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AKHAN Semiconductor Issued Major Patent in Taiwan

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 novembre 2019

Akhan Semiconductor, a technology company specializing in the fabrication and application of lab-grown, electronic-grade diamonds, announced today that it has been issued a patent by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO). The patent covers AKHAN’s next-generation N-type diamond semiconductor system and diamond-based multilayer antireflective coating systems, key components in military & aerospace sensor and detector applications, amongst other use cases.The issued patent, No. I672795, is a key addition to AKHAN’s breakthrough Miraj Diamond® intellectual property portfolio. It is the Company’s third Taiwan-issued patent, and the fifth foreign counterpart that’s been issued. The technology enables breakthrough performance in semiconductor devices as well as new capabilities in optical sensing, detecting, and transmission. Through the integration of high-quality diamond in semiconductor electronics applications and multilayer materials, the novel systems allow for next-generation electronics performance, and optical components with ultra-hardness, scratch-resistance, high thermal conductivity, hydrophobicity, chemical and biological inertness, and with high transmittance at a variety of critical angles.
AKHAN’s flagship Miraj Diamond® Glass for consumer display is 6x stronger, 10x harder, and runs over 800x cooler than leading glass competitors like Gorilla Glass. The Company achieves this by coating standard commercial glass such as aluminosilicate, BK7, and Fused Silica with proprietary lab-grown nanocrystalline diamond. Diamond-based technology is capable of increasing power density as well as creating faster, lighter, and simpler devices for consumer use.

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AKHAN Statement on IP Theft

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 6 febbraio 2019

AKHAN Semiconductor recently cooperated with a U.S. federal investigation into what appears to be a theft of its intellectual property by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. When AKHAN agreed to send its proprietary Miraj Diamond® technology to Huawei pursuant to an agreement, AKHAN expected that Huawei would abide by the agreement and its material would be returned unharmed. Unfortunately, AKHAN believes that Huawei destroyed our product, shipped it to China without authorization, subjected it to tests that it was not authorized to conduct, and returned most of it to us in pieces. We still have not recovered all of our product from Huawei, despite repeated written and oral requests and inquiries to Huawei.
AKHAN takes seriously any unlawful use of its technology. The theft of any AKHAN assets, attempted or successful, will be not be tolerated. AKHAN will continue to cooperate with law enforcement and work towards an expedient resolution to this matter. Given the threat that Huawei’s apparent theft poses to AKHAN shareholders, employees, and customers– and the potential loss to U.S. jobs, revenue, and other projected economic impact– AKHAN is considering any and all legal remedies available, and will work with the involved parties to make public the relevant information to all stakeholders to the extent it can do so. AKHAN is committed to acting with integrity and conducting its business in a safe, ethical and legal manner.Since its creation in early 2013, AKHAN Semiconductor, an Illinois corporation, has garnered global attention with its proprietary diamond-based materials and device solutions. From research and development work maintaining U.S. competitiveness in the advanced materials market, to the creation of new high-technology manufacturing and other STEM jobs, AKHAN is publicly committed to maximizing domestic economic impact with the commercialization of our Miraj Diamond® technology.

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