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Open doors of the Digital Garden, powered by Almirall

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 25 gennaio 2020

Almirall, S.A. (ALM) just launched the Digital Garden, a dermatology digital health accelerator focused on developing innovative technology-based services and solutions to accelerate their go-to-market plans and tackling some of the dermatology challenges today and in the future.The five startups participating in Digital Garden Powered by Almirall were chosen from among forty entrants by a panel of experts drawn from digital innovation and dermatology businesses. They will start a nine-month acceleration program mentored by Almirall collaborators.We want to celebrate this milestone inviting you to meet the startups at the Digital Garden coworking site, at the Barcelona Health Hub in Sant Pau hospital. Until January 30th, representatives of the finalist startups and members of Almirall’s management will be available to the media for meetings and interviews.
Representing Almirall Francesca Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer Noel Ortiz, Head of External Communications & Digital Outreach
Representing the Startups Anastasia Georgievskaya, CEO of Haut.Al, Christian Greis, CEO of Derma2go, Alexander Borve, CEO of AutoDerm, Danielle Ralic, CEO of Intrepid Analytics, Larisa Kryuchkova, CEO of UVisio

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Almirall and WuXi Biologics Sign Strategic Collaboration Agreement for Multiple Bispecific Antibodies Targeting Dermatology Diseases

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 13 gennaio 2020

Almirall, S.A. (ALM), and WuXi Biologics (“WuXi Bio”) (2269 .HK) have today announced the signing of an agreement. Through this collaboration Almirall embarks on its strategy to develop highly innovative biologic products for dermatology diseases including atopic dermatitis.Under the terms of the agreement, Almirall has access to WuXi Biologics’ proprietary antibody platforms including WuXiBody™ to discover multiple novel bispecific antibodies. This strategic collaboration permits Almirall to develop the medication under licence and maintain ownership for medical use of the resulting components to complete the company’s objective of developing biologics to tackle skin diseases.Bhushan Hardas, MD, MBA, Chief Scientific Officer of Almirall, commented that, “This agreement is a big step forward for us in our objective in becoming a leader in biologic medical dermatology treatments. With WuXi Biologics technology platform and our long experience and understanding in the area of dermatology, we will be able to identify new molecules with the potential to become optimal alternative therapies for patients with atopic dermatology”. Dr. Chris Chen, Chief Executive Officer of WuXi Biologics, stated, “We are delighted to establish this collaboration with Almirall, the 12th global partnership since we launched this exciting platform in August 2018. This represents one further step in validating the power and versatile applications of WuXiBody™ in multiple therapeutic areas, underlining our leadership in next-generation biologic technologies and demonstrating our contributions to enable global partners to develop more new treatments for patients worldwide. WuXi Biologics is committed to developing globally leading technologies to accelerate and transform biologics discovery, development and manufacturing”.

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Almirall signs a strategic agreement with 23andMe to license rights of a bispecific monoclonal antibody that blocks all three isoforms of IL-36 cytokine

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 13 gennaio 2020

Almirall, S.A. (ALM), a leading global pharmaceutical company focused on medical dermatology, and 23andMe, the leading consumer genetics and research company, have signed an agreement allowing Almirall to in-license 23andMe’s bispecific monoclonal antibody designed to block all three members of the IL-36 cytokine subfamily. IL-36 is a part of the IL-1 cytokine family, which is associated with multiple inflammatory diseases, including various dermatological conditions. Almirall will secure the rights to develop and commercialize the antibody for worldwide use. This agreement will strengthen Almirall’s early-stage research portfolio.
23andMe’s Therapeutics team was established in 2015 with the goal of leveraging human genetic information to improve the way drug discovery is currently conducted. With more than 10 million kits sold, and 80% of customers consenting to research, 23andMe has the world’s largest set of genotypic information paired with billions of phenotypic data points contributed by engaged customers. 23andMe’s dedicated Therapeutics group identifies novel targets using the 23andMe database, generates lead compounds to these targets and performs preclinical research to support future clinical development. Currently, 23andMe has a portfolio of research programs across multiple disease areas.Based upon strong genetic evidence, 23andMe’s team generated a bispecific antibody that blocks the IL-36 cytokine family. 23andMe has out-licensed its bispecific monoclonal antibody to Almirall in order to leverage Almirall’s expertise in medical dermatology and accelerate the development of this preclinical program. Almirall will further progress the antibody with the goal of taking it through clinical trials in humans and onto the market.

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Almirall enters into an option agreement to acquire Bioniz Therapeutics

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 gennaio 2020

Almirall, S.A. (ALM) has announced today the execution of an option agreement to acquire Bioniz Therapeutics, Inc. a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company based in Irvine, California, which develops first-in-class peptide treatments that selectively inhibit multiple cytokines to treat immuno-inflammatory diseases and T-cell malignancies. If Almirall exercises the option, it will also enter into a broader research agreement with Bioniz NewCo, using its multiple cytokine inhibitor platform with the objective to deliver at least 3 IND-approved candidates.Through this collaboration, Almirall executes its strategy to develop and expand its R&D pipeline with new treatment modalities with the objective to address highly underserved diseases within oncodermatology and immunodermatology.
Under the terms of the agreement, Almirall will strengthen its medical dermatology pipeline. If Almirall opts-in, Almirall will have access to a clinical stage asset in development for several indications and will start a research collaboration to expand the early stage pipeline:
BNZ-1, a novel multicytokine inhibitor in development for: i) refractory Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma (CTCL), an orphan disease with high unmet medical need and ii) alopecia areata, an autoimmune hair disorder with no approved treatments.
Research collaboration using Bioniz multiple cytokine inhibitor platform technology with the objective to deliver at least 3 IND-approved candidates. During the option collaboration period, Bioniz will complete the current ongoing phase 1/2 clinical trial in CTCL and the parties will collaborate to define future CTCL development activities. After opting-in, Bioniz will spin off other assets than BNZ-1 as well as the proprietary platform technology to a NewCo. and Almirall will continue with the development of BNZ-1.Under the terms of the agreement, Almirall will make an initial payment of $15 MM to Bioniz in exchange for an option to acquire all Bioniz outstanding shares. Following the availability of phase 1/2 results in CTCL, certain human biomarkers laboratory data and the official FDA End of Phase 2 meeting minutes, Almirall will have 60 days to exercise its option. If Almirall elects to exercise its option, the company will pay an option exercise fee of $47 MM in different instalments in the following years. Almirall will make additional payments upon the achievement of certain development, regulatory and commercial milestones.

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Almirall and Iktos announce research collaboration in Artificial Intelligence for new drug design

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 dicembre 2019

Almirall, S.A. (ALM), a leading skin-health focused global pharmaceutical company, and Iktos, a company specialized in Artificial Intelligence for novel drug design, today announced a collaboration agreement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) , where Iktos generative modelling AI technology will be used to design novel optimized compounds, to speed up the identification of promising drug candidates for an undisclosed Almirall drug discovery program(s).Iktos’ AI technology, based on deep generative models, helps bring speed and efficiency to the drug discovery process, by automatically designing virtual novel molecules that have the desirable characteristics of a novel drug candidate. This tackles one of the key challenges in drug design: rapid and iterative identification of molecules which simultaneously validate multiple bioactive attributes and drug-like criteria for clinical testing.Iktos has recently announced several collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies where Iktos AI technology is used to accelerate the design of promising compounds, and has published, at the EFMC 2018 meeting, an experimental validation of the technology in a real-life drug discovery project. Iktos generative modelling SaaS software, Makya™, is now available on the market, and Iktos intends to release its retro-synthesis SaaS platform Spaya™ as a beta version, before the end of 2019.

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Almirall launches the accelerator Digital Garden to drive digital innovation in dermatology

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 18 novembre 2019

Almirall, S.A. (ALM) today announced the launch of the Digital Garden, a dermatology digital health accelerator focused on developing innovative technology-based services and solutions to accelerate their go-to-market plans and tackling some of the dermatology challenges today and in the future. The selection of the first cohort of the Digital Garden has been selected in a pitch event held at the Frontiers Health annual event in Berlin.In October, Almirall announced the launch of a first call for innovation to start-ups focused on digital innovations in medical dermatology. Since then more than 40 start-ups have shown interest to join the program via Almirall preselected eight of them from among the many applicants to present their business model to an expert investor jury. The five winning projects will join a nine-month accelerator program starting in January at the Barcelona Health Hub.
In addition, the Digital Garden, powered by Almirall will also provide mentoring from top healthcare experts from Almirall and the potential to collaborate on actual projects within the company. The acceleration program includes the opportunity to leverage leading hospitals in Barcelona as a test bed for digital pilots, with potential access to HCPs and patients. The Digital Garden is not requiring an equity component from the start-ups, but rather will be finding up to € 50.000 based on milestones agreed between Almirall and the start-ups.

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Duaklir will be available in the United States

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 24 ottobre 2019

Almirall, S.A. (ALM) granted AstraZeneca (LSE, STO, NYSE: AZN) the licensed rights in the US to Duaklir®, a fixed-dose LAMA / LABA combination of the long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA) aclidinium and long-acting beta-agonist (LABA) formoterol administered twice-daily via the breath-actuated, multi-dose inhaler Pressair®, in the agreement that was announced on November 3rd, 2014. Part of that agreement states that AstraZeneca will pay Almirall $100 MM when the first commercial sale takes place in the US. Duaklir® will be available in the United States. In April 2017, AstraZeneca entered a strategic collaboration with Circassia Pharmaceuticals plc for the development and commercialisation of Tudorza and Duaklir® in the US.Circassia Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on respiratory disease, today announces the US launch of Duaklir® for the maintenance treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) at the American College of Chest Physicians’ CHEST Annual Meeting 2019, which is currently ongoing in New Orleans, LA. Xavier Llauradó, Regulatory Affairs Director, Almirall, stated that “the US launch of Duaklir® is good of news for many patients. The agreement with AstraZeneca has allowed us to maximize the value of our assets and this launch in the US means a big step for Almirall as it was an Almirall R&D compound”.Duaklir® is a fixed-dose LAMA / LABA combination of the long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA) aclidinium and long-acting beta-agonist (LABA) formoterol administered twice-daily via the breath-actuated, multi-dose inhaler Pressair®. Duaklir® will be available in the United States from 21st October. Duaklir® has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) based on a broad clinical program. This includes data from three phase III studies, ACLIFORM, AUGMENT and AMPLIFY, and the phase IV ASCENT study, which shows aclidinium therapy is effective at reducing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbations.

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Almirall revalidates its excellence in occupational health and safety, environment and energy management

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 4 luglio 2019

Almirall, S.A. (ALM) has achieved several important international accreditations after an external audit of its integrated corporate management system for occupational health and safety, environment and energy, developed by up to seven auditors from TÜV Rheinland, which carried out field inspections during twelve days at the company’s headquarters in Barcelona, its R&D Centre in Sant Feliu de Llobregat and its chemical and pharmaceutical plants in Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona, Spain).
As a consequence of the audit results, the leading global pharmaceutical company has become one of the first in achieving two of the latest standardized international accreditations, both in its sector and in the whole business network: ISO 45001:2018, for occupational health and safety, and ISO 50001:2018, for energy management.
On the other hand, after obtaining the ISO 14001:2015 adaptation’s certificate in 2018, TÜV Rheinland’s auditors have revalidated the company’s environmental management effectivity. ISO 14001:2015 is the latest actualization of the standard ISO 140001, that Almirall reached in 2004 and is renewed periodically since then.
The process of continuous improvement is consubstantial to quality and excellence, so that the accreditations given by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) collect a broad set of cross-cutting policies, processes and activities that must be implemented in its entirety as part of an integrated management system, and when all this set of initiatives is properly applied, it is possible to quantify significant improvements in a series of predetermined indicators.In the case of occupational health and safety management, Almirall has implemented an occupational risk prevention system that has allowed to achieve a low accident rate, significantly lower than the average for the pharmaceutical sector, both in Almirall headquarters and in its subsidiary Spanish centers. In addition, 16% of the hours of training that the company offers its employees are dedicated to the promotion of occupational health and safety, and wellbeing.On the other hand, the environmental management system has allowed the company to achieve a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases by 38% between 2014 and 2018, considering the purchase of renewable energies; to reduce the waste by 7% in its chemical plants in 2018, and to reduce the use of methylene chloride by 61% since 2013.

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Almirall Exercises its Option with Dermira to License Rights to Lebrikizumab in Europe for atopic dermatitis

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 26 giugno 2019

Almirall, S.A. (ALM) and Dermira, Inc. (NASDAQ: DERM) announced today that Almirall has exercised its option to license rights to develop and commercialize lebrikizumab for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and certain other indications in Europe. Almirall and Dermira previously entered into an option and license agreement in February 2019 pursuant to which Almirall was granted this exclusive option in exchange for an upfront option fee of $30 MM. As a result of Almirall’s decision to exercise its option, the company will pay Dermira $50 MM and Dermira will be eligible to receive additional payments upon the achievement of certain milestones, including $30 million in connection with the initiation of certain Phase 3 clinical studies.Almirall’s decision follows positive topline results reported by Dermira in March 2019 from a Phase 2b dose-ranging study that showed all three doses of lebrikizumab met the primary endpoint, and demonstrated dose-dependent improvements across a range of measures characterizing the signs and symptoms of moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis, including itch and skin inflammation, compared to placebo. The safety profile observed in the study was consistent with prior studies of lebrikizumab. The findings suggest that lebrikizumab has the potential to be a best-in-disease therapy for people living with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis. Following an end-of-Phase 2 meeting with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Dermira plans to initiate a Phase 3 clinical development program for lebrikizumab by the end of 2019.
Lebrikizumab is a novel, injectable, humanized monoclonal antibody designed to bind interleukin-13 (IL-13) with very high affinity, specifically preventing the formation of the IL-13Rα1/IL-4Rα heterodimer complex and subsequent signaling, thereby inhibiting the biological effects of IL-13 in a targeted and efficient fashion. IL-13 is believed to be a central pathogenic mediator that drives multiple aspects of the pathophysiology of atopic dermatitis by promoting type 2 inflammation and mediating its effects on tissue, resulting in skin barrier dysfunction, itch, skin thickening and infection.

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Almirall recognized as distinguished Corporate Leader by American Skin Association – Unveiled patient-proven purpose

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 14 aprile 2019

Almirall, S.A (ALM) was recognized this week with the Distinguished Corporate Leadership award by the American Skin Association (ASA).Ron Menezes, President and General Manager of Almirall, LLC received the award on behalf of the more than 1800 employees of the company from around the globe. He talked about Almirall’s corporate purpose of helping patients realize a healthy life, which aligns to the mission of the ASA. To illustrate this, he gave a moving presentation about a real acne patient whose successful treatment transformed their world.“This was a 16 years old male patient with severe acne who was hiding away from the world” mentioned Ron Menezes. “He wouldn’t meet the eyes of his dermatologist when he first visited him to get help. At his first follow up visit 4 weeks later he already had a significant improvement, but more importantly he had “come out of his shell” as his mother said. He was reaching out to friends again and was socializing, and she was relieved and happy to see that.” Concluding, Ron Menezes said “This demonstrates how by helping patients achieve treatment of their skin diseases we can transform their world for the better.”
The mission of the ASA is to advance research, champion skin health and drive public awareness about skin disease. Over the course of their 32 years history to date, the visionary leadership of the Association has supported the work of over 300 scientists and investigators by committing more than $50 MM to advance dermatological research. Their successful projects have included the establishment of a model research facility at Weill Cornell medical college and providing free instruction on sun protection and skin health through award-winning public-school programs.Dr. David Norris, University of Colorado and President of the board of directors for the ASA, who presented Ron Menezes with the Corporate Leadership award, highlighted Almirall’s contribution to the field of dermatology. “I’m impressed with Almirall’s spectrum of new treatments for important skin diseases, in some areas that we, as clinicians, haven’t had new treatments in for years. Through pharmacological innovation and strong commitment to global health care partnerships, Almirall is dedicated to providing the tools, knowledge and science to improve the health of patients worldwide”.The recognition of Almirall by the ASA is the latest achievement in the company’s goal of being recognized as a leader in medical dermatology in the US and globally.Peter Guenter, CEO of Almirall SA said “We are pleased to have received this award from such an esteemed organization. The ASA mission aligns with the new Almirall’s corporate purpose of transforming the patients’ world by helping them realize their hopes and dreams for a healthy life. We look forward to working with them, and the rest of the dermatology community, to make this purpose a reality”.

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Treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 3 aprile 2019

Almirall, S.A (ALM), announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the new drug application (NDA) for Duaklirâ (aclidinium bromide/formoterol 400/12 mg, twice daily), for the treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Duaklir® offers a fixed-dose combination of a novel long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA), aclidinium bromide and a fast long acting beta2-agonist (LABA), formoterol fumarate, administered through the GENUAIR® inhaler device.The FDA has approved Duaklir® based on the positive results of the AMPLIFY study, that shows Duaklir® significantly improved lung function in patients with moderate to severe COPD compared to each individual component (either aclidinium bromide or formoterol). The Phase III AMPLIFY study also proved that the efficacy, safety and tolerability profiles for aclidinium bromide and formoterol were consistent with current experience. In comparison to tiotropium bromide 18µg once-daily, both Duaklir® and aclidinium bromide monotherapy demonstrated significantly higher levels of bronchodilation during the night-time, whilst aclidinium bromide monotherapy showed non-inferior bronchodilation to tiotropium over 24 weeks. This approval by the FDA in the US means another positive step in the partnership of Almirall and AstraZeneca.In addition this is the third product discovered in the R&D Center of Almirall approved by the FDA.
The positive results of the Phase IV ASCENT trial for Tudorza® Pressair® (aclidinium bromide 400 μg, twice-daily) with 3.600 patients demonstrating a statistically significant reduction in the annual rate of moderate or severe COPD exacerbations compared to placebo, has been translated in a relevant change in the Package Insert of this product in the US and also reflected in the current approval of Duaklir®.On 1st November 2014, Almirall entered an agreement to transfer the rights for the development and commercialisation of its respiratory franchise, as well as its pipeline of investigational novel therapies to AstraZeneca. This global collaboration included milestones associated to development, launch and future Duaklir® sales in US.Almirall could receive additional milestones and royalties, which have not been disclosed.Almirall remains positive about this partnership that has allowed to maximize the return and value of the company’s assets and capabilities.

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Almirall and HitGen will develop novel oral compounds in atopic dermatitis

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 28 marzo 2019

Almirall, S.A. (ALM) announced the signature of a new research collaboration with HitGen Ltd. The company is conducting a multi-target research collaboration with DNA-Encoded library companies for targets in atopic dermatitis to develop novel oral chemical entities (NCE) for patients suffering from moderate to severe atopic dermatitis.In this sense, Almirall has entered into a collaboration with HitGen, a privately held biotechnology company established since 2012 in Chengdu, China, to establish an advanced lead generation platform based on their DNA-Encoded libraries for this specific target. HitGen has a robust platform with an extensive library (nearly 400 billion compounds) and a strong track record of deal making, which makes it an excellent partner for Almirall.The purpose of this strategic partnership is the identification of advanced hits, to be licensed by Almirall.
Almirall is a leading skin-health focused global pharmaceutical company that partners with healthcare professionals, applying Science to provide medical solutions to patients and future generations. Our efforts are focused on fighting against skin health diseases and helping people feel and look their best. We support healthcare professionals by continuous improvement, bringing our innovative solutions where they are needed.
The company, founded almost 75 years ago with headquarters in Barcelona, is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange (ticker: ALM). Almirall has been key in value creation to society according to its commitment with to major shareholders and through its decision to help others, to understand their challenges and to use Science to provide solutions for real life. Total revenues in 2018 were 811 million euros. More than 1,800 employees are devoted to Science.
HitGen is a rapidly growing biotech company with headquarters and main research facilities based in Chengdu, China and with a subsidiary in the USA. HitGen has established a platform for small molecule drug centred around the design, assembly and interrogation of DNA encoded chemical libraries (DELs). HitGen’s DELs contain nearly 400 billion novel, diverse, drug-like small molecule and macrocyclic compounds. These compounds are members of DELs synthe-sised from many hundreds of distinct chemical scaffolds, designed with tractable chemistry, and yielding proven results for the discovery of small molecule leads against precedented and un-precedented classes of biological targets. HitGen is collaborating with pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical companies, foundations and research institutes in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa to discover and develop approaches for novel medicines and agrochemical solutions.

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Almirall announced that a key milestone under the collaboration with Nuevolution has been achieved

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 4 marzo 2019

The strategic collaboration was entered on December 12, 2016 with the aim to develop innovative RORγt inhibitors with best-in-class potential for the oral and topical treatment of Dermatology diseases and Psoriatic Arthritis.A significant part of the collaboration work has been to evaluate preclinical safety parameters of RORγt inhibition and to comprehensively de-risk the program prior to any human testing. The milestone data achieved supports a program with a Candidate Drug (CD) having best-in-class potential.The program continues its progression towards clinical development. The positive result triggered a contractual milestone to Nuevolution.Bhushan Hardas, M.D., MBA, Chief Scientific Officer of Almirall, commented “we are very pleased with the progress achieved in our strategic collaboration with Nuevolution, which reflects Almirall’s commitment to becoming a leader in medical dermatology by reinforcing our pipeline with true innovative best in class solutions”.Alex H. Gouliaev, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Nuevolution, commented: “this underscores the positive opportunities for this very unique program. The program development has benefitted significantly from much synergy between and dedication by the teams”.Almirall had one of the highest levels of R&D investments in the Spanish Pharmaceutical Industry in 2018, representing over 12% of Net Sales (€88 MM). In addition, Almirall invests in assets, strategic partnerships and collaborations in research. For more information, please visit

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Almirall and Dermira Enter into Option and License Agreement for European Rights to Lebrikizumab

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 14 febbraio 2019

Almirall, S.A. (ALM) and Dermira, Inc. (NASDAQ: DERM) announced today that the companies have entered into an option and license agreement under which Almirall has acquired an option to exclusively license rights to develop and commercialize lebrikizumab for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and certain other indications in Europe. In exchange, Dermira will receive an upfront option fee of $30 MM. If Almirall exercises its option to obtain the license following the results of the ongoing Phase 2b study, Dermira will receive a $50 MM option exercise fee and will be eligible to receive additional development, regulatory and sales milestone payments, as well as double-digit royalties.
Under the terms of the agreement, Almirall will make an initial payment of $30 MM to Dermira in exchange for an option to acquire an exclusive license to develop lebrikizumab in dermatology indications and commercialize lebrikizumab in all indications in Europe. Following the availability of topline data from Dermira’s ongoing Phase 2b clinical study of lebrikizumab in moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis, Dermira will provide to Almirall a data package consisting of topline and additional data, after which Almirall will have 45 days to exercise its option. If Almirall elects to exercise its option, the company will pay Dermira an option exercise fee of $50 MM.If Almirall exercises its option, Almirall will be obligated to make additional payments to Dermira upon the achievement of certain milestones, including $30 MM in connection with the initiation of certain Phase 3 clinical studies and up to $85 MM upon the achievement of regulatory milestones and the first commercial sale of lebrikizumab in Europe. In addition, Dermira will be entitled to receive milestone payments upon the achievement of certain thresholds for net sales of lebrikizumab in Europe, as well as royalty payments representing percentages of net sales that range from the low double-digits to the low twenties.“At Almirall, we continue to deepen in our commitment to dermatology,” said Peter Guenter, Chief Executive Officer of Almirall. “Atopic dermatitis is a condition that affects millions of people living in Europe, and we are pleased to support the development and commercialization of lebrikizumab, a differentiated treatment that we believe could become a best-in-disease therapy for these patients. We are excited to be collaborating with Dermira and look forward to positive results from the Phase 2b study and subsequently moving into registrational studies.”

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Francesca Domenech Wuttke, new Chief Digital Officer and new member of the Management Board in Almirall

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 5 gennaio 2019

Almirall, S.A. has announced the appointment of Francesca Domenech Wuttke as the new Chief Digital Officer and member of the Management Board of the company.
In her new role, Francesca Domenech Wuttke will report directly to Peter Guenter, Chief Executive Officer, Almirall, and will be responsible for developing and executing the end-to-end digital strategy, a key pillar in the future success of Almirall.She will lead the Digital Transformation for Almirall, defining the new digital governance model, developing and prioritizing the enterprise wide Digital Project Portfolio and working closely with all business stakeholders.“Digital transformation in healthcare is a huge opportunity for any biopharmaceutical company. We are certain that Francesca is the best person to lead the transformation with Almirall”, explained Peter Guenter, Chief Executive Officer, Almirall. “She will join us after more than 25 years of international strategic, commercial and transactional experience. She has excellent firsthand knowledge of the potential that digital technology has in the healthcare industry, so we are fortunate to have her”.During the last few years, Francesca has led European investments as Managing Director Europe for the Global Health Innovation Fund MSD’s venture capital arm. The fund is exclusively focused on investments in digital health solutions and services and there, she designed the investment thesis to accelerate the digital clinical trial ecosystem, with much success. For example, she invested in a digital clinical trial patient recruitment platform as well as a platform that interrogates electronic medical records for genomic phenotyping, clinical trial applications and Real World Evidence. Previously, she also worked as Global Director, Commercial Strategy at Novartis and she was co-founder of Asten BioPharma Avisors, a healthcare consultancy that supports business development of biopharmaceutical companies interested in investments in biotechnology. During her experience in venture capital, private equity, start-ups, consulting and pharma companies, Francesca has shown a great ability to distill scientific and clinical data into investment opportunities, having prospected and evaluated hundreds of opportunities.Francesca holds a PhD in Pharmacology from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences and a B.A. in Biology and Society by the Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences. Francesca is an American citizen who lives with her family in Barcelona.

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Almirall builds the largest self-consumption photovoltaic plant in Catalonia

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 28 novembre 2018

Almirall, S.A (ALM) has completed the construction of an innovative 800 kWp photovoltaic plant, located in its pharmaceutical plant in Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona), which aims to save 12% of the electrical energy consumption from the site. This initiative is part of the company’s policy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by promoting the use of renewable energies.The installation of this solar facility, which is the result of Almirall’s efforts to create an energy efficiency model through innovative projects, represents an important precedent in the fight against climate change. Already in 2017, Almirall installed the first solar panel system in Spain connected directly to its chemical plant in Sant Celoni (Barcelona)
With the construction of this photovoltaic plant, Almirall expects to reduce its dependence on the electrical network by more than 1,200 MWh per year in its Sant Andreu plant. It will generate the equivalent to the average annual consumption of approximately 350 homes with 100% renewable and local energy. Furthermore, the construction of the photovoltaic facility will reduce emissions by 479 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.All the energy to be produced by this photovoltaic installation will be instantaneously consumed by the Sant Andreu plant, covering 12% of its electrical needs.The solar panels will be installed on the roof of the building, the canopies of the parking lot and on the ground, and the photovoltaic plant will transform the solar radiation into electrical energy.This technology is able to capture the maximum energy during all hours of the day and all months of the year. The power output is 800 kWp, allowing to generate close to 1,200 MWh per year of clean energy for self-consumption.With the opening of the Sant Andreu de la Barca solar plant, Almirall reinforces its strategy of implementing ongoing measures to make its production processes more sustainable and to reduce the environmental impact in all the company’s operational areas. The efforts in this area extend throughout all the life cycle of the product: from its R&D and manufacture, to the acquisition of raw materials and the waste disposal process.Since 2012, Almirall has managed to reduce its energy consumption of electricity and gas by 18% by implementing 149 energy efficiency projects, with the common objective of reducing the effects of climate change.” Our main purpose is to promote renewable energy in all sites. We take care of people, that is why we are committed to finding energy efficiency solutions, to contribute to the construction of a more sustainable environment “, stated Victor Molina.Almirall’s energy efficiency model is based on the iterative search for projects and new technologies that have been applied progressively, according to the needs of each site. In this way, the company has managed to implement innovative technologies such as magnetic levitation and humidification by water nebulization by high compression, which allow the reduction of energy consumption in compressors of refrigeration equipment and steam systems by resistances and/or traditional electrolysis.

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Almirall and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center to collaborate in SilicoDerm project

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SilicoDerm is a research project aimed to develop novel computational drug design methodologies applied to dermatological targetsThe application of SilicoDerm computational methodologies will facilitate the identification of active compounds for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases, specifically atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Almirall, S.A. and the Electronic and Atomic Protein Modeling Group (EAPM) from the Life Sciences Department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) have entered into a research collaboration, SilicoDerm, a project focused on computational drug design applied to dermatological therapeutic targets.SilicoDerm aims to develop novel high-performance computational methodologies that facilitate the identification of active compounds for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases of Almirall’s interest, such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. The project scope encompasses from the development of the computational methodologies for two novel therapeutics targets, to the synthesis and evaluation of the compounds identified in-silico. The new protein-based 3D virtual screening methodologies of SilicoDerm will allow to study thousands of compounds in a faster and a more reliable way than current computational methodologies.Dr. Jordi Gràcia, Head of Drug Discovery, Almirall, commented: “Our collaboration with BSC is an outstanding opportunity for Almirall R&D. The application of these novel computational methodologies for drug design will facilitate the identification of new compounds, and therefore, reduce the time of development of new drugs that will broaden our spectrum of potential treatments for unmet medical needs in patients with skin diseases.”At the same time, Dr. Víctor Guallar, leader of the Electronic and Atomic Protein Modelling Group from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS), stated: “This project shows the maturity of the modeling techniques developed at BSC to address real life drug design projects. We invested many years of research to get here.”
This project is being financed by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (MICINN) through the grants Reto de Colaboración 2017 and co-financed by FEDER funds from the European Commission.

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Almirall and Evotec enter into research collaboration in the field of dermatological diseases

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Almirall, S.A. (Spanish Stock Exchange. ticker: ALM) and Evotec AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: EVT, TecDAX, ISIN: DE0005664809) announced that they have entered into a research collaboration with to discover and develop first-in-class therapeutics through a novel approach to disrupt cell signaling, that is expected to deliver highly potent and durable treatments for debilitating dermatology diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. The collaboration combines Evotec’s cutting-edge drug discovery and pre-clinical development platforms with Almirall’s leading expertise in dermatology diseases. Under the terms of the agreement, Evotec will receive research funding and may be eligible to receive discovery, pre-clinical, clinical and sales milestone payments as well as tiered royalties.Dr. Bhushan Hardas, Executive Vice President R&D, Chief Scientific Officer of Almirall, said: “Our R&D strategy focuses towards achieving innovative and breakthrough products to cover patients’ unmet needs. This partnership with Evotec, an expert in delivering fast growing and profitable drug discovery and development business, represents a step forward in offering outstanding solutions for the treatment of dermatology diseases with the best technology available and with substantial benefit to patients suffering from dermatological disorders.”Dr. Cord Dohrmann, Chief Scientific Officer of Evotec, said: “Evotec is pleased to partner with Almirall in the field of dermatology, who is a globally recognised leader in the field. The goal is to jointly address highly validated targets via a new approach that has the potential to deliver superior first-in-class drug products. This platform enables disruption of cell signaling via a new approach that has been identified and developed by Evotec scientists in Toulouse and is expected to deliver many more drug discovery opportunities.”

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Almirall appoints Peter Guenter as new CEO

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Peter GuenterBarcelona. Following the succession plan initiated more than a year ago, when Eduardo Sanchiz expressed his wish to devote more time to his family and other interests, the Board of Directors has approved the appointment of Mr. Peter Guenter as CEO of Almirall effective October 1st, 2017. Peter Guenter joins us from Sanofi, where he has worked for the last 22 years, most recently as Executive Vice President Diabetes and Cardiovascular Global Business Unit. During his tenure at Sanofi, he held many senior positions including Vice President Eastern Europe and Northern Europe, Vice President Business Management and Support, General Manager Germany, Senior Vice President Europe, Executive Vice President Global Commercial Operations and Executive Vice President General Medicine and Emerging Markets. Before joining Sanofi, he held different positions in sales and marketing at Smith Kline and Ciba Geigy.“I am particularly satisfied that we have been able to attract Peter Guenter to Almirall. He is a truly global leader and brings a wealth of experience in US, Europe and Emerging Markets. I am convinced he will bring what is needed to develop Almirall to the next level”, said Jorge Gallardo, Chairman of the Board of Almirall.“I am excited and eager to join Almirall as CEO. The company has a clearly defined and sound strategy and has the determination and means to execute this strategy, putting the patients and customers at the center of everything we do. Together with my team, I am convinced we will be able to fully unlock the value of Almirall”, said Peter Guenter.
Peter Guenter is Belgian and holds a Master’s Degree in Physical Education from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Ghent. Eduardo Sanchiz has been in Almirall for thirteen years and was appointed CEO in July 2011. We very much appreciate his efforts and contribution to the company, particularly for his leadership in the strategic transformation process. We wish him all the best in the future.Eduardo and Peter will transition during the month of September.Almirall is a global pharmaceutical company with a strong focus in Dermatology and Aesthetics with the mission of providing valuable medicines and medical devices to you and future generations. Our R&D is focused on Dermatology, with a wide range of programmes including key indications. Through our innovative products, agreements and alliances, our work covers the entire drug value chain. Almirall is continually growing as a specialist company in a wide range of skin diseases, in order to cover our customers unmet needs.
Founded in 1943, with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, Almirall is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange (ticker: ALM) and it has become a source of value creation for society due to its vision and the long-standing commitment of its major shareholders. In 2016, its revenues totalled 859.3 million euros and, with more than 2,000 employees, it has gradually built up a trusted presence across Europe, as well as in the US. (photo: Peter Guenter)

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Trattamento dei pazienti con psoriasi cronica a placche

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psoriasiLa Commissione Europea ha approvato un nuovo prodotto orale a base di dimetilfumarato (DMF) per il trattamento dei pazienti con psoriasi cronica a placche da moderata a grave. E’ indicato come trattamento di induzione e a lungo termine. Almirall commercializzerà il farmaco nel terzo quadrimestre del 2017 in tutti gli Stati dell’Unione Europea, in Islanda e in Norvegia. “La psoriasi è una patologia cronica e recidivante della pelle che colpisce circa 1,5 milioni di persone in Italia – ha affermato il prof. Giuseppe Micali, Direttore della Clinica Dermatologica, Università di Catania P.O. ‘G. Rodolico’, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Policlinico-Vittorio Emanuele di Catania -. La qualità di vita dei pazienti affetti è fortemente compromessa a causa delle manifestazioni cliniche caratterizzate da desquamazione, prurito, secchezza e bruciore a livello delle zone del corpo interessate. Attualmente la psoriasi va considerata una patologia infiammatoria multisistemica, potendo coinvolgere più organi. Quanto più vaste infatti sono le parti di pelle interessate e quanti più sono gli anni di convivenza con le lesioni, tanto maggiore è il rischio di avere un’altra malattia o comorbidità, come artrite psoriasica, obesità, ipertensione, diabete e dislipidemie. La psoriasi inoltre ha un elevato impatto sulla qualità di vita dei pazienti intaccando la loro autostima, determinando talora l’insorgenza di disturbi depressivi, ed influendo negativamente sulle relazioni sociali e interpersonali”. “Dimetilfumarato è un estere dell’acido fumarico che esplica la sua attività bloccando la produzione di citochine proinfiammatorie; si è dimostrato efficace nel trattamento, anche a lungo termine, della psoriasi a placche moderata-grave – ha sottolineato il prof. Giampiero Girolomoni, Direttore dell’Unità Operativa di Clinica Dermatologica all’Ospedale Borgo Trento di Verona -. “L’approvazione della Commissione europea è un’ottima notizia per i professionisti della salute e per gran parte dei pazienti europei che potranno accedere a una nuova opzione terapeutica per il trattamento sistemico della psoriasi da moderata a grave – ha commentato Eduardo Sanchiz, CEO di Almirall -. DMF è il risultato dell’impegno di Almirall nell’innovazione e la sua disponibilità per i medici e i pazienti colpiti da psoriasi rappresenterà un importante passo in avanti nel rinforzare la posizione dell’azienda come significativo partner nel settore della dermatologia”.
La prima presentazione dei risultati è avvenuta a settembre 2016 al 25° Congresso della European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology di Vienna (Austria).
Pubblicato sul British Journal of Dermatology, lo studio BRIDGE ha dimostrato la non-inferiorità di DMF vs esteri dell’acido fumarico, e il suo buon profilo di efficacia e sicurezza1. Ad oggi la combinazione di esteri dell’acido fumarico era disponibile solo in Germania in una diversa composizione così come in formulazioni prodotte localmente in Olanda, Austria e in alcuni Stati del Nord Europa. La decisione della Commissione Europea renderà disponibile questa nuova formulazione orale per tutti i pazienti europei.
Gli esteri dell’acido fumarico costituiscono un trattamento sistemico consolidato per la psoriasi e sono raccomandati dalle linee guida europee sia per l’induzione che per il trattamento a lungo termine. Le evidenze a lungo termine che derivano da studi e da dati di registro retrospettivi mettono in evidenza l’utilità clinica del farmaco.

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