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Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 gennaio 2020

London – Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction will take place on 12 February 2020, continuing ‘20th Century at Christie’s’. From the collection of Richard L. Weisman, Andy Warhol’s ‘Athletes’, comprised of ten 40-by-40-inch multicoloured portraits of athletes, is highlighted by Muhammad Ali (1977, estimate: £3,000,000-5,000,000). This follows the successful sale of works from the collection at Christie’s in New York in November 2019. The seminal series is presented alongside Flowers (1964, estimate: £1,000,000-1,500,000), which is offered as part of ‘Art for Future: Selected Works from the UniCredit Group’. A further focus on Andy Warhol includes Knives (1982, estimate: £2,500,000-3,500,000), a razor-sharp chorus of beauty and menace, and Brillo Soap Pads Box (1964, estimate: £300,000-500,000) which was originally held in the collection of Leo Castelli. Three works by Jean Dubuffet from the 1950s, 60s and 70s not only trace the artistic development throughout the artist’s career but culminate in Panorama (1978, estimate: £2,000,000-3,000,000), from the final decade of the artist’s life where he employs the pictorial devices seen in his works since the 1940s. Albert Oehlen’s Mission Rohrfrei (1996, estimate: £1,800,000-2,500,000) is among the most abstract and explosive of Oehlen’s ‘Remixes’, displaying the artist in freewheeling improvisatory flow. Coinciding with a survey of contemporary painters at London’s Whitechapel Gallery, ‘Radical Figures’, a group of works by Dana Schutz, Tschabalala Self and Cecily Brown showcase new directions in expressionism as artists tackle subjects of political and social significance. Jordan Casteel’s Mom (2013, estimate: £180,000-250,000) is a poignant tribute to the artist’s mother, Lauren Young Casteel.The Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Auction will take place on 13 February while First Open: Post-War and Contemporary Art Online, a dedicated online-only auction, will be open for bidding from 7 to 18 February. Selected works will be on view from 8 to 13 February with viewing by request from 14 to 18 February. The works from the Evening and Day Auctions will be on view in the King Street galleries from 8 to 12 February 2020.

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The Art of the Surreal Evening Auction

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 18 gennaio 2020

London – Christie’s The Art of the Surreal Evening Sale will directly follow the Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale, launching ‘20th Century at Christie’s’ on 5 February 2020. The Surreal season is highlighted by René Magritte’s poetic masterpiece A la rencontre du plaisir (Towards Pleasure) (1962, estimate: £8,000,000-12,000,000, illustrated above, left), which has remained in a private collection for over 50 years and has never been offered on the market until now. A total of seven paintings by Magritte are presented, spanning his oeuvre from 1928-62 with estimates ranging from £350,000 to £8,000,000. Further highlights include a new discovery, Salvador Dalí’s Sans titre, bateau à voiles dans la baie de Port Lligat (1960, estimate: £1,500,000-2,500,000), as well as Max Ernst’s Paysage-effet d’attouchement (1934-35, estimate: £1,500,000-2,500,000), and Francis Picabia’s Ligustri (1929, estimate: £2,200,000-2,800,000).The Day and Works on Paper sales will follow on 6 February together with the online-only sale dedicated to Picasso Ceramics, which is open for bidding from 30 January to 7 February 2020. The works will be on view in the King Street galleries from 30 January to 5 February 2020.

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Reading International Announces State-of-the-Art Cinema for Millers Junction

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 28 settembre 2019

Reading International, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDI) (“Reading”) today announced that it will open a state-of-the-art cinema as part of the Millers Junction retail development in Melbourne, Australia in mid-2020.Reading Cinemas Millers Junction will showcase the highest quality in Australian cinema as Western Melbourne’s first premium TITAN LUXE auditorium with convenient reserved seating, the newest Dolby Atmos immersive sound and enhanced food and beverage offerings. The new cinema will also feature reclining seats in all auditoriums to ensure maximum comfort for guests.
The new six-screen Reading Cinemas will be positioned within the well-established retail precinct, on Millers Road, Altona North. “We are excited to partner with Charter Hall to bring such an advanced cinema to the inner western region of Melbourne,” said Mark Douglas, Reading Cinemas Australia’s Managing Director. “Altona North is a thriving area and we look forward to providing a theatrical experience for our new guests that is of a world class standard.”Works are nearing completion on the $70 million Millers Junction redevelopment which commenced late in 2018 and will open its first stage later this year. This follows the successful completion of Stage 1 of Millers Junction Business which opened in late 2018, and Stage 2 which will complete in early in 2020.Charter Hall’s Head of Diversified Development, Ben Dodwell, said “The deal with Reading Cinemas will see us welcoming this global brand to our mix at Millers Junction. Reading Cinemas have been a market leader in leisure and entertainment innovation; especially making the cinema experience accessible in Australia. Reading Cinemas, together with other local institutions such as the Jolly Miller Cafe, will complement the Millers Junction offer and pitch to local people who will soon be entertained and have a better range of shops and businesses in their local community.”

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Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 10 giugno 2019

London – Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction, will be held on 25 June, part of ‘20th Century at Christie’s’, a series of auctions taking place from 17 to 26 June 2019. The auction will be led by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Sabado por la Noche (Saturday Night) (1984, estimate: £7,500,000-11,000,000, illustrated above). Further highlights include Jean Dubuffet’s Cérémonie (Ceremony) (1961, estimate: £7,000,000-10,000,000), one of only nine paintings by Dubuffet from his ‘Paris Circus’ series over two meters in scale, of which three are in museum collections, and Francis Bacon’s ‘Man at a Washbasin’ (1954, estimate: £5,000,000-7,000,000) from the height of his existential blue period. Representing those at the cutting edge of contemporary art practice, works by Cecily Brown, René Daniëls, Dana Schutz, Tschabalala Self, Amy Sillman, Kara Walker, Jonas Wood and Rose Wylie will also be offered. The works will be on view in London from 21 to 25 June 2019. The Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Auction will take place on 26 June 2019, featuring 138 works. It will be led by Alex Katz’s Ada with White Dress (1958, estimate: £450,000-550,000), a seminal early portrait of Katz’s wife and muse, which was painted the year after the couple met and held in the artist’s personal collection for over two decades. These works will be shown alongside the Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction from 21 to 25 June 2019. The Post-War and Contemporary Art June Season will also include Xhibition, an exhibition in association with Galería Javier López & Fer Francés, that explores the relevance and versatility of the sign `X´ – or cross, in the work of Antoni Tàpies, highlighted by Gran creu negra (1990). The exhibition will be displayed in the St James’s galleries at Christie’s, King Street from 21 June to 19 July 2019.

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Art Richelieu – Castor Hara

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 18 marzo 2019

Paris. Europe 1 et Music Auction by Art Richelieu donnent rendez-vous au public, dimanche 31 mars, pour une vente aux enchères exceptionnelle de vinyles issus de la collection de la station.
À la suite de son départ du 26 bis, rue François 1er, Europe 1 a souhaité mettre à l’honneur ses trésors musicaux pour la première fois depuis sa création en 1955. Cette vente aux enchères sera l’occasion pour la radio de faire découvrir son patrimoine sonore exceptionnel : 3500 disques ont été choisis parmi les 70 000 de sa collection. Les passionnés de vinyles pourront s’offrir un ou plusieurs disques que la station n’utilise plus en raison de l’évolution technologique.

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Christie’s The Art of the Surreal Evening Sale

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 11 febbraio 2019

London – Launching 20th Century at Christie’s on 27 February 2019, The Art of the Surreal sale will follow the Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale. This year’s 18th edition of Christie’s annual The Art of the Surreal auction includes Surrealist works spanning from 1890 to 1974, with 34 lots by 16 artists. The sale includes seven works by René Magritte, led by Le lieu commun (1964, Estimate on Request), one of the finest and largest examples of his iconic bowler-hatted men. Never-before seen at auction, the work offers a unique view of the wandering figure both full-face and hidden behind a column in an ambiguous landscape of either impossible or multiple reality. Six works by Max Ernst and four by Joan Miró are also offered, alongside a rare discovery by Salvador Dalí, one of the experimental works of Joan Miró’s ‘dream’ paintings, and a rediscovered, large and enigmatic work by Oscar Domínguez, unseen in public since its creation in 1934. The works from the sale will be exhibited in London from 21 to 27 February 2019, with 20th Century at Christie’s continuing until 7 March.Olivier Camu, Deputy Chairman, Impressionist and Modern Art, Christie’s: “The 18th edition of our annual themed sale promises to be exciting, with newly discovered paintings by Dali and Dominguez, as well as Magritte’s masterpiece Le lieu commun. It’s an honour to present this work at auction for the first time. It is the most important and iconic representation of Magritte’s bowler-hatted man to be auctioned since the sale of Le fils de l’homme in 1998, which reached a phenomenal price at Christie’s New York. Formerly in the collection of Gustave Nellens, who received it from the artist, Le lieu commun is one of the eight largest paintings Magritte did in this hyper-realistic style of the bowler-hatted man, four of which are now in museums.”

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Art Educators Innovate Creative Learning to Develop Metacognitive Skill Set Required by Educators and Employers

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 10 febbraio 2019

Creativity, curiosity and critical thinking skills go hand in hand with knowledge, yet art programs which nurture these competencies are continuously being cut from school curriculums across the United States. Agnes Gund’s organization, Studio in a School, has found new ways to provide and enhance art education for young learners. “If we want our children to grow up learning how to learn and how to think, we should be working in the other direction: make the classroom look more like the art studio,” says Christopher Wisniewski, Executive Director of the program. In a new interview with C.M. Rubin, Founder of CMRubinWorld, Wisniewski says Studio’s success is all about “quality”. The organization hires “extraordinary artists” who work to become “great teachers.” In addition, the success of the Studio in a School program is dependent on an open line of communication between the artist instructors and the schools’ principals, classroom teachers, and families. While every student should have access to the arts in their respective schools, Wisniewski believes that the general focus should be on bettering middle school education, where encouraging the use of projects and creativity will enhance their learning capabilities and thinking capacity overall.Chris Wisniewski is the Executive Director of Studio in a School, an organization founded by Agnes Gund to get around the budget cuts geared towards arts programs in New York City schools by providing training in house for artists to become teachers and lend their combined skill set to these schools. Studio in a School has benefited over 30,000 students across New York City and they plan on sharing their approach on a national scale to benefit even more children and communities.CMRubinWorld’s award-winning series, The Global Search for Education, brings together distinguished thought leaders in education and innovation from around the world to explore the key learning issues faced by most nations. The series has become a highly visible platform for global discourse on 21st-century learning, offering a diverse range of innovative ideas which are presented by the series founder, C. M. Rubin, together with the world’s leading thinkers. (By David Wine)

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Modern British Art

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 10 novembre 2018

London – Christie’s Modern British Art Evening Sale will be held on 19 November 2018. The sale comprises major works by British painters and the Scottish Colourists, as well as equestrian and figurative sculptures. Icons of British painting of the century will be led by Stanley Spencer’s Caulking (1940, estimate: £1,500,000-2,500,000), being offered for the first time, together with L. S. Lowry’s A Northern Race Meeting (1956, estimate: £1,500,000-2,500,000), which has remained in the same family for over half a century, having been purchased the year the work was completed. “We have outstanding examples of great work by Stanley Spencer, L. S. Lowry and Samuel John Peploe, all of which we bring to auction for the first time, something that we expect will spark a strong response from our international clients. Alongside these are major examples from the 1950s and 60s by the leading artists of the day, including Allen Jones, Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron and Leon Kossoff. The finest examples of equestrian sculpture from Elisabeth Frink and William Turnbull will also be showcased alongside figurative sculptures by Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Lynn Chadwick, Eric Gill and others.” commented Nick Orchard, Head of Department, Modern British.
The Modern British Art Day Sale will follow on 20 November. Highlights of the sale include Howard Hodgkin’s IMAX Cinema (1999, estimate: £40,000-60,000) and Samuel John Peploe’s Apples and Pewter Pot (mid 1920s, estimate: £150,000-250,000), never before seen at auction. An online Modern/British & Irish Art sale will accompany the two live sales from 16 to 23 November. Estimates in the Modern British Art season range from £800 to £2,500,000.

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Rome Art Week 2018

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 21 ottobre 2018

Roma. Da lunedì 22 a sabato 27 ottobre 2018 prenderà il via Rome Art Week 2018 che raggiunge anche per questa terza edizione numeri considerevoli: 154 tra Gallerie, Fondazioni, Istituti di Cultura ed Accademie, 322 Artisti, 30 curatori, 430 eventi. Tutti i partecipanti apriranno gratuitamente i propri spazi proponendo mostre, eventi, open studio o progetti, dando così mostra di quanto il mondo artistico contemporaneo capitolino sia fertile e articolato.
RAW è una manifestazione a cadenza annuale che si pone l’ambizioso obiettivo di fornire un impulso nuovo alla promozione, produzione e al mercato dell’arte contemporanea della Capitale, proiettandola nei circuiti internazionali, puntando alla costruzione di una rete tra strutture espositive, artisti, critici e curatori d’arte.
Per guidare il pubblico nella moltitudine di eventi fruibili, noti critici, curatori e operatori del settore – Alberto Dambruoso, Angelo Bellobono, Claudio Strinati, Daniela Fonti, Giovanni Albanese, Helia Hamedani, Maria Giovanna Musso, Micol Di Veroli, Paolo Balmas, Raffaele Gavarro, Roberto Gramiccia, Saverio Verini, Silvano Manganaro, Tiziana D’Acchille, Valentino Catricalà, Wonderlust – forniranno il loro punto di vista sui partecipanti e sugli eventi delineando dei percorsi ed evidenziando le eccellenze della manifestazione.
I punti di vista anche quest’anno saranno affiancati dalle visite guidate di RAW totalmente gratuite. Le visite guidate si svolgeranno durante tutto l’arco della manifestazione in orari e percorsi differenti ed attraverseranno tutta la città anche con appuntamenti serali.
Sul sito web sono pubblicate tutte le schede dei partecipanti, il calendario degli appuntamenti divisi per giorno, la mappa interattiva dei partecipanti, il programma di tutte le visite guidate gratuite e i percorsi suggeriti dai Punti di vista.
Giovedì 25 ottobre 2018 si svolgerà la mostra di Rome Art Week 2018 “Dove l’acqua riposa” presso lo spazio T24 (in Via della Tribuna Campitelli, 24 – Roma) il progetto, che rende omaggio a Paolo Aita, è stato rivolto ai giovani artisti suggeriti dai punti di vista di RAW. La mostra è stata curata in collaborazione con Pensiero Meridiano di Fabrizio Pizzuto e grazie agli spazi offerti della Comunità di Santa Maria in Campitelli in Portico.
Venerdì 26 ottobre 2018 dalle 20:00 all’1:30, presso Borgo Ripa, si terrà la festa di Rome Art Week RAW Night! Con la partecipazione del Miami New Media Festival 2018, in proiezione le opere vincenti del festival e con l’inaugurazione della mostra Floating – arte sospesa, a cura di Valentina Ferrari (l’ingresso è gratuito senza prenotazione).
Al termine della manifestazione verrà pubblicato un catalogo cartaceo non legato agli eventi della manifestazione, sarà una Directory valida fino all’autunno 2019 funzionale a fornire una sintesi dello “stato di fatto” degli operatori del settore artistico attivi nella città di Roma che hanno partecipato alla manifestazione.L’iniziativa è parte del programma di Contemporaneamente Roma 2018 promossa da Roma Capitale-Assessorato alla Crescita culturale e realizzato in collaborazione con SIAE.

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Welcome world of creativity. Welcome world of art

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 8 ottobre 2018

Art to Go is a limited edition bracelet from Trollbeads, consisting of a silver bracelet, a new artsy lock showing two tubes of paint and a matching silver bead, speaking to your inner artist. To make it art-to-go, each bracelet will have its own Uniques glass bead.
Trollbeads Uniques are stunning glass beads in the highest quality in design and craftsmanship – every single one a little piece of art. The Uniques come in all colours. They are adorned with spectacular patterns and highly detailed. Trollbeads is world famous for the enchanting way it plays with glass.Glass has not surprisingly been surrounded with an air of mysticism ever since it was invented thousands of years ago. There is something magical, even supernatural, about the transparent material that starts out soft and malleable at high temperatures and becomes harder than metal as the temperature falls.The glass used in Trollbeads Uniques comes from Murano in Italy, and all Trollbeads glass beads are handmade in front of a red-hot, open flame.For the Art to Go Bracelet, choosing exactly the right Uniques is entirely up to the consumer. Trollbeads is the original, high quality bead-on-bracelet concept offering hundreds of beautiful beads – each bead is a little piece of art and tell a different story. Every story has a bead.

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Mater dolorosa: Performance Art di e con Mandra Cerrone

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 25 settembre 2018

Pescara 2 ottobre 2018 alle ore 18.00, presso l’Aurum – Sala D’Annunzio di Pescara, l’Assessorato alla Cultura Città di Pescara con l’Associazione Mystic Driver Art Lab presenta Mater Dolorosa, performance art di e con Mandra Cerrone, a cura di Michela Becchis. Interverrà Giovanni Di Iacovo, Assessore alla Cultura del Comune di Pescara. “Nulla come una performance mette in gioco il corpo dell’artista. Può sembrare una banalità e tuttavia conviene considerare quanto corpo di artista ci sia sempre in un’opera d’arte, ma come, solo nella performance, l’artista concede che si acceda al suo corpo. È molto tempo che si è aggredita la nozione di collettività e con questa l’idea stessa di con-doglianza. In un’epoca venduta come l’apice massimo della socialità o della media socialità, in realtà si è lavorato moltissimo a quella che Marx chiamava la produzione dell’individuo isolato. Fuori dalla comunità, fuori dalla pericolosa dialettica delle aspettative, dei bisogni, dei desideri, della partecipazione. E anche della compassione. Si è riuscito a far credere che l’individuo isolato sia l’individuo finalmente libero e capace di autoprodursi e autorappresentarsi, mentre si creavano e si creano creature sole e perciò inoffensive. O almeno si crede. Tralasciando una riflessione di sola politica (parola che oggi spaventa, ma che individua uno stare in comune ancora di grande valore) che non compete a queste righe, a svelare l’inganno molto hanno contribuito il pensiero di genere e quello artistico. Un’idea molto bella che li accomuna è quello di vulnerabilità. (…) Nella sua ricerca di un punto di vista da cui guardare il mondo, immergendosene fino ad ascoltare il battito del suo cuore, Mandra Stella Cerrone, nelle sue performance, è sempre partita fattualmente da sé, cioè mettendo in gioco frammenti del suo esistere. In Mater Dolorosa compie un altro, difficile, passo: partire da sé eliminando il biografema per fare in modo che il suo sé racconti le altre. Nella storia delle donne è sempre esistita, spesso seguendo una tradizione orale, l’autobiografia collettiva, cioè un narrare la storia come se fosse la propria vicenda personale o piuttosto come se la propria vicenda personale si disponesse dentro la coralità frutto del tessuto di relazioni femminili. (…) Se nella tradizione cristiana il corporale è il panno dove viene poggiata l’ostia, cioè un simulacro di corpo, Mandra Stella Cerrone trasforma in corporale laico, quel che resta di quella parte di sé smembrata via. L’abito, che le madri piegano come cura e estrema carezza al figlio perduto, si trasforma in habitus, cioè il contenitore non solo del corpo negato ma anche delle attitudini, dei desideri, del carattere, dei sorrisi, della rabbia e della tenerezza di colui (eh già, quasi sempre un maschio) che mai più indosserà la vita.” (dal testo critico di Michela Becchis)

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“The Art of Shade”

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 luglio 2018

Milano 17-27 luglio | 4-14 settembre 2018 Via Privata della Braida 5 Inaugurazione: martedì 17 luglio dalle 18.30 alle 22 Orari di apertura mostra: da martedì a sabato 08.30 – 22.00. Ingresso libero.
E’ un progetto di fotografia Fine Art che nasce nel 2016 tra le strade di Los Angeles, con l’intento di realizzare fotografie di soggetti ritratti in numerosi murales da diversi street artists, talvolta ignoti.Curata da Noema Gallery e Après-coup Arte, la mostra presenta oltre 30 opere fotografiche, nelle quali VONJAKO ha inserito gli occhiali da sole creati dal suo amico Saturnino come accessorio indossato dai soggetti nelle fotografie, più o meno celebri e riconoscibili, come Charles Bukowski, Scarlett Johansson o Albert Einstein.
Un linguaggio indipendente, provocatorio, figlio della controcultura urbana, pronto a sdoganare il “Sistema Arte” ufficiale e istituzionalmente riconosciuto dei musei, delle gallerie, delle fiere, degli spazi espositivi.Una delle peculiarità della Street Art risiede da sempre nella capacità diportare l’arte dove normalmente l’arte non c’era. Artisti che a un certo punto hanno deciso di applicare la propria creatività, non più a un manifesto pubblicitario o a una cover di un disco, ma direttamente ai muri delle città.

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Women in Art: l’arte al femminile

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 22 maggio 2018

Cagliari Mercoledì 23 maggio, a partire dalle 15.10, si terrà a Cagliari, presso l’Aula Coroneo della Cittadella dei Musei di Cagliari, una conferenza sulla figura di Peggy Guggenheim, collezionista d’arte americana che, soprattutto tra il 1938 e il 1946, ha creato la nota collezione d’arte in Europa e in America.La conferenza prevede una breve introduzione del dott. Giacomo Dessì, giornalista e presidente dell’associazione Artecrazia, a cui farà seguito un intervento più approfondito della prof.ssa Simona Campus, docente di Museologia all’Università di Cagliari e Direttrice Artistica dell’EXMA. Verranno presi in esame i temi biografici di Peggy Guggenheim, la sua figura eccentrica ed il ruolo di collezionista avuto all’interno del mercato dell’arte. Sarà l’occasione per guardare alla storia dell’arte anche dalla prospettiva dei collezionisti, raccontando il ruolo di primaria importanza che alcune donne hanno avuto nell’influenzare gli artisti e le tendenze nel mondo dell’arte. Proprio per ciò la conferenza rientra nel progetto di più ampio respiro Women in Art, che ha già visto la realizzazione di un concerto di pianoforte e che si chiuderà a settembre con una mostra fotografica. Ingresso libero.

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Autostrade: ora basta aumenti: Intervengano Art e Anac

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 9 gennaio 2018

trasporto2Non ci siamo assuefatti alla stangata che ogni inizio anno ci danno le società autostradali. Questo 2018 sia l’ultimo di una lunga serie dove nella assoluta mancanza di trasparenza (i contratti di concessione sono segreti eppure le autostrade sono un bene pubblico) vengono estorti milioni di euro agli automobilisti.Aumenti assolutamente ingiustificati perché gli investimenti sono in calo (-33% nel periodo 2010-2015) come le manutenzioni(-9% nel periodo 2011-2016) mentre aumentano a dismisura gli utili (più 49% negli ultimi due anni passati da 953 milioni a 1422), gli introiti (più 16% nel periodo 2013-2016) e i ricavi da pedaggi (più 19% nel periodo 2009-2016 per 1 miliardo di euro)Rete Consumatori Italia promossa da Assoutenti, insieme a Casa del Consumatore e Codici, ha deciso di chiedere un intervento deciso al Presidente dell’Autorità dei Trasporti Camanzi, dell’ANAC Cantone e dell’Antitrust Pitruzzella per ripristinare trasparenza e politiche commerciali corrette nei confronti dei consumatori.Rete Consumatori Italia chiede altresì al Ministro Del Rio di convocare una riunione urgentissima per rivedere le concessioni e le modalità di verifica su investimenti, qualità della rete e aumenti tariffari, affinché il 2018 diventi L’ANNO ZERO DELLE CONCESSIONI RISCRIVENDO LE GARANZIE PER GLI AUTOMOBILISTI comprese penali per le società autostradali inadempienti. Infine, Rete Consumatori Italia invita tutti gli automobilisti a stampare la ricevuta (o trattenere quelle bancarie-telepass) per ogni tratta autostradale effettuata in previsione dell’azione legale contro le società autostradali che verrà promossa entro giugno 2018.

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Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 25 ottobre 2017

fine chinese ceramicsLondon – On 7 November 2017 Christie’s Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art auction will present a carefully-curated sale showcasing works of art spanning three millennia of Chinese art. Highlights include important archaic bronzes from the distinguished German collector Michael Michaels (1907-1986), exquisite imperial ceramics, fine jade carvings, huanghuali furniture, paintings from renowned modern Chinese artists, textiles and Buddhist art. The auction will take place during Asian Art Week in London and will be on view and open to the public from 3 to 6 November. The sale will be led by an extremely rare pair of huanghuali horseshoe-back armchairs, Quanyi, dating to the Ming dynasty (estimate: £800,000 – 1,200,000, illustrated above centre). Displaying the grace and finesse of Ming artistry, this pair are among eight known and published chairs of this design. Of this eight, a set of four, formerly from the Robert H. Ellsworth Collection, were sold at Christie’s New York in 2015 for a record-breaking $9,685,000 / £6,488,950 / €9,103,900. These chairs were constructed by a master craftsman, distinguished by the elegant curve of the crest rail, the sweeping carved hook handles and the beautifully figured huanghuali panels. With distinguished provenance, the pair were previously with noted dealer Grace Wu Bruce. The Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art auction will present further exceptional examples of Ming dynasty furniture including a rare huanghuali recessed-leg painting table (estimate: £200,000-300,000). Large tables are often labelled painting tables, but to be considered a true painting table, such as the present table, the surface must be broad enough to accommodate a large painting and tools associated with painting or calligraphy.

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The Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale and Art of the Surreal

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 2 marzo 2017

art-of-the-surrealLondon The Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale and Art of the Surreal launched 20th Century at Christie’s, achieving a combined total of £136,874,598 / $169,998,251 / €160,143,280. The evening saw an electric start with lively bidding for Portrait de Lluis Alemany, a work dating from the very beginning of Picasso’s career (£773,000 / $960,066 / €904,410), and continued with Berthe Morisot’s Femme en noir or Avant le théâtre, which achieved £2,045,000 / $2,539,890 / €2,392,650 against a pre-sale estimate of £600,000-800,000 / $760,000-1,000,000 / €710,000-940,000 and Femme et enfant au balcon also by Morisot, which more than doubled its high estimate to realise £4,085,000 / $5,073,570 / €4,779,450. The nine further works from the Personal Collection of Barbara Lambrecht, including paintings by Kees van Dongen, Raoul Dufy, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Félix Vallotton, each sold above estimate with the group totalling £15,945,000 / £19,803,690 / £18,655,650, to date, with all proceeds benefitting the Rubens Prize Collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen. The top work of the evening was Paul Gauguin’s highly sought after Te Fare (La maison), which sold for £20,325,000 / $25,243,650 / €23,780,250, while René Magritte’s La corde sensible set a new world record at auction for the artist of £14,441,348 / $17,936,155 / €16,896,378, with Le domaine d’Arnheim becoming the third highest price for Magritte at auction (£10,245,000 / $12,724,290 / €11,986,650), confirming that works by Surreal artists continue to inspire collectors globally. Determined bidding was seen for three oil paintings that trace Le Corbusier’s artistic career from the 1920s to the 1940s from the Heidi Weber Museum Collection. With outstanding sell through rates of 92% by lot and 96% by value there was high energy felt in the first auctions of 20th Century at Christie’s. Registered bidders from 39 countries across five continents demonstrate continued global interest from buyers with notable bidding from Asia. (photo: Art of the Surreal)

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The Art of The Surreal Overview

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 febbraio 2017

impressionistLondon – The sixteenth edition of The Art of the Surreal sale will take place at Christie’s on 28 February, following the Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale and will include 35 lots that chart the history of Dada and Surrealism. Together the two auctions launch 20th Century at Christie’s, a series of sales that take place from 28 February to 10 March 2017. Highlights include René Magritte’s La corde sensible (1960, estimate: £14,000,000-18,000,000), one of the largest oils he created, alongside his painting Le domaine d’Arnheim (1938, estimate: £6,500,000-8,500,000). A group of seven works by Max Ernst include Portrait érotique voilé (1933 and circa 1950, estimate: £1,500,000-2,500-000), offered by the artist’s family, and Les deux oiseaux (1925, estimate: £100,000-150,000) from the Personal Collection of Barbara Lambrecht, sold to benefit the Rubens Prize Collection in the Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen (please see seperate release here). The works will be exhibited in London from 23 to 28 February 2017. René Magritte’s La corde sensible, a composition unique in his oeuvre, exemplifies the artist’s lifelong quest to reveal and revel in the mystery that he perceived to exist within the real world. Magritte originally presented it as a gift to his wife, Georgette. Later owned by Ronald Winston, the son of the world-renowned jeweller, Harry Winston, the painting has remained in the same private collection since 1990. Situated under a blue sky, amidst a verdant green landscape with a mountain range in the distance, an enormous crystal glass stands incongruously in the middle of the valley. Hovering just above it is a cloud, the weightless form meeting the solid glass creating a compelling contrast between lightness and weight, transparency and opacity, atmosphere and earth.

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Al Margutta Veggy Food & Art il Presepe degli Street Artist

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 19 dicembre 2016

presepe-marguttaBeetroot, Gomez, Lucamaleonte, Moby Dick, M.sgarbi, Omino71, Solo e Daniele Tozzi: sono loro i protagonisti di “Margutta Stazione Urban”, la nuova mostra “urban” del Margutta Veggy Food & Art, voluta da Tina Vannini e curata da Francesca Barbi Marinetti. Dal barocco al neo pop, dal pop surrealismo al lettering, la mostra sarà visitabile sino al 15 febbraio.Come per molte stazioni del nostro Paese durante il periodo natalizio, anche la Stazione Margutta avrà quest’anno un Presepe ad accogliere ospiti, curiosi e viandanti. Anzi, “Margutta Stazione Urban” sarà Presepe grazie alle meravigliose opere allestite negli spazi espositivi. Un presepe fortemente contemporaneo ed ispirato ai temi scottanti della quotidianità che mettono in moto coscienza e senso etico. Un tema che si anima di sensibilità attente al contemporaneo e nel recupero dei soggetti sacri, rivisitati laicamente, affrontano questioni calde del nostro affannoso oggi su cui convergono pensiero, coscienza e senso etico collettivo.Il progetto espositivo, avviato sin dall’inizio in stretta collaborazione con Emergenza Sorrisi, è un progetto di solidarietà finalizzato alla raccolta di fondi per scopi. Le opere saranno battute all’asta in occasione dell’evento di chiusura previsto per il 12 febbraio 2017: parte del ricavato sarà devoluto all’associazione benefica. Andranno all’asta anche i decori natalizi firmati Moby Dick, che ha rivisitato con il suo inconfondibile stile, tra spray e tag, i più comuni simboli natalizi.
presepe-margutta1presepe-margutta2Presenti al Vernissage: Beetroot, Gomez, Moby Dick, M.sgarbi, Omino71 e Daniele Tozzi. Insieme a tanti amici, giornalisti, influencer e personaggi dello spettacolo, che hanno applaudito alla grande mostra natalizia dedicata al mondo dello street art. Entusiastici i commenti, su queste straordinarie e non convenzionali “natività”. Tra i presenti anche i Bardamù, Mita Medici e Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Roberta Beta, Beppe Convertini e Graziano Scarabicchi, Federico Mollicone, Adriana Soares, Grazia Marino e Antonio Falanga. “Il Natale per il Margutta – spiega Tina Vannini, titolare de Il Margutta Veggy Food & Art – è sempre stato un momento per coniugare l’Arte alla solidarietà, ma anche per provocare riflessioni e stravolgere i simboli classici più rappresentativi delle festività. Il presepe “urban” incuriosisce, fa riflettere e provoca. Lo fa attraverso 8 segni ben distinti, emozioni diverse, quali, energia, ribellione, utopia, identità, desiderio e voglia di esprimersi nonostante e, anche, contro tutti”. (foto: presepe margutta)

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A Surreal Legacy, Selected Works of Art from the Edward James Foundation

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 18 ottobre 2016

piecespieces1London Christie’s will present selected works of art from The Edward James Foundation on 15 December 2016 as part of Christie’s Classic Week. Iconic pieces that trace the development of Surrealism and reflect the tastes of the visionary patron of art and collector, Edward James, will be offered alongside a cross-category selection of objects from West Dean House, collected by generations of successive owners. The sale will comprise approximately 200 lots and the proceeds will be used to support the Foundation’s long-term plan to enhance Edward James’ educational legacy including a permanent exhibition space and a transformation of how the Foundation’s archives are managed and used. James sold a number of works in the 1970s and early 1980s to benefit the Foundation and this sale continues a long-standing relationship between Christie’s and The Edward James Foundation. With estimates ranging from £600-400,000, the sale provides opportunities for collectors at every level and will be on view from 10-15 December 2016. (photos: pieces)

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Barnebys, the world’s largest art and auction search engine

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 15 giugno 2016

BARNEBYSIf you have spotted a potential treasure at an online auction site and want to buy it, what are the experts tips for securing the item and avoiding pitfalls? Barnebys, the world’s largest art and auction search engine, covering 1,600 auction houses internationally with 1.5m monthly visitors, has a few important suggestions.There has been a revolution in online buying habits around the world and auctions are no stranger to this phenomenon. Many of the top auction houses – Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips – report that up to 25% of their bids now come in over the internet. There are also phone bidders and of course those people in the saleroom bidding in the traditional way, holding up a paddle number at first and then just nodding as required.The following ten tips are for those people who would like to start accessing this world of auctions online but are unsure about the process. It’s mysterious to many and confusing to some, but really its just another way of shopping. These tips should help you to get started and to have fun.
Barnebys offers a very useful free research facility. Instead of trawling through hundreds of auction house websites to find what you are looking for, simply insert what you want into the Barnebeys site and it will tell you who is selling such items, where they are and what they are being estimated at. In effect you have all the worlds major auction houses under one roof. And the service is free to site visitors. It is in effect a Google for the art and collectables auction world. So do start by creating a ‘search alert’ at Barnebys to be sure you don´t miss the thing you really want! Find out more at
The estimate is just an indication: Remember, the estimate for the item in the catalogue is just that, merely an indication of what the piece is worth. If lots of people want the item the cost can spiral, but if fewer are interested you might bag a bargain. (photo: Barnebys)

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