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Alabama Destinations Career Academy Begins Inaugural School Year

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 12 agosto 2019

The career readiness-focused school serves students in grades K-9. The school is planning to add additional grades in subsequent years. At ALDCA, students can pair a solid academic foundation with hands-on learning experiences in growing career fields including, but not limited to: information technology, health and human services, and manufacturing. Even if a student doesn’t know exactly what they want to do, career readiness programs help expose a world of what’s possible.The opening of this new online school comes as families across the nation are eagerly seeking more ways to prepare students for career success before high school graduation. According to a recent survey conducted by Morning Consult, only 12% of parents strongly agreed that their school system is doing enough to prepare students for the workforce. Career readiness programs are designed to help bridge this gap. In addition to career readiness courses, ALDCA students have access to a robust online curriculum and attend live virtual classes taught by state-certified teachers who help bring lessons to life. Students are offered a full course load in the core subjects of math, science, English language arts, history, art and music, as well as a host of electives. Teachers regularly communicate with students and their families via email, phone and during one-on-one meetings online.Many families and students are choosing online school because it provides an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar education. Athletes, advanced learners, and all types of students can balance a full academic load along with extracurricular pursuits or any other specialized needs.ALDCA is still accepting enrollments for the fall. Interested students and families are encouraged to attend online information sessions hosted by ALDCA. To learn more, visit or download the K12 enrollment app for iOS and Android devices.

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Morgan County Alabama Joins List as 6th County to Accept Online Filings

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 10 agosto 2019

Morgan County joined five other Alabama counties in accepting online business filings through the Secretary of State. The online suite of services, built in partnership with Alabama Interactive, allows people to fully form domestic LLCs and corporations online. Participating counties can take advantage of the one-stop filing system the online suite of services creates for business filings.Citizens no longer have to wait days or months to complete the process of starting a business through the Secretary of State’s office. Customers that file businesses online receive official copies of their Name Reservation and Formation certificates immediately following completion of the application. The Domestic Pre-Filing application is still available to counties and business entity types that have not yet adopted the online filing feature.

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Alabama Virtual Academy at Eufaula City Schools Highlights Graduates with In-Person Commencement Ceremony

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 maggio 2019

Alabama Virtual Academy at Eufaula City Schools (ALVA-ECS), an online public-school serving students in grades K-12 throughout the state, will celebrate the Class of 2019 during an in-person commencement ceremony on Thursday, May 16th. The ceremony will take place at the Montgomery Marriott Prattville Hotel and Conference Center in Prattville.Many assume that attending an online public school like ALVA means that students miss out on “real” high school experiences, but this in-person graduation proves quite the opposite.
This year, ALVA will graduate almost three dozen students; about 60% of whom are graduating with honors. Student Robert Blum is one of them. He is this year’s valedictorian who has earned several noteworthy honors such as the President’s Endowed Scholarship at Texas A&M University, National Merit Recognition, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville’s Charger Distinction Scholarship.Collectively, the Class of 2019 reports it has been offered more than $200,000 in scholarships and have been accepted to trade schools, colleges and universities across the country, including: Wallace Community College, Maine College of Art, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Shelton State Community College, Chattahoochee Valley Community College, Full Sail University, Troy University, Auburn University at Montgomery, University of Texas at Arlington, University of Montevallo, University of Washington, University of Florida, and Texas A&M University.Students enroll in ALVA for a number of reasons—some are looking to escape bullying, some may have fallen academically off track, and others are looking for an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom setting. ALVA students access a robust online curriculum in the core subjects of math, science, English language arts, history, art and music as well as a host of electives. These live virtual classes are taught by Alabama certified teachers.

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Alabama Virtual Academy at Eufaula City Schools Now Enrolling for 2018-2019 School Year

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 20 febbraio 2018

Alabama Virtual Academy at Eufaula City Schools (ALVA-ECS) welcomes families to apply for enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year. An online public school authorized by the Alabama State Department of Education and the Eufaula City Schools, ALVA-ECS is available tuition-free to students in grades K-12 who reside anywhere in the state.Delivered entirely online, ALVA-ECS combines online instruction, rigorous curriculum and the support of state-licensed teachers to provide a personalized experience for each student. ALVA-ECS students access a robust online curriculum and attend live virtual classes. The school provides a unique approach to learning that helps prepare students for post-graduation college or career success.“At ALVA-ECS, our goal is to maximize the potential of each student,” says Head of School Kayleen Marble. “We work with families to make sure students stay on track to meet their goals, whether entering the workforce or advancing onto higher education after graduation.”Students are offered a full course load in the core subjects of math, language arts, science, history, art, and music. In high school, ALVA-ECS students have access to world languages and electives, as well as honors and Advanced Placement® courses. ALVA-ECS also offers student clubs, field trips, social outings and other activities to foster a sense of school community, including an in-person graduation ceremony in the spring.Students choose online school for a variety of reasons including advanced learning, a bullying-free environment, and schedule flexibility to facilitate extracurricular pursuits or medical needs. ALVA-ECS’s online platform gives students the flexibility to pursue their academic goals in a supportive environment and at an appropriate pace for their learning style.
ALVA-ECS is now accepting enrollment applications for the 2018-2019 school year. Families are encouraged to attend an in-person or online information session hosted by the school. For more information on how to enroll, and for a schedule of upcoming information sessions, visit

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Nissoli: Una settimana tra i giovani italiani che vivono in Usa

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 13 febbraio 2017

nissoliLa scorsa settimana, l’on. Nissoli ha incontrato molti giovani di varie Comunità italiane presenti in Usa. In particolare, l’on. Nissoli si è recata a Seattle e all’Università dell’Alabama. A Seattle, assieme al Console onorario Franco Tesorieri, ha incontrato i giovani ricercatori italiani che lavorano nel polo tecnologico della zona. “Una Comunità – ha detto l’on. Nissoli – vivace e che potrebbe dare tanto all’Italia, a cominciare da quei giovani che hanno lasciato la terra d’origine per fare un’ esperienza all’avanguardia nella terra dell’information technology, qui in Usa”. Invece, all’Università dell’Alabama, l’on. Nissoli, parlando delle politiche per gli italiani all’estero, ha detto: “Voglio realizzare il sogno di una Italia che consideri gli italiani all’estero cittadini a tutti gli effetti e sto lavorando per questo, con fatica ma senza perdermi d’animo, a cominciare dalla battaglia per il riacquisto della cittadinanza per chi, andato all’estero, l’ha perduta”. Invece, per quanto concerne il Progetto “Cervelli in Viaggio”, promosso da Massimo Veccia,che ha concluso, questa settimana, la sua fase americana a New York, l’on. Nissoli ha ricordato che tale Progetto formativo “aiuta i giovani ad entrare preparati sia nel mondo dell’impresa che si affaccia ed opera nei contesti internazionali sia ad apportare in contesti produttivi italiani un bagaglio di best practice che può essere utile per il miglioramento dell’efficacia e dell’efficienza delle strutture aziendali”. “E’ stata una settimana intensa di incontri – ha riassunto l’on. Nissoli – con giovani pieni di speranza e di amore per l’Italia; momenti belli di umanità e politica che mi danno la forza di lavorare con ancora più convinzione per il mio Paese, il Paese che noi tutti italiani all’estero portiamo sempre nel cuore, in qualsiasi contesto.” (foto: nissoli)

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InterfleCS to Allow Nurses to Better Determine Patient Priorities

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 21 marzo 2012

Basingstoke, where the line leaves the South W...

Basingstoke, where the line leaves the South Western Main Line (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

England, (PRNewswire) Southeast Alabama Medical Center has gone live with Clinical Solutions’ US version of IntefleCS Contact Centre. The solution will transform how callers’ needs are determined, enabling staff nurses to better handle the centre’s 18,000 calls per month and prioritise urgent needs more efficiently.
The nurse triage module and readmission management application will also enable staff at the centre to accurately capture call volumes, specifically on follow-up calls which will be created as a separate call type – something that has not been done before.Melanie McKnight, division director of registration services at Southeast Alabama Medical Center, says, “By comparison to other products on the market, Clinical Solutions offers the best fit for our needs. The system allows users to easily manage their own clinical content, including; surveys, nursing assessments and custom guidelines, making them more responsive to the needs of individual clients. Implementing the solution has also enabled us to amend our existing custom guidelines, something we were not able to do previously and this will save us critical hours.
Darin Southard, Vice President of Clinical Solutions, says, “Our US IntefleCS solution enables organisations like Southeast Alabama to manage all aspects of their clinical call centre, not just their telephone triage service. This will be a key driver for efficiency savings in the long-term.” For further information visit Clinical Solutions at

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Alabama: Making the Wrong Kind of History

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 29 settembre 2011

"Immigrant Family" (bronze, 2007) by...

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Washington, D.C. , A federal judge in Alabama refused to block the toughest provisions of Alabama’s extreme immigration law, H.B. 56 – the harshest in the nation. The sections that the judge allowed to proceed include: Making it a state crime for an undocumented immigrant to not carry documents required by federal law, requiring police to make a reasonable attempt to determine immigration status for anyone they stop, detain, or arrest when they “reasonably suspect” the individual is illegally in the country, making it a felony for an undocumented immigrant to do business with the state – for instance obtaining water service — and requiring Alabama public school officials to determine if enrolling children were born outside the United States or are children of undocumented immigrants.The following is a statement by Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum: “Just this month the Southern Poverty Law Center gave the state of Alabama an “A” in teaching its children about civil rights history – a history the state of Alabama played a notorious role in shaping. Well, today, the state of Alabama keeps making history in all the wrong ways. U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn’s ruling is a sad day in our nation’s history. For the court to allow sections of a law to go into effect in Alabama when they have been found unconstitutional elsewhere is puzzling. This ill-conceived and inhumane law will burden local police departments with responsibilities that belong to the federal government and it will prove to be extremely costly to enforce, and extremely costly to the reputation of Alabama. It will undermine public safety while being a direct affront to our constitutional values. Families will be under siege, parents will be afraid to send their children to school, and workers will be afraid to report to their jobs. In the United States of America, no one should have to be afraid to walk down the street because of the color of their skin. This law is tramples on the civil rights of ALL Alabamans. Let’s not forget who is at fault here: Governor Robert Bentley signed the bill passed by Republican extremists that rule the Alabama legislature. The deficit of leadership in the U.S. Congress and their inaction on immigration reform has let the states run amok with proposals that attack our American values of fairness and equal treatment. Today’s ruling on this stringent immigration law should be a wake-up call for Congress to finally fix the immigration system.

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