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European strategic compass and joint threat analysis

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 18 luglio 2020

She announced that the Presidency wants to prepare a European strategic compass, starting with a joint threat analysis that should be finished by the end of the Presidency in 2020. This is the first time, in such context, that Europe will deal with the term hybrid threat, trying to find solutions to the problems of hacking and disinformation that it faces today, she pointed out. Recalling particularly her ongoing talks with Baltic and Višegrad countries, she said that the EU will examine how to perceive Russia, assessing what threats emanate from this country.Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer talked about European sovereignty, stressing that the EU needs to have more capabilities and assets, especially in relations with NATO; not to supplement NATO, but to be able to take on its responsibility. She gave an example of European engagement in the Sahel region, where Europe must be able to continue its missions if the USA decides to withdraw from West Africa.She stressed the importance of the European Peace Facility, when it comes to the participation of third countries, as well as to PESCO projects. During the COVID-19 crisis, it became clear that armies can play an important role in fighting the pandemic, such as through flights for medical transport from one country to another.Expressing his concerns over cuts that defence projects such as military mobility are undergoing at the moment, the Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs David McAllister (EPP, DE) said: “Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer rightly stressed that the EU needs to strengthen its resilience and ability to act. The guiding principle of the German Presidency in security and defence matters is that “A strong Europe in the world” has to be filled with substance. It is about providing strategic orientation and setting the first key milestones for a post-COVID future in order to emerge stronger from the crisis.”

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Analysis: Green economic stimulus packages can bend the post COVID-19 emissions curve

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 26 aprile 2020

New analysis released today by the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) points to strong economic and climate change advantages if governments were to adopt green stimulus packages in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.Conversely, if governments don’t roll out low carbon development strategies and policies – or roll back existing climate policies – in response to the coming economic crisis, emissions could rebound and even overshoot previously projected levels by 2030, despite lower economic growth in the period to 2030.In a briefing for governments attending the Petersberg Climate Dialogue on 27-28 April, the CAT modelled two post COVID-19 economic pathways, combined them with five possible stimulus response scenarios, and calculated the resulting emissions trajectories.“Our results show that green economic stimulus packages would have a fundamental effect on reducing emissions in 2030,” said Bill Hare of Climate Analytics, “but in the worst-case scenario, which involves the kind of fossil fuel rebound we saw after the 2008 global financial crisis, economic stimulus will be obtained at the expense of already-achieved climate policies.”The CAT also calculates that the economic damage caused by the pandemic looks likely to cause global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry to fall in 2020 in the range of 4-11% and possibly again in 2021 by 1% above to 9% below 2019 levels. For the analysis, the CAT modelled two economic pathways: an “optimistic recovery” where economic growth rates eventually return to those projected before COVID-19, and a “pessimistic recovery” where growth rates take much longer to recover and don’t return to those levels. It then combined these with five COVID-19 response scenarios: fossil fuel rebound, post-COVID-19 current policies, weak green stimulus, moderate green stimulus and strong green stimulus.“The economic consequences of COVID-19 alone will do little to bend the emissions curve downwards: they would mainly delay an increase,” said Prof Niklas Höhne of NewClimate Institute. “Governments now have the option of developing green economic stimulus packages that focus on low-carbon energy system development and infrastructure, and energy efficiency that result in significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, with major health and other benefits, including economic and employment.” The report also sets out detailed sector-level solutions with promising examples of what a green stimulus package could look like, but also identifying examples of actions to avoid.“If governments divert resources tagged for climate change to address the pandemic, economic recovery from COVID-19 will only plunge the world further into the climate crisis,” he warned. “This report shows that the future is for governments to choose,” said Bill Hare.“COVID-19 recovery presents both opportunities and threats to enhancing our resilience to climate change. The promotion of employment-generating building and infrastructure projects as a key pillar of COVID-19 recovery planning provides a chance to rethink our critical infrastructure, raise standards and develop innovation solutions. However, this requires bold action and bold thinking,” said Hare.
Unless affirmative and positive action is taken by Governments to ensure that the stimulus and response measures they put in place focus on low-and zero carbon development there is a risk of a winding back of policies and hence emissions being even higher in 2030 than would otherwise have been the case.

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Coronavirus response: EUMOFA’s weekly data and trends analysis

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 18 aprile 2020

The fishery and aquaculture sectors are among the most immediately impacted by the crisis. EUMOFA is releasing a weekly COVID-19 bulletin in order to inform the sector as quickly as possible on the evolution of the markets along the entire value chain, based on the most recent data on first sales, production and trade of fishery and aquaculture products. The data and analyses proposed are accurate to EUMOFA experts’ best knowledge but are of course subject to availability of information in the short-term and to intrinsic volatility of the current situation.
In week 15, available first-sales data for a handful of EU Member States shows increase in first-sales prices for several groundfish and flatfish species. The increase in first-sales prices can be due to increase in demand for the Easter holidays. However, it should be noted that volumes sold at first-sale stage were in general low, and at local level some species still suffered marked decline in prices.
In Spain, at the end of week 15, CEPESCA and FEDEPESCA report that more than 50% of fisheries and almost 100% of distribution are still active. Prices at first sale, although volatile, are recovering.
In France, fishing activity and landing volumes are still low, but some smaller auctions have reopened yet with limited activity. FranceAgriMer data on weekly auction sales (excluding the Mediterranean) show that, compared with week 14, volume were stable (+2%, mostly due to a strong increase of scallop volumes) and average prices slightly increased (+9%). Trends vary a lot across species.
In five Danish auctions (Hanstholm, Hirtshals, Strandby, Grenaa and Skagen), daily average volumes were slightly higher over the three working days in week 15 compared to the five days in week 14. Prices showed an increasing trend in week 15, with large variations across species.

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United States E-Cigarette Market Analysis Package

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 19 agosto 2019

This report explores consumer e-liquid preferences, choices and behaviours based on a consumer survey conducted in December 2018, respondents were members of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA). Gain insight into key consumer data from 3-year tracking and analysis of consumer behaviours. The author explores the demographics of low, medium and high nicotine users, as well as their brand and product usage and preferences.Between 2018 and 2019 there was a significant increase in closed system products available from US online retailers, mainly pre-filled tank/pod systems which showed a fall in average price. This research will enable you to understand which closed system products were prevalent online in the US, which brands, products and flavours were the most common, and the increase/decrease of products in the period between Q1 2018 to Q1 2019.From experience in tracking the specialist vape store and online vape retailer channels, the author realised that there is a gap in understanding the market for specific outlets which sell tobacco and smoking-related products but are not specialists in vaping products nor represented in widely quoted data. This report explores how vaping products fare in smoke and head shops across the US, including the number of these stores, best selling brands, customer visits and our future predictions.

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LC GC® and BioPharm International Present Webcast on Glycan Analysis

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 14 luglio 2019

LC GC®, a leading multimedia platform of peer-reviewed technical information on the field of chromatography and the separation sciences, and BioPharm International®, a digital resource of technical articles, technology reports, regulatory and business columns, and expert commentary surrounding biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology and bioprocessing, will host the webcast, “Improving Confidence and Productivity in Released Glycan Analysis for Biotherapeutic Development,” on Wednesday, July 17, at 11 a.m. EDT.“This webcast is part two of a three-part series introducing the Waters BioAccord LC-MS System, the first SmartMSTM-Enabled Biopharma Solution,” said Tom Ehardt, president of MultiMedia Healthcare, LLC. “We look forward to hosting this informational webcast with Waters software expert, Dr. Zhang.”Senior scientist in the Biopharmaceutical Group of Scientific Operations at Waters Corporation, Ximo Zhang, PhD, will discuss workflows developed on the compact and integrated LC-MS System, how to improve productivity and reproducibility with automated sample preparation and present case studies demonstrating how simplified analytical workflow transforms high-quality LC/FLR/MS data into meaningful results for released N-glycan analysis.

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The “Global Thick Film Resistor Market Analysis 2019”

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 luglio 2019

The report has been added to’s offering.The Global Thick Film Resistor Market is expected to reach $671.18 million by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 6.5% from 2018 to 2026. Thick film resistor is one of the fixed resistors, these resistors are characterized by the amount of resistive layer deposited on its ceramic base. A resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. In electronic circuits, resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, bias active elements, and terminate transmission lines, among other uses. Rising demand for high performance electrical and electronic products and adoption of 4G networks are fuelling the market growth. However factors such as falling commodity prices and reduced profit margins are hampering the market growth.
Based on Type, the Shunt Resistor accounted the considerable market share during the forecast period. Generally, shunt resistors are low resistance precision resistors used to measure AC or DC electrical currents by the voltage drop those currents create across the resistance. .Electrical products such as energy meters, smart meters, LED controls, battery chargers, and industrial machinery are some electrical devices where shunt resistors are widely required to measure the current flow. As shunt resistors provide higher reliability, accuracy, and performance while measuring the current flow, these would be an appropriate component to satisfy the requirement.

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Akoya Biosciences Launches Comprehensive Solution for High-Parameter Tissue Analysis

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 26 marzo 2019

Akoya Biosciences, Inc., today announced the full commercial release of new products that together form the most complete solution for high-parameter tissue imaging. These include the CODEX® System, an ultra-high multiplexing platform for tissue analysis and biomarker discovery, and Phenoptics™ 2.0, the company’s next-generation biomarker multiplexing platform. The new platforms provide scientists with a comprehensive end-to-end solution for multiplexed immunofluorescence from discovery through clinical and translational research. For a multimedia, interactive version of this release including images, please click here.
The proprietary CODEX System, developed in the lab of Dr. Garry Nolan at Stanford University and exclusively licensed to Akoya, includes a fluidics-based instrument, reagents, and a software analysis suite. It offers a cost-effective means to transform customers’ existing fluorescence microscopes into ultra-high-parameter tissue imaging systems. Users can simultaneously analyze more than 40 protein markers for spatially resolved tissue characterization with single-cell resolution, even in challenging samples such as highly auto-fluorescent FFPE and fresh frozen samples. The system offers the flexibility to design custom panels using a combination of Akoya-validated, ready-to-use antibodies and customers’ antibodies of interest.Upon receiving the first commercial CODEX system, Dr. Nolan commented: “The commercial launch of CODEX is a proud milestone for my lab and an exciting opportunity for biomedical sciences. The ability to simultaneously and economically analyze dozens or more protein markers on intact tissues will fundamentally change our understanding of cellular interactions and disease biology.”Akoya has also launched Phenoptics 2.0, the company’s first full product release following its acquisition of the Phenoptics business unit from PerkinElmer, Inc. (see press release). Phenoptics 2.0 is powered by the latest advancements to the Vectra® Polaris™ imaging system, Opal™ detection reagents, and inForm® analysis software. With this release, the company is introducing its proprietary MOTiF™ technology, which acquires multispectral images on whole-slide tissue sections of up to seven colors simultaneously, and 20 times faster than previously possible. The ability to process up to 30 whole-slide images per day makes this platform ideal for translational and clinical research studies. In addition to MOTiF, Phenoptics 2.0 enables multispectral analysis of up to nine colors in regions of interest for deeper interrogation of tissue samples.

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Governments slow to address road freight transport emissions reductions – analysis

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 26 Maggio 2018

Cologne/London/Perth Despite its significant contribution to global warming, the road freight transport sector is often neglected in government policies, according to the Climate Action Tracker’s (CAT) latest memo in its decarbonisation series.The memo was released as Ministers from over 80 countries gather in Leipzig, Germany, for the International Transport Forum where decarbonising the freight transport sector is on the agenda.
The analysis includes a specific EU case study (see below), which shows huge potential for the EU to reduce heavy road vehicle emissions. The EU Commission’s new proposal for reducing CO2 emissions in new trucks is not yet Paris Agreement-compatible, although a step in the right direction. About 40% of well-to-wheel CO2 emissions from the global transport sector were attributed to freight transport in 2014. Heavy road transport activity is expected to increase about threefold from 2010 levels by 2050—unless governments introduce policies to reduce this.“There are a large range of technological options for zero emissions freight including electric and renewable based fuel cell powered trucks, but governments need to move quickly to address challenges to ensure they are introduced fast enough to reduce emissions from heavy road transport to Paris Agreement compatible levels,” said Bill Hare, of Climate Analytics.
The analysis shows that full decarbonisation of global freight emissions should be targeted to around 2050 to meet the Paris Agreement goals. For the EU this means that freight emissions should be reduced by at least 30% below 2015 levels by 2030, with full decarbonisation of overland freight by around 2050.Decarbonising transport will produce large health and energy security benefits including air quality improvements, electricity grid balancing, electricity storage, and economic benefits including reduced fuel import costs.To achieve the Paris Agreement’s long term goal, rapid deployment of technologies that allow full decarbonisation are key, such as electrification, green hydrogen or synthetic fuels.
“It is important to bear in mind that, to be truly zero-carbon, green hydrogen fuel cell or battery powered electric trucks will need to rely on a decarbonised electricity system —this reinforces the need for a carbon-free power sector by 2050,” said Yvonne Deng, of Ecofys, a Navigant company.To achieve a Paris Agreement compatible emissions level for heavy vehicles will also require sustainable biofuel blending, energy efficiency and demand reduction as well as contributions from modal shift from road freight towards railroads and ships. Only four countries—Canada, China, Japan and the United States—have introduced efficiency standards for heavy-duty freight vehicles that would encourage a switch. Others will need to follow.The CAT ‘road freight’ memo warns that while biofuels have a role, they need to be developed in a way that ensures their long-term sustainability and carbon neutrality.“Biofuels can and need to be produced sustainably to avoid a situation where unsustainable biofuel projects threaten food security, and exacerbate other social and environmental impacts,” said Takeshi Kuramochi of NewClimate Institute.Developments around the world are promising and may happen much faster than expected: In the US an innovative renewable-based fuel cell truck technology has been launched. Manufacturer Nikola reports to have 9,000 advance orders and plans to couple deployment with the rollout of renewable hydrogen based refuelling stations. The technology has been picked up by major brewing company. Anheuser-Busch as part of its push towards a renewable energy based brewing and delivery system by 2025.

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Zero emission vehicles need to take over car market to reach 1.5˚C limit: analysis

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 17 settembre 2016

Paris-antenne-vue-eiffel-tourZero-emission vehicles need to reach a dominant market share by around 2035 for the world to meet the Paris Agreement’s lower warming limit of 1.5˚C—and even that could be too late to avoid the need for significant negative emissions, according to new analysis by the Climate Action Tracker (CAT).This transformation of the passenger transport sector would also have to be accompanied by a decarbonisation of the power sector to ensure the electric vehicles (EV) are truly emissions free.In the first of its decarbonisation series, the CAT analysis looks at transport, a sector that is key to achieving the deep cuts in emissions required by the Paris Agreement. (Download briefing here)In this series the CAT will examine specific energy-intensive sectors, and how emissions can be reduced to be in line with the Paris Agreement’s long term warming limits, namely, to keep global temperature rise “well below” 2˚C, and to “pursue efforts” to limit warming to 1.5˚C.
The CAT’s latest analysis shows that if governments were to double fuel economy standards in new passenger cars by 2030, and achieve a 50% EV uptake by 2050, then most get close to—or even reach—a 2˚C warming pathway. But a 1.5˚C pathway requires more action.
“Emissions standards only get the transport fleet to a certain point—it is clear that in order to get to the Paris Agreement’s lower temperature goal of 1.5˚C, the world needs to make a paradigm shift to zero emissions vehicles,” said Markus Hagemann of NewClimate Institute.“Attention must also be paid to the recent discovery that some car manufacturers have been deliberately manipulating emissions tests,” he noted.“Perhaps a positive outcome of this scandal is that it has brought to light major shortcomings in the emissions tests themselves, sparking a move towards more realistic tests, hopefully leading to smaller discrepancies between laboratory and road emissions intensities.”“Aside from much-needed shifts in transport behaviour, for the transport sector to decarbonise there is no choice but to adopt zero-emission vehicles. For electric vehicles this would mean that they also need to be powered by renewable electricity,” said Yvonne Deng of Ecofys.To avoid exceeding a 1.5°C warming trajectory, zero global aggregate emissions would need to be reached around the middle of the century, implying that the last fossil gasoline or diesel-powered passenger vehicle would have to be sold around 2035 (assuming a new car would be on the road for an average of 15 years).“Even a date of 2035 or so for the last new fossil-fuel powered passenger car could be late: the earlier we decarbonise the transport system, the less we will need to rely on negative emissions that largely require technologies still awaiting large-scale deployment,” said Michiel Schaeffer of Climate Analytics.The analysis looks at two scenarios comparing a range of big emitters: the EU, China, US, Japan, India, Mexico and Brazil. Scenario 1 would see a doubling of new car fuel economy standards by 2030, and Scenario 2 a doubling of new car fuel economy standards by 2030, plus 50% (zero emission) EV’s by 2050.
In the EU and the USA, the increased deployment of EVs would keep overall emissions on a downward trend in line with a 2°C pathway.
In India, the projected rise in vehicle numbers (activity) is so high that absolute emissions from passenger cars would keep rising even under Scenario 2. However, this would still be in line with the IEA’s 2°C pathway for India, which foresees a similar rise in emissions, reflecting this strong expected growth.
The situation in China, Brazil and Mexico lies between these two cases, with emissions under Scenario 2 stabilising as the effects of increased activity and reduced intensity approximately balance out. The resulting decreasing emissions trend is just enough to comply with a 2°C pathway.Overall emissions are expected to decrease most strongly in Japan (in both scenarios), partly due to declining activity levels.

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MEIF 2016: Modest growth or stagnation in premiums for Middle East insurance industry

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 gennaio 2016

Manama, Bahrain, Bahrain: The convener of the 12-year Middle East Insurance Forum (MEIF) – Middle East Global Advisors – is set to reveal cutting-edge insights on the outlook of the Middle East’s insurance industry in the second in a series of groundbreaking reports. The “Finance Forward Middle East Insurance Outlook Report 2016” will be launched at the region’s leading insurance platform this February 2nd at the Gulf Hotel in Bahrain. Speaking ahead of the presentation of the report Dr. Sayd Farook, Vice Chairman and CEO of Middle East Global Advisors, shared: “The Outlook Report is expected to serve as a definitive guide helping leaders in the industry make key strategic decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities.”The uniqueness of the report, he continued, is that it combines meaningful insights from insurance leaders – gathered from an extensive survey of practitioners’ sentiment – with robust analysis of the impact of the global economy on the Middle East’s insurance markets as well as comparative analysis of markets in the GCC and Levant. According to the report, the outlook for the insurance industry in the short term is of modest growth or stagnation in premiums, particularly on the commercial side. Growth in the personal lines (19.6 % in 2014 as compared to 6.6% for commercial lines) has been supported by regulations making motor and health insurance mandatory in several markets and as the penetration of these lines increases, the growth rate in premiums is likely to slow. Even though personal line growth is expected to slow, survey respondents were more optimistic about revenue growth over the medium term in personal lines than in commercial lines. Survey results of the Outlook Report highlighted that portfolio allocation is largely a result of long-term recognition of overexposure to the real estate sector at the expense of more diversified investments across the fixed income market.
Speaking about the importance of this observation, Blake Goud, Chief Research Officer at Middle East Global Advisors added that “Insurers are expecting to continue to invest in investment-grade fixed income, which includes US Treasury bonds. As regulatory requirements are updated, there is greater impetus not just for higher investment grade fixed income allocations but also more local market fixed income (particularly home country debt).” Technology is a major force shaping the outlook of the industry and Blake shared that, “Changing consumer behavior due to advancements in technology which provides easy access to information is one the most disruptive trends that insurance providers perceive to be important over the coming years.”The “Finance Forward Middle East Insurance Outlook Report 2016” will be launched at MEIF 2016 on 2nd February 2016.
MEIF 2016 is a two-day gathering of the insurance industry’s leaders taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of February at the Gulf Hotel in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. For more information, visit (Photo: insurance)

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“Gesture and word analysis: the same or different processes?”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 27 giugno 2015

parma universitàImportante “palcoscenico” per uno studio firmato dal Dipartimento di Neuroscienze dell’Università di Parma. Il prof. Maurizio Gentilucci, docente di Fisiologia, e le sue collaboratrici Elisa De Stefani e Doriana De Marco hanno pubblicato sulla rivista internazionale “NeuroImage” l’articolo “Gesture and word analysis: the same or different processes?”, nel quale si studia l’integrazione del linguaggio gestuale con il linguaggio verbale utilizzando tecniche comportamentali e neurofisiologiche.
Gli autori riportano che, se il significato di un gesto è congruente col significato di una parola (per esempio: gesto “pollice su” e parola “bene”) a 250ms (millisecondi) dalla presentazione di un gesto, la parola è integrata col gesto. Ne risulta un’amplificazione dei parametri cinematici del movimento delle labbra e dei parametri vocali della parola, e conseguentemente un rafforzamento del significato della parola. Inoltre, usando tecniche neurofisiologiche di stimolazione magnetica transcranica applicata alla corteccia motoria, gli autori hanno mostrato che, a 100 ms dalla sua presentazione, il gesto viene automaticamente simulato verosimilmente per comprenderne il significato. Di conseguenza, il significato del gesto incomincerebbe a essere compreso a 100ms dalla sua presentazione e sarebbe poi integrato con la parola a 250ms. Questo studio supporta l’ipotesi secondo la quale il linguaggio parlato deriverebbe da un sistema di comunicazione gestuale (pubblicazioni di Gentilucci e Corballis del 2006). E ciò potrebbe avere significative ricadute: un avanzamento delle conoscenze dei rapporti tra i circuiti legati al controllo dei gesti e delle parole potrebbe ad esempio trovare un’applicazione anche nella riabilitazione delle afasie.

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New Research Shows Costs of U.S.

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 19 settembre 2011

Washington, Dc – Today, the pro-development NGO, World Growth, released a new study by Dr. Robert Shapiro, former Undersecretary of Commerce during the Clinton Administration and chairman of the economic advisory firm Sonecon, which concludes that trade restrictions imposed recently by the U.S. on certain coated paper products imported from Indonesia and China would have adverse effects on U.S. consumers. The analysis was released ahead of the one-year anniversary of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s issuance of anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders on coated paper product exports from China and Indonesia into U.S. markets.
In recent years, manufacturers in Indonesia, including pulp and paper producers, have become highly competitive in the U.S. and world markets by combining the effective use of advanced technologies and business methods brought in by foreign direct investors, with certain low costs. Their rapid growth has allowed them to both meet much of Indonesia own fast-growing demand for these products and compete directly in other markets with U.S. and European producers. The World Growth-commissioned report found that trade restrictions recently imposed on both Indonesian and Chinese coated paper products, through U.S. anti-dumping and countervailing duties, will prove to be counterproductive for U.S. consumers and businesses. The report recommends the U.S. Government and U.S. producers to drop their reliance on trade protectionism.
World Growth Chairman Ambassador Alan Oxley hopes the findings of the report to encourage the U.S. government to lift its trade sanctions against Indonesian products.
World Growth is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established to expand the research, information, advocacy, and other resources to improve the economic conditions and living standards in developing and transitional countries. At World Growth, we embrace the age of globalization and the power of free trade to eradicate poverty and create jobs and opportunities. World Growth supports the production of palm oil and the use of forestry as a means to promote economic growth, reduce poverty and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. World Growth believes a robust cultivation of palm oil and forestry provides an effective means of environmental stewardship that can serve as the catalyst for increasing social and economic development. For more information on World Growth, visit

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Opening of The Humanitarian Affairs

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 15 ottobre 2009

Marseille Cedex 05 (Metro Timone)   On Tuesday 20 October 2009 at 18.00 hours   at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of the Mediterranean: Faculte de Medecine – Salle du Conseil (Aile Decanale)  27 boulevard Jean Moulin. The Institute for Advanced Studies of the United Nations [IHENU]  focuses on the study and promotion of international organisations,  multilateralism and global governance.  In a constantly-changing world which is facing the emergence of new  powers, the study of multilateral systems is a critical issue. This  institute is dedicated to the contemplation of these dynamics through its  analysis of developments in international relations. Its work will help the  United Nations to overcome the challenges that result from this new world order.  Mr. Jan Egeland, former Norwegian Secretary of State for Foreign  Affairs, former United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian  Affairs and Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General for the  prevention and resolution of conflicts, will speak:  Global humanitarian issues: lessons from the front line  The lecture will be attended by  M. Michel SAPPIN,  Prefect of the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur Region  M. Pierre-Jean GIRE,  President of the Institute for Advanced Studies on the United Nations [IHENU] Pr. Albert MAROUANI President of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

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