European Commission (today DG Near) set out to fix the sails and to turn their flagship, the progress reports, around. These efforts gathered speed with the new Commission coming in in summer 2014. This week on Tuesday the first edition of a new generation of EU accession reports will be published. If developed further in coming years, this may be the beginning of a revolution in accession methodology.
The EU has never needed a credible enlargement policy more than today. In a number of countries reforms are going into reverse. EU leverage is declining. Bilateral vetoes have proliferated Turkey has now been negotiating for ten years. Macedonia has been stuck at the candidate stage for a decade. Bosnia has been told not to submit an application yet. Kosovo has been told that it cannot submit an application, perhaps forever.In January 2014 Christian Danielsson, the director general of DG Enlargement, invited ESI to present “provocative ideas” on the future of enlargement at the annual “away day” brainstorming of the staff of the directorate. We argued that the most promising way forward was to assess progress so as to allow for meaningful comparisons between countries:”Enlargement new sails1policy needs to mobilise people or it fails. Without the mobilisation of policy makers, civil servants, civil society, and interest groups in accession countries, the kind of changes that have to happen will not happen. In recent years the technical language of ‘chapter openings’ has crowded out a focus on what makes accession policy worthwhile and inspiring: More transparent spending whenever public agencies procure goods and services. A credible strategy to ensure safe food. Environmental inspectorates that ensure that dangerous waste is dealt with appropriately. A credible judiciary. Less discrimination of minorities, whether LGBT or religious minorities. Rules for businesses that allow fair competition.” (photos: new sails)

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For Israel’s accession today

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 11 maggio 2010

Paris  Renowned public figures have launched an urgent appeal to countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) due to vote for Israel’s accession today. The figures, who include a former vice-President of the European Parliament, a former French ambassador and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, are calling for a delay in the process until Israel fulfills its obligations towards Palestinians under international law and abides fully with the OECD foundational principles and benchmarks. Public opposition to Israel’s acceptance into the OECD has been growing louder in the weeks leading up to the vote. French activists staged a sit-in at the lobby of OECD last Thursday, as member-countries discussed Israel’s accession. A petition was delivered to General-Secretary Angel Gurría, signed by concerned citizens from all thirty OECD member countries. Civil society groups scheduled a press conference for Monday, 6:30pm at the entrance of the OECD HQ in Paris. The statement echoes a widespread belief that the OECD is faced with two choices, “either reward Israel for its occupation of Palestinian lands and human rights abuses or send a signal that it must first abide by international law before gaining such a privilege.” In addition, serious legal problems with state obligations under International Humanitarian Law and Geneva IV Conventions have emerged for OECD member states from the way in which they have been planning to accept Israel, including its illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. These significant challenges have been raised to the OECD by prominent legal experts from Oxford University.

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