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Alliance Advisors Expands Asian Operations

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 7 dicembre 2019

Alliance Advisors, leading global proxy solicitation and corporate advisory firm, is pleased to announce that Celine Feng has joined Alliance as Vice President of Business Development for the Greater China region. An industry veteran, prior to joining Alliance, Celine spent seven years at IHS Markit (formerly Ipreo) and nine years at Thomson Reuters, where she specialized in creating customized products and consulting services to assist corporate executives and investor relations teams advance their governance and shareholder communications capabilities. Ted Wallace, Senior Vice President and head of Alliance’s APAC division says, “I’m extremely excited to have Celine join our growing regional effort. She is one of the most capable executives I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and her client service skills and industry outlook align with Alliance’s philosophy of creating sustainable long-term relationships by providing demonstrable value to our clients.” Celine Feng commented, “Alliance has shown exceptional commitment in the Greater China market, and I’m honored to join such a talented team. Over the past years, ESG has garnered undisputable prominence internationally. I aim to leverage my extensive proxy advisory expertise alongside Alliance Advisors’ global presence, to facilitate our regional clients in achieving international best practices and standards.” “The hiring of Celine corresponds with Alliance’s business strategy in expanding our presence in the Asian marketspace,” stated Joseph Caruso, Alliance’s Chief Operating Officer. “Celine will extend to the broader Asian market the same high level of satisfaction that Alliance’s domestic and international clients are accustomed to experiencing.”

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Asian nations continue to lead the way, as Indian employees receive highest pay increase in the world

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 novembre 2019

Asian nations continue to dominate the global top twenty highest real wage increases in the forecast for 2020; 13 of the top twenty, and all but one of the top ten, are Asian countries.India tops the rankings for 2020, where employees are forecast to receive a 5.4 percent real salary increase, nearly five times the real forecasted salary increase percentage for employees in the UK.Kilfedder said “Once again, the vast majority of the highest real salary increases in the world are predicted to be seen in Asia. The average salary increase in the APAC region after inflation is forecast to be 3.2%, significantly higher than the global average of 1.4% and nearly three times the European average of 1.1%. This is a trend that we have seen for many years now due to low inflation and rising productivity in many Asian economies, resulting in salaries growing rapidly compared to other regions.”Higher inflation leaves employees in the Americas facing low pay increases. Employees in the United States are forecast to receive a real salary increase of 0.7 percent, falling below the average real salary increase in the Americas which is predicted to be 1.4 percent. A forecasted increase in inflation of 0.5 percent means US employees will receive 0.4 percent less than their UK counterparts, despite the same nominal salary increase of 3 percent being forecasted for 2020. (font: ECA International

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South Asian Modern + Contemporary Art

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 18 Maggio 2019

London – Christie’s annual summer auction of South Asian Modern + Contemporary Art comprises 77 lots, almost entirely from private collections from Europe, India, Asia, US and Australia. Following India’s participation and Pakistan’s debut at this year’s Venice Biennale, this year’s auction will celebrate art from both countries.
The auction is led by the striking Falling Figure with Bird painted in 2002 by Tyeb Mehta (1925-2009). This compelling composition manifests the sense of angst, helplessness and fear that Mehta felt at the societal violence and tragedy he experienced in the aftermath of partition. This image draws its power from a cinematic sense of suspense, freezing the action in an eternal moment of helpless free fall. Both deeply personal and politically poignant, this virtuoso painting distils complex psychological and metaphysical notions of suffering and trauma with the economy of line, form and colour characteristic of Mehta’s work. Here, the entwined avian and human figures draw perhaps from literary characters like Icarus or Phaethon, who failed in their quests of flight and union with divinity (estimate: £1,500,000-2,000,000).

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Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 7 Maggio 2014

asian artasian art1Hong Kong-Christie’s will present three Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art auctions this season on 24th May and 25th May 2014. Featuring more than 600 works, the 2-day sales are estimated to realize in excess of HK$570 million/ US$70 million. We will expand further on the theme from last season “The Era of Asia, The Art of Asia”. By combining exceptional works of art from different periods and regions, the world will discover the beauty and the variety of Asian art. These three auctions will feature seven artistic themes –The Natural And The Sublime, Transcendence And Abstraction, Patterns And Form, Myth And Enchantment, Portraits Of Ourselves, Portraits Of Others, and Reality Through The Kaleidoscope, representing the diversity and possibilities in Asian Art. Highlights from Asian 20th Century Art include the historical painting Eagles (illustrated top left)by Xu Beihong, Potted Chrysanthemums (illustrated top right), painted by Sanyu 70 years ago, and which is being offered for the very first time at auction, as well as artworks by Zao Wou-ki and Chu Teh-chun.For Asian Contemporary Art, we will be offering exceptional works by Liu Wei, Yue Minjun, Zhang Xiaogang and more. These artworks will demonstrate the true aspect of Asia and the situation of modern China. Moreover, important works of art from Affandi and Le Meyer will also be presented in the Southeast Asian Art section. (asian art)

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Against Asian Imports

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 25 dicembre 2010

Washington, Dc President Obama met with major U.S. union bosses at the White House in an effort to quell their dissatisfaction with his support of contentious tax cut extensions. But what wasn’t discussed between the two parties is a little-known secret of theirs that has been quietly brewing in Washington – a coordinated effort to keep high-quality, low- cost pulp and paper exports out of the American marketplace. This scheming has been detailed by the Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP) in the recent report Empires of Collusion; and CAGP continues to condemn this anti-trade and anti-consumer meddling behind closed doors.
“When the first U.S. national labor group was formed in 1866, it took up the honest and noble goal of looking after the little guy. But centuries later, unions have grown so powerful that they are now their very own special interest group, one that often sides with large industries against the very people they originally pledged to protect. On the surface, President Obama and the big union bosses may have been discussing the Bush-era tax cuts last week, but what the media did not report is the secret collusion between Obama’s political cronies and these unions, which aims to stifle trade generally and stop Asian paper imports specifically,” said Frontiers of Freedom President George Landrith, a member of CAGP.
Joining these liberal policymakers and powerful unions in the “Empires of Collusion” are increasingly-uncompetitive U.S. paper businesses, such as Sappi and New Page, who are continually threatened by competition from abroad. Together, these parties are working to serve their own interests – votes, jobs and profits – all at the expense of the American consumer who is faced with higher prices for countless paper goods every day due to this collusion. And to round out this empire, radical environmental groups, long at odds with labor unions, have joined the fray to pursue their misguided agenda in Southeast Asia.
Landrith continued, “What you have happening here is congressmen and unions trying to protect constituents’ jobs, faltering businesses attempting to stay in the black, and biased NGOs seeing a great opportunity to lodge their baseless attacks against Asian suppliers of pulp and paper. These are the “Empires of Collusion”. Left out in the cold, however, are average American consumers dependent on affordable products and the millions of workers in Asia whose jobs these products sustain. CAGP has warned before and we warn again: these desperate special interests will stop at nothing to stick it to American consumers and workers in the developing world.”

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