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Alipay extends UEFA National Team Partnership to include AntChain brand

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 13 giugno 2021

UEFA and AntChain, the blockchain business of Ant Group, today announced a five-year global partnership around blockchain technologies and to jointly explore how blockchain technology can be used to further the digital transformation of football industry and improve the experiences of fans around the world.Under the agreement, AntChain will become the official global blockchain partner of UEFA EURO 2020. This is the first such partnership for UEFA, which today also revealed the tournament’s Top Scorer Trophy designed by Alipay, the world’s leading digital payment and lifestyle platform operated by Ant Group and UEFA’s global partner since November 2018. The UEFA EURO 2020 Top Scorer Trophy is the first major international football Top-Scorer trophy to utilize blockchain in its design and will feature a hash value at its base through which the scoring records of the tournament’s top scorers will be uploaded and permanently stored on a blockchain based on AntChain’s solution.The design of the trophy draws inspiration from the first character in Alipay’s Chinese name, 支 (pronounced as zhi), which means support, as well as payment. The character reflects Alipay’s roots that trace back to 2004, when the company was founded as an escrow service to tackle the lack of trust between online buyers and sellers, facilitating online and offline commerce. Guy-Laurent Epstein, the marketing director of UEFA, said: “Following the eight-year global partnership between UEFA and Alipay, we are pleased to reach this partnership with AntChain. In this challenging year for the traditional sports industry, the cooperation with AntChain fully demonstrates UEFA’s commitment to accelerate its digital transformation and working together to find way to offer better fans’ experiences.” Alipay will also launch “Top Scorers in Campus”, a new advocacy program dedicated to helping the development of campus football in China. To inspire more teenagers to pursue their football dreams, the “Top Scorers in Campus” program will award trophies with the same design as the Top Scorer Trophy of UEFA EURO 2020 to the best young players in campus football tournaments across China. Similar to the UEFA EURO 2020 top scorer trophy, these student footballers’ scoring records and honors will also be stored on the blockchain provided by AntChain.

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Alipay Ant Forest Named UN Champion of the Earth

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 22 settembre 2019

Alipay Ant Forest, a green initiative on the world’s leading payment and lifestyle platform Alipay, has been awarded the United Nation’s highest environmental honor – the “UN Champions of the Earth” award – for inspiring over half a billion people to take action in their daily lives to live greener lifestyles and help protect the environment through the power of digital technology.Launched in the Alipay app in August 2016, the Ant Forest green initiative encourages users to adopt low-carbon activities — such as paying utility bills online, and walking or taking buses to work instead of driving — in their daily lives. Such behavior is counted and converted into virtual “green energy points” that accumulate to grow a virtual “tree” in the user’s mobile phone. With enough energy points, the virtual tree is converted into a real one and planted by Alipay and its philanthropic partners in desertification areas that need reforesting. In turn, this tree-planting initiative has inspired users to further adopt low-carbon and environment-friendly behavior.
By August 2019, Alipay Ant Forest has attracted over 500 million users, resulting in 122 million trees planted in arid areas in China, and the avoidance of 7.9 million tons of carbon emission. It’s influence has also traveled beyond China. Inspired by Alipay Ant Forest, the Philippines’ leading mobile wallet GCash introduced GCash Forest on its App in June 2019, enabling local users to contribute to reforestation and environmental preservation by adopting low carbon activities in their daily.

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Mobile Payment Is Now a Norm for Chinese Outbound Travelers

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 13 febbraio 2019

Alipay, the world’s leading mobile payment and lifestyle platform, today reveals preliminary statistics on Chinese consumers’ mobile payment behavior during China’s week-long Lunar New Year celebrations that ended on February 10.The findings are drawn from the 40-plus markets where Alipay is accepted, providing a snapshot of the proliferation of mobile payment in China’s vibrant outbound tourism market.
Key findings during this year’s Lunar New Year holiday period reveal:Overseas consumption per capita through Alipay by outbound travelers from third-and-fourth-tier cities grew faster than that by those from the top-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Middle-aged travelers, which are categorized into two groups – those who were born between 1960 – 1969 and then those born between 1970-1979, were the main driving force in outbound tourism and overseas consumption.Specifically, the number of Alipay users from the first group increased 230% year-on-year and total consumption by this age group increased 250% year-on-year. The growth rates were the highest among all age group categories.
The number of Alipay users in the second group also experienced an impressive increase of 190% year-on-year and total consumption by this group increased 232% year-on-year.

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Alipay: l’exploit della spesa cinese in Italia

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 13 settembre 2018

Alipay, piattaforma di pagamento mobile gestita da Ant Financial Services Group, annuncia i dati di utilizzo nel corso dell’estate 2018, periodo di grande affluenza in Italia ed Europa da parte dei turisti cinesi. L’Italia in particolare ha registrato una crescita media dell’87% rispetto al 2017.A livello globale la spesa media per utente è cresciuta del 43% passando da Rmb 2,955 (circa 375 euro) contro i Rmb 2,073 (circa 260 euro) dello scorso anno. L’Italia è tra i primi 10 paesi (4° posizione) per livelli di spesa da parte dei consumatori cinesi con un importo medio di 7363 Rmb (930 euro) calcolato nel periodo 1 luglio – 31 agosto 2018. Il numero totale delle transazioni da parte dei consumatori cinesi in Italia è cresciuto del 188% dal 2017 permettendogli di guadagnare nella classifica mondiale dei paesi dove Alipay è presente il 4° posto nella spesa media per utente e il 17° posto per numero totale di transazioni. Nella classifica dei 10 paesi con la spesa più alta l’Europa ha un posto di rilievo con una presenza di oltre il 50%.Tra gli highlight, il fatto che sono i turisti cinesi nati negli anni ’90 (fascia d’età 19 – 28 anni) ad aver maggiormente contribuito agli elevati livelli di spesa estiva attraverso Alipay. A livello globale quest’estate Alipay ha gestito circa 2 volte e mezzo in più le transazioni all’estero nei negozi rispetto alla scorsa estate.L’Asia continua a dominare la top 10 in termini di transazioni estive all’estero. In prima posizione Hong Kong seguita dalla Thailandia e dalla Korea del Sud. Il numero delle transazioni Alipay in Russia è aumentato di oltre il 5000% dove i viaggiatori cinesi sono accorsi per assistere alla Coppa del Mondo. Fra gli oltre 80 aeroporti che offrono servizi di tax refund istantaneo, è la Korea del Sud ad aver gestito il più alto ammontare di rimborsi, seguita dall’Europa. I paesi nel Nord Europa – come Danimarca, Norvegia, Svezia, Lussemburgo e Svizzera – hanno registrato una crescita dei volumi nelle transazioni tramite Alipay a doppia cifra.

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Alipay Seeks Japanese Partners to Strengthen Cashless Experience across the Country for Tourists before 2020

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 9 settembre 2018

Alipay, the world’s leading mobile and online payment platform operated by Ant Financial Services Group (“Ant Financial”), today announced that it will collaborate with a wider range of local Japanese partners to build a cashless environment for tourists coming to Japan, in particular for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. This will allow the large number of visitors coming from China the chance to enjoy easy payment methods that they are familiar with and provide business opportunities for local merchants in Japan. In addition, efforts will continue to extend Alipay coverage throughout Japan as one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers from China and other Asian countries. “Alipay is dedicated to enhancing user experience and creating value for small and micro businesses through technology. The Tokyo Olympics and the hike in visitors that this will bring is a good target for us, to ensure that the Alipay platform is the bridge between inbound visitors and local merchants here in Japan. It is also important that we are collaborating with partners not only in the metropolitan areas and big cities but also in smaller cities with popular tourist attractions. We look forward to working with a wide range of Japanese partners to achieve this ambition, and in doing so contribute in some way to driving the local economy of areas across Japan,” said Eric Jing, Executive Chairman and CEO of Ant Financial.
The number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan continues to increase year over year. Close to 7.35 million people came to Japan in 2017 with a y-o-y growth rate of 15.4% (※ 1), and the inbound consumption from this group reached 1.6 trillion yen (US$14.3 billion, ※ 2). This trend is likely to continue and the Olympic Games in 2020 are expected to be a peak with visitors attracted to the international sporting spectacle as well as the country’s famous locations.
According to Alipay’s statistics, Chinese visitors’ spending through mobile payment is also growing rapidly. From the beginning of July to the end of August in 2018, the average consumption of each Chinese Alipay user in Japan reached near 3,900 yuan (US$569). This average spending represented an increase of 52% compared with the previous year, and the total transaction volume grew by 165%.Alipay is expanding its services across the country in Japan which reflects the needs of increasingly adventurous Chinese tourists. Specific collaborations to date with regional banks, such as Hida Credit Union and Kyoto Shinkin Bank, have allowed Alipay to make its payment services available in tourist spots and shops out of the major cities. To further expand its merchant network, Alipay is also seeking to work with more small and micro merchants by cooperating with local mobile payment platforms in Japan such as Line Pay and Paypay.Alipay, which currently has over 700 million active users in China, was introduced to Japan to provide services to Chinese visitors at local merchants in December 2015 and is currently available in all 47 prefectures across the country. It is available in a wide range of outlets to support tourism including airports, department stores, restaurants and popular attractions.

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Alipay Launches World’s First Paperless Tax Refund Service in South Korea

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 agosto 2018

Alipay, the world’s leading mobile payment and lifestyle platform operated by Ant Financial Services Group, announced that it has partnered with Global Tax Free (“GTF”), a tax refund agency, to launch the world’s first paperless mobile tax refund function in South Korea.
Alipay has consistently been at the forefront of innovation that supports mobile tax refund solutions globally. In early 2017, Alipay initiated a real-time tax refund service in Europe which enabled users to instantly receive tax rebates in their Alipay accounts after scanning their Alipay QR code at airport tax counters.The newly introduced tax refund service in South Korea further simplifies the process by enabling Chinese tourists to apply for and claim tax rebates on their mobile phone app, skipping in-city and airport tax refund counters altogether. After scanning their passports at self-service kiosks prior to leaving South Korea, Chinese tourists can process tax rebates and immediately receive RMB refunds by using the Alipay mobile app to scan tax refund receipts within 90 days of purchasing.“Since 2013, Alipay has continuously explored ways to expedite tax refunds for Chinese tourists to enhance the outbound travel experience. Alipay users can already receive tax refunds at more than 80 airports and a growing number of in-city shops globally after processing at a tax counter,” said Danny Chung, General Manager of Alipay Korea.
“With this unique new function, Alipay users can skip the queue and process tax refunds on their mobiles, without filling out and submitting any paper work. This will both save time and make it easier to claim refunds. We look forward to working with our partners and leveraging our technological capabilities to bring more convenient tax refund solutions to outbound Alipay users,” added Mr. Chung.South Korea is the world’s most convenient destination for tourists to claim tax refunds and approximately 10,000 merchants in South Korea support the GTF tax refund service. The introduction of the mobile service will expedite the tax refund process in South Korea. Alipay and GTF have plans to expand the tax refund service to more merchants and other countries in Asia in the future.

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Alipay and Singapore Tourism Board join hands to boost Chinese tourist spending

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 18 luglio 2018

Alipay, the world’s leading mobile and online payment and lifestyle platform operated by Ant Financial Services Group, together with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), have launched a series of joint marketing initiatives aimed at raising destination awareness of Singapore and driving tourist spending among Chinese visitors.
Alipay and STB signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in September 2017 to enhance Chinese tourists’ overall experience in Singapore. Under the MOU, both parties agreed, among other things, to explore co-investing in joint-marketing initiatives to encourage Chinese tourists to spend with Alipay while in Singapore.Since signing the MOU, Alipay has experienced double-digit growth in user spending. China has also become Singapore’s top market in 2017 for both tourism receipts and visitor arrivals, contributing S$4.2 billion in tourism receipts and 3.2 million visitor arrivals.The marketing activities are designed to incentivize Alipay users, through rewards and discounts, to spend across different types of tourism businesses such as retail, F&B and attractions, further boosting their spending in Singapore. Alipay and STB will also create tailored itineraries that are aligned with STB’s new Passion Made Possible brand. These itineraries will encourage Alipay users to pursue their passions by exploring and discovering new attractions, dining and shopping experiences. It will also give them more reasons to visit and spend more in Singapore.Additionally, the partnership will deepen STB’s understanding of Chinese visitors’ consumer behavior and spending patterns, leveraging Alipay’s insights.“With China being Singapore’s top source market for both visitor arrivals and tourist spending last year, we are pleased to partner with Alipay as their keen insights and deep understanding of Chinese consumers will help us to continue to grow in this critical market.We hope to continue to broaden over time our partnership with Alipay to explore more innovative marketing initiatives in the areas of content, digital and technology to further enhance the Chinese visitor experience,” said Ms Jacqueline Ng, Director, Marketing Partnerships & Planning, STB.“Singapore is a favorite destination for Chinese travelers. According to research released by Nielsen last year, it is one of Chinese tourists’ top ten preferred travel destinations in the world. Alipay is very pleased to be working together with the Singapore Tourism Board to ensure the consistent smart lifestyle for Chinese travelers in Singapore that they experience at home. At the same time, we are excited to connect more merchants in Singapore with Chinese tourists and be discovered by them through the app,” said Cherry Huang, General Manager, Cross-border Business for South and Southeast Asia, Alipay.Alipay is committed to helping more local merchants be discovered by Chinese tourists and better supporting the needs of the Chinese travelers by providing a more efficient and convenient payment method via its platform. Mobile payment is gaining momentum among Chinese travelers overseas. According to the recent Nielsen report1, 65% of Chinese tourists used mobile payment platforms during their overseas travels, more than six times in comparison to non-Chinese tourists (11%). Over 90% of Chinese tourists would consider using mobile payments when traveling overseas if more overseas merchants accepted them.

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Ingenico estende l’accettazione dei pagamenti Alipay alle banche e agli Acquirer europei

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 2 agosto 2017

ingenico-alipayIngenico Group leader mondiale nelle soluzioni di pagamento elettronico, ha siglato un accordo con Alipay, la più grande piattaforma al mondo di pagamento on-line e off-line appartenente al gruppo Ant Financial Services, per consentire ai turisti cinesi di pagare con il proprio wallet e con la massima sicurezza anche presso i negozi europei.A completamento dell’accordo già in essere dal 2016 relativo ai pagamenti on-line, Ingenico ha sviluppato una soluzione “chiavi-in-mano” per l’accettazione anche in-store dei wallet Alipay, il mobile wallet più diffuso in Cina con oltre 520 milioni di utenti. Il sistema consente di garantire agli utenti cinesi la stessa user-experience che sono soliti avere facendo acquisti nel loro Paese.La soluzione è compatibile con tutti i dispositivi Ingenico della famiglia Telium 2 e Telium TETRA ed è rivolta a Banche e Acquirer, consentendo loro di abilitare in modo semplice l’accettazione del nuovo wallet su tutta la propria rete di terminali. Il sistema fornisce anche strumenti per la registrazione dei merchant, la trasmissione delle transazioni al server Alipay e i tool di monitoraggio e controllo.L’accettazione dei pagamenti Alipay può avvenire in due modalità: “transaction scan” (riconoscimento tramite bar-code, esterno o integrato nel POS, del QR-code Alipay mostrato sullo smartphone dell’utente) e “merchant scan” (lettura con lo smartphone del cliente del QR-code Alipay sul display del POS). Ingenico ha progettato il sistema in modo che sia compatibile con ogni tipo di applicazione di pagamento locale già presente sul terminale POS, assicurando quindi la più agevole implementazione della soluzione in ogni Paese, indipendentemente da protocollo, linguaggio o valuta in essere.Il POS Ingenico diventa così il punto di accettazione di qualsiasi transazione elettronica all’interno del negozio, sia essa generata dalle tradizionali carte di credito e debito, che da mobile wallet e altri strumenti innovativi. (foto: ingenico-alipay)

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