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Libya: “All warring parties must stop immediately their attacks”

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 30 marzo 2020

Statement by the Chair of the European Parliament delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries (DMAG), Andrea Cozzolino, on the situation in Libya and EU “Operation Irene”.DMAG Chair Andrea Cozzolino denounces the new escalation of violence in Libya and salutes the launch of the EU military ‘Operation Irene’ to monitor the UN arms embargo and contribute to its enforcement.”At a time when the world needs to unite against the Covid-19 pandemic, every citizen, everywhere in the world, should heed the UN call to halt hostilities. In a war-torn country like Libya, where the health system has been gravely damaged by years of civil strife, and where many people lack basic sanitation, it is particularly cynical and irresponsible on the part of General Haftar to launch, yet again, an attack against the capital city of Tripoli.All warring parties must stop immediately their attacks and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to all the people who need it.Once again, I recall that there can be no military solution for Libya. The simmering crisis can only be overcome through an inclusive Libyan-owned political process facilitated by the UN.As a prerequisite, all neighbours and external actors must not only desist from arming the warring parties, but also promote actively the cessation of hostilities by fully respecting the UN arms embargo on Libya. As Libya’s neighbour, the EU and its member states hold specific responsibilities in this regard.In this respect, I salute the unanimous decision adopted by the European Council to launch the EU military ‘Operation Irene’ in order to monitor the UN arms embargo and contribute to its enforcement. I call on the EU institutions and all the Member States to redouble efforts to ensure the rapid deployment of ‘Operation Irene.”

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Polyverse Thwarts PHP Vulnerabilities, WordPress Attacks

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 26 agosto 2018

Polyverse Corporation today announced its R&D project, Polyscripting, stops all PHP code injection and execution vulnerabilities detailed in a whitepaper recently released by Secarma Labs. Polyverse already provides the only Moving Target Defense (MTD) technology proven to stop the most dangerous zero-day cybersecurity attacks. Polyscripting is the company’s next solution in development.“We have confirmed that Polyverse’s Polyscripting approach will stop all unwanted PHP execution vulnerabilities in the Secarma whitepaper,” said Polyverse CTO Archis Gore. “Polyscripting looks to the future and does what the patches don’t – it stops the code execution vulnerabilities in their entirety.” Polyverse’s first product, its polymorphic version of Linux, is the only MTD cybersecurity product proven by the U.S. Department of Defense to stop 100 percent of zero-day memory exploits. Polyscripting is a free, open source tool that applies a MTD strategy to the language of the three major open source web applications used by millions of people every day – WordPress, MediaWiki and Drupal.“Polyscripting aims to dethrone code injection as the top security risk…by making the central component of code injection impossible,” writes Polyverse Engineer Blue Gaston in Introducing Polyscripting – the beginning of the end of code injection.Since 2010, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 List identified code injection as the number-one most critical web application security risk.
The Polyscripting approach must be applied to each language in the stack. It will therefore not stop exploits that bypass PHP and execute other code in other languages, such as the Shell (sh, bash, csh, zsh, Powershell, etc.). Polyscripted shells are certainly on the Polyverse roadmap.

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Terrorism: Statement on the anniversary of the 22/3 attacks

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 22 marzo 2018

President Antonio Tajani, on the anniversary of the Brussels and London attacks (22 March 2016 and 22 March 2017 respectively), said: “Terrorism is an offence to our basic principles. Defending and honouring the victims of terror is equivalent to defending our values. In the name of all the victims, we are duty bound to verify whether our tools are adequate, or whether we could do more. In 2012 we adopted a Directive on victims’ rights. We should assess its implementation and see whether it is being applied across the board”. “Last year, the European Parliament also strengthened victims’ rights, by establishing measures for immediate assistance, particularly in situations with victims from across different borders. We saw attacks in cities with many tourists and expat communities in London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Nice, Stockholm and Barcelona. We must ensure that victims do not go through additional trauma to get help in a foreign city. The setting up of a special Committee on Terrorism is a signal of the importance we place on the security of our citizens. Thanks to its work, the Parliament will be able to enhance its efforts on the Union’s anti-terrorism policies”, President Tajani added.Chair of EP Special Committee on Terrorism, Nathalie Griesbeck (ALDE, FR), at the opening of a public hearing dedicated to the protection of victims’ rights, said: “Today my thoughts are with victims of terrorism and their families. I also welcome the work done by non-governmental organisations, which is essential and exemplary. A terrorist attack majorly breaches the victim’s trust in society. Our obligations are far beyond merely legal and moral. We must carry out our responsibilities, in order to not confine victims to their status, and to prove that our societies are strong and resilient. Member states must put in place the necessary structures and measures to assist victims. We have to guarantee that their needs are quickly met and carefully treated with humanity”.The Special Committee on Terrorism held a minute of silence with representatives of victims who participated yesterday and today in a series of public debates, organised and promoted by the European Parliament.

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Brussels attacks: Special Committee on Terrorism visits Zaventem airport

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 22 febbraio 2018

Under the leadership of its Chair Nathalie Griesbeck, the European Parliament Special Committee on Terrorism (TERR) met today with the CEO of Brussels Airport Company Mr Arnaud Feist as well as representatives of the Belgian Federal Ministry of Mobility and Transport and Brussels National Airport Customs and Federal Police.Committee Chair Nathalie Griesbeck (ALDE, FR), at the end of the high-level working visit to Zaventem airport, said: “Our working visit today was instrumental for the work of the special committee and I thank the airport authorities for having hosted us. It showed the importance of developing a security culture among us all and that we need clear roles and responsibilities for all security partners to be able to defeat any terrorist attack”.
In the light of the terrorist attacks of 22 March 2016, the aim of this initiative was to examine how the security of a strategic infrastructure is ensured and how passengers’ mobility is managed.The 17 MEPs high-level group received a detailed briefing session by airport authorities on security measures taken following the attacks, as well as on the procedures and facilities for passenger checks.This field visit will feed into the final recommendations, which the TERR Committee will present to the Parliament’s plenary in September.The delegation was composed by the Chair, Ms Nathalie Griesbeck (ALDE, FR), two vice-Chairs: Mr Jeroen Lenaers (EPP, NL) and Mr Geoffrey Van Orden (ECR, UK); two co-rapporteurs: Ms Monika Hohlmeier (EPP, DE) and Ms Helga Stevens (ECR, BE), one shadow rapporteur: Ms Maite Pagazaurtundúa (ALDE, ES) as well as Mr Ivo Belet (EPP, BE), Ms Lynn Boylan (GUE, IR), Mr Javier Couso Permuy (GUE, ES) Mr Edward Czesak (ECR, PL), Mr Doru Frunzulicã (S&D, RO), Ms Sylvie Guillaume (S&D, FR), Ms Ana Gomes (S&D, PT), Ms Teresa Jimenez-Becerril Barrio (EPP, ES), Ms Eva Joly (Greens/EFA, FR), Ms Birgit Sippel (S&D, DE) and Mr Milan Zver (EPP, SL).

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Step up measures to prevent cyber-attacks and online sexual abuse, urge MEPs

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 5 ottobre 2017

attacco informaticoThe EU must invest more in cybersecurity to prevent attacks aimed at critical infrastructure and destabilising societies.Given the cross-border nature of cybercrime, stepping up information exchange among police and judicial authorities and cybercrime experts is vital to effective investigation and electronic evidence gathering, says Parliament in a resolution voted on Tuesday.MEPs regret that preventive measures taken by individual users, public institutions and businesses remain wholly inadequate, primarily due to a lack of knowledge and resources. They point out that the EU, its institutions, national governments and parliaments, companies and networks are acutely vulnerable to sophisticated attacks engineered by large criminal organisations or terrorist groups, or groups sponsored by states. They also condemn any system interference undertaken or directed by a foreign nation or its agents to disrupt the democratic process of another country; Parliament advocates, inter alia:
· improving information exchanges through Eurojust, Europol and ENISA,
· give Europol and Eurojust “appropriate resources” to accelerate the detection, analysis and referral of child abuse material and improve the identification of victims,
· ensuring that illegal online content be removed immediately by due legal process or that access is blocked from EU territory when removal is not feasible,
· investing in education to solve the lack of qualified IT professionals working in cybersecurity,
· promoting the use of encryption and other anonymisation tools,
· using EU funds for free and open-source software-based research into IT security,
· launching awareness campaigns to ensure that children, but also public administrations, vital operators and companies learn how to be safe on line,
· setting up teams to which businesses and consumers can report cybersecurity, incidents and establish databases to record all types of cybercrime,
· ensuring that law enforcement authorities have access to relevant information, such as who is the user of a certain IP address in the context of criminal investigations,
· encouraging the ICT security community to engage in “white hat” hacking and the reporting of illegal content, such as child sex abuse material, and
· updating the EU legal framework on cybercrime, including harmonised rules for determining the status of an online provider as domestic or foreign,
The non-legislative resolution was approved by 603 votes to 27, with 39 abstentions.

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Avoidable heart attacks in Europe, a massive tragedy

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 27 Maggio 2016

infarto miocardico acutoSophia-Antipolis. “So many people in Europe dying of heart disease, prematurely and unnecessarily, is a tragedy,” said Prof. Fausto Pinto, President of the European Society of Cardiology.New mortality data released this week show that during 2013, 184,000 fatal heart attacks in Europe and 94,000 fatal strokes could be considered premature and could have been avoided in light of current medical knowledge. Together, they accounted for almost half (48%) of all preventable deaths in people under the age of seventy five.The results, provided by Eurostat, the national statistical office of the European Union, is the most recent evidence yet that too many people are not getting the timely and effective health care they need.“We know how to save lives,” said Prof. Pinto. “Part of the problem is lack of proper investment in cardiovascular health care and management of that funding. This limits medical professionals’ access to new devices and procedures, which in the long term, give people more full and active lives and ultimately are less costly in the future.The ESC President said that insufficient funds for training and education are another major issue. “Too many hospitals and clinics lack the number of medical staff required to provide great cardiac care,” he added. “The recent mortality data should serve as a wakeup call for governments and hospitals.“Cardiovascular disease needs to be made number one priority by policy makers for both prevention and treatment, so that many lives can be saved.”

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How to Protect Your Child’s Safety Online

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 aprile 2016

cybercrimeNowadays kids start using Internet at a very young age, but many are not yet equipped to understand the dangers of revealing too much information online. They are very quick and eager to use Internet-enabled devices, but lack the obvious know-how about online privacy and security, and are often eager to overshare. For example, Symantec, an online security company conducted a study in Singapore, which suggested that more than 1 million people in the country were victims to online crime last year. 20 percent of them said that it was their children who had downloaded a virus or malicious software to the parent¹s or family computer.Another danger is targeted attacks on children by cyberthieves, who pry on young netizens because their identities can be easily manipulated. Criminals, for example, can combine a child¹s Social Security number with a fake date of birth and address to open bank accounts, get credit cards or loans.As children grow, they learn the safe procedures of using the Internet and sharing information on social media. However, the time before this learning curve is the most dangerous ­ and it¹s when parents and educators could step in and offer guidance.
NordVPN is the world’s most advanced VPN service provider that is more security oriented than most VPN services. It offers double VPN encryption, anti DDoS & Tor Over VPN. It has just launched a new NordVPN Mac and Android apps that provide a unique algorithm, allowing to automatically connect to the fastest server. The product is very user friendly, offers one of the best prices on the market, has over 500 servers worldwide and is P2P friendly. One of the key features of NordVPN is zero log policy.

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FRA calls for action to end widespread violence against women throughout the EU

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 gennaio 2016

istanbulFollowing the violent attacks that took place on 31 December, FRA calls for action to combat the violence against women that the Agency’s research has shown is prevalent across all ages and walks of life throughout the EU.
“The abuse that took place in Cologne and elsewhere on New Year’s Eve was appalling and a grave abuse of the victims. There is no hierarchy of rights holders: respect must be shown to everyone,” said FRA Director Michael O’Flaherty. “However, FRA research clearly demonstrates that the majority of perpetrators of violence against women are among the family or friends and acquaintances of the victim. The events of last month must not be used as an excuse to incite prejudice against migrants or any other groups.”
FRA’s ground breaking report on violence against women, which was based on a representative survey of 42,000 women throughout the EU, showed that women are at risk of gender-based violence in all areas of life, at home and at work, in public and online. At the same time, the majority of incidents are perpetrated by people known to the victim.22% of all women has suffered violence at the hands of a partner Of those who had been physically or sexually abused by someone other than a partner,30% identified a family member as the perpetrator, 22% a friend or acquaintance, and 22% somebody else known to the victim. A total of 30% of said the perpetrator of physical or sexual violence carried out against them was a stranger. Since the publication of the results, FRA has been active in engaging with EU institutions, national governments, international bodies and non-governmental organisations, as the findings make clear that action is needed by a wide variety of groups, from policy makers through health professionals to internet service providers.
In its analysis of the survey findings, FRA underlines the need for:
Campaigns to combat violence against women to be directed at men as well as women, as any solution to violence against women must include men.
EU Member States to ratify the Council of Europe’s ‘Istanbul Convention’ on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence
Police, healthcare professionals, employers and specialist victim support services to be well trained and equipped with the necessary resources and powers to assist victims
Internet and social media firms to proactively assist victims of cyberharassment to report abuse
Improved and harmonised data collection on violence against women in EU Member States.

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WTTC Comment in response to the attacks in Jakarta

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 gennaio 2016

JakartaDavid Scowsill, President & CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), said: “It is with deep regret that we hear that the world yet again is struck by an act of terrorism in Jakarta, causing the loss of innocent lives. We extend our deepest condolences to the families of all the victims of this brutal attack. Our thoughts are with them at this terrible time.Terrorism is a global problem, and now Indonesia has become the target of this violence. Fortunately Indonesia is an extraordinarily resilient country, as it has faced up to and overcome various incidents over the last 15 years. We are confident that the country will show its resilience once again.The best response to these terrorist attacks is for travellers to support the country and to continue to visit this beautiful destination. We encourage the government to continue to put the appropriate security measures in place.”
The World Travel & Tourism Council is the global authority on the economic and social contribution of Travel & Tourism. It promotes sustainable growth for the industry, working with governments and international institutions to create jobs, to drive exports and to generate prosperity. WTTC’s annual Global Summit brings together over 1,000 delegates to discuss the opportunities, challenges and issues facing the industry, while its Tourism for Tomorrow Awards recognise the industry’s power to be a positive force in sustainability.The sector is a key driver for investment and economic growth globally. In 2014, Travel & Tourism generated 9.8% of global GDP, some $7.6 trillion, and supported almost 277 million jobs, or 1 in 11 jobs worldwide. By the end of 2015, Travel & Tourism is expected to contribute US$7,860 trillion, 10% of global GDP, and to account for 284 million jobs, 9.5% of total employment.For almost 25 years, WTTC has been the voice of this industry globally. Members are the Chairs, Presidents and Chief Executives of the world’s leading, private sector Travel & Tourism businesses. These Members bring specialist knowledge to guide government policy and decision-making, raising awareness of the importance of the industry as an economic generator of prosperity.

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CEC grieves loss of life in Paris, condemns attacks

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 novembre 2015

Overnight a series of gun and bomb attacks left at least 120 dead in the French capital, and countless more injured. The Conference of European Churches grieves the loss of life and mourns with all those affected by this enormous tragedy. We pray for the victims, their families and friends, and for the men and women who risked their own lives last night in service to others.In a message of solidarity to the Council of Christian Churches of France, CEC General Secretary Guy Liagre condemned the attacks as a vile aggression against France and an affront to all humanity. “These tragic events impels CEC to strengthen our peacebuilding and reconciliation work,” remarked Liagre. “We must strive to follow the words of the Psalms—depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.”The Conference of European Churches urges a peaceful response to the tragedy, both in France and throughout Europe. “We must continue, on the basis of our Christian faith, to uphold our values,” Liagre continued, citing the 2001 Charta Oecumenica. “We work towards a humane, socially conscious Europe, in which human rights and the basic values of peace, justice, freedom, tolerance, participation and solidarity prevail.”

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Commemoration of the Syrian Chemical Attacks of August 21, 2013 Green Cross Calls for Immediate International Support of the Victims

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 agosto 2014

attacchi chimici sirianiZurich, Switzerland (ots) – A year ago, on August 21, 2013, several residential areas of Damascus, the Ghoutas, were hit by a mayor chemical weapons attack causing the death of an estimated 1.400 civilians and injuring many more. The world was shocked and under international pressure the Syrian government joined the Chemical Weapons Convention and assented to the OPCW-led destruction of its declared chemical weapons arsenals. But one year after the attacks it seems that the international furor over the use of toxic agents against civilians in Syria has subsided. The still-besieged Ghoutas have not received any substantial international aid and the survivors are still suffering from heavy after-effects due to their exposure to toxic agents. Green Cross is calling for immediate international support of the victims and points out the necessity to strengthen international efforts to ban all weapons of mass destruction from the region.
Green Cross has recently successfully implemented an emergency aid project in Ghouta together with the Syrian partner organization, Al-Seeraj. The project aimed at providing urgently needed medicine against the further spread of diseases within the population already weakened by the chemical attacks. But the ill and traumatized people need much more support. “It is a real humanitarian disaster that is taking place in the besieged areas”, says K. A., a woman aged 27, who has lost all her family members during the attack on Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta. She stayed in her besieged neighborhood despite all the horror and is devoting now all her strength as a medical assistant to the suffering people.
Since early 2008, Green Cross has supported local social-medical care projects in the Halabja Region in northern Iraq, infamous for the deadly poison gas attacks ordered by the regime of Saddam Hussein in 1988. These projects are focusing on the long-term sociological, psychological and physical health effects of those chemical attacks and show how important it is to support the victims even a long time after the event.
Falah Muradkhin, survivor of the 1988 attacks and who is today project coordinator of the local partner organization of Green Cross, Wadi Iraq, mourns the victims of the Ghouta attacks and points out that “25 years ago the technology was not available to send immediate news and reports to the world about what happened in Halabja. Today, however, the situation is different. The horrible pictures from the Ghoutas were quickly disseminated and seen by many people. Yet no action was taken to help the victims of the attacks and no adequate response has been seen either from the United Nations or from countries, also in Europe, which supposedly were involved in the development of Syria’s chemical weapon arsenals”. Green Cross is therefore calling on this day of commemoration for immediate international support of the forgotten victims of the Ghouta-attacks.
Green Cross is also supporting actively the establishment of a world truly free of chemical weapons and therefore calls on the remaining six non-State Parties – Angola, Egypt, Israel, Myanmar, North Korea and South Sudan – to join the CWC (Chemical Weapons Convention). And in view of the close relationship between all three classes of weapons of mass destruction – nuclear, chemical, and biological – Green Cross calls for the establishment of a Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)-free zone as a next step. “There will be no real security for the people living in this politically tense region as long as there are any weapons of mass destruction stockpiled”, concludes Dr. Stephan Robinson, Unit Manager (Water, Legacy) of Green Cross.

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Expose the attacks

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 14 settembre 2011

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection an...

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If you’re someone who cares about seeing a campaign focused on substance between now and November 2012, I need you to become a part of one of our most important teams. It’s called, and it launches today. Here’s the deal: We all remember the birth certificate smear, the GOP’s barrage of lies about the Affordable Care Act, and the string of other phony attacks on President Obama that we’ve seen over the past few years. There are a lot of folks on the other side who are chomping at the bit to distort the President’s record. It’s not a question of if the next big lie will come, just when — and what we’re prepared to do about it. is exactly what it sounds like: a resource that allows us to nip these attacks in the bud before they show up on the airwaves and in emails — and then fight back with the truth. By signing up, you’ll be on the front lines — you’ll hear about false claims as soon as they come up, and we’ll count on you to spread the truth to your friends and personal networks and let us know about new smears whenever you hear them. I remember the smears from 2008 well, and I’m sure you do, too. They didn’t just attack Barack Obama and Joe Biden. They went after everything this movement is built on, and everyone who supports it. This time, they’re not just out to personally attack the President — they’re also out to mislead Americans about the record of accomplishments that he’s compiled. Just the other day, a Republican financier actually quoted Saddam Hussein in telling a group of millionaire donors that defeating President Obama will be “the mother of all wars.” We’re launching today to make sure we’re ready for the attacks we know are coming — and armed with the ability to fight back quickly.

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Gaddafi to Halt Violence Against Protesters

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 26 febbraio 2011

Brussels. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy should use his longstanding relationship with the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, to help protect protesters from unlawful attacks by Libyan security forces and militias, Human Rights Watch said today.  Berlusconi had reportedly waited until February 22, 2011, before calling Gaddafi, with whom he has a close relationship, to urge a halt to the violence that had started five days before. On February 19, Berlusconi had said he had not spoken to Gaddafi because he didn’t want to “disturb” him. On February 21 he broke his silence on the situation in Libya, calling the violence “unacceptable.”  The Italian foreign minister, Franco Frattini, said on several occasions that the European Union (EU) should not “interfere” or attempt to “export” democracy to Libya. His rhetoric improved on February 23, when he said, “There is nothing that can justify mass slaughter on the streets.” About 1,000 Libyans have been killed, Frattini said.  Human Rights Watch urged Italy to support an immediate EU embargo on exporting arms and security equipment to Libya. It should also support targeted sanctions, including an asset freeze and travel ban, against senior Libyan officials and military commanders found responsible for grave human rights violations.  Italy and the EU should also support the call by the UN high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, for an international investigation into what she characterized as “widespread and systematic attacks against the civilian population [that] may amount to crimes against humanity.” The place and time to open such a UN investigation is at the UN Human Rights Council’s special session in Geneva on February 25 to address the human rights crisis in Libya, Human Rights Watch said.  The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) issued an appeal to the EU, and specifically to Italy, on February 22 to refrain from intercepting and summarily sending back boat migrants seeking to reach European shores from Libya – a practice known as “pushbacks”. There have been unconfirmed reports of mob violence against migrants and asylum seekers in Libya over recent days, giving rise to the possibility that they might board boats to seek safety in Europe. Italy, the colonial occupier of Libya from 1911 to 1943, has extensive business relations with the country. Italy is Libya’s biggest trading partner in the EU. The Italian oil giant ENI is the largest producer of oil and gas in Libya. Libya owns 7.6 percent of UniCredit SpA, Italy’s largest bank.  In 2008, Italy pledged US$5 billion over 20 years in return for lucrative deals for Italian businesses, including ENI. Libya also promised to block illegal immigrants from traveling through Libya to Italy. On February 22, ENI announced that it had suspended supplies through its Greenstream pipeline, which runs from Libya to Sicily, after interruptions on the Libyan side. The pipeline supplies 10 percent of Italy’s natural gas.

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International Rare Disease Day

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 26 febbraio 2010

Paris. Rare Disease Day was launched and is coordinated by the European Organisation for Rare Diseases – EURORDIS (, a federation representing more than 400 patient organisations in 42 countries. The campaign involves rare disease national alliances and patient groups in 40 countries, in the EU as well as in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and Taiwan, amongst others. The European Union considers a disease as rare when it affects less than 1 in 2,000 citizens. 80% have a genetic origin and the majority affects children. Most rare diseases are serious, chronic and life-threatening. Due to their low prevalence, medical experts are also rare, knowledge is scarce, offer for care is inadequate, research is limited and very few cures exist. This year’s theme focuses on the importance of rare disease research. Research represents hope for the millions of rare disease patients without cure today. In the last decade, scientific and medical progress has opened up new opportunities in the field of rare disease research; rare diseases have in turn made major contributions to research and treatment discoveries for more frequent diseases. The results of the survey will be presented at a European Workshop organised by EURORDIS, on March 1ST, 2010, in Brussels. The event, co-organised with E-RARE ( in partnership with the European Commission, Orphanet ( and EuroPlan (, will make the case for rare disease research to be included in public funding schemes. More information on:

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Exchange of Maritime Command for Nato

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 novembre 2009

London: Yesterday saw an exchange of maritime command between Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) to SNMG1 for Operation Ocean Shield – the code name for NATO’s counter piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden.  NATO warships have been operating in the Gulf of Aden for the last 8 months following a sharp increase in pirate attacks on maritime trade passing through the area. Onboard his flagship HMS Cornwall, Commodore Steve Chick CBE Royal Navy summarized his mission  “Over the last 5 months Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 has contributed significantly to countering the piracy threat in and near the Gulf of Aden. The key to NATO’s success has been the forging of close working relations with not only our traditional maritime partners but also other navies including the Chinese, Japanese and Indians. Together we have achieved seamless cooperation which has ensured that the vast majority of attacks in the Gulf of Aden are deterred or disrupted. Credit must also be given to the merchant shipping community, whose increased vigilance and use of self protective measures means they are now better able to defend themselves whilst naval units respond. This operation has been demanding on NATO warships and sailors but it’s success has demonstrated NATO’s ability to react  effectively to the maritime security challenges we face” Rear Admiral José Domingos Pereira da Cunha who commands NATO’s SNMG1 commented on his mission  “I am delighted that SNMG1 ships have arrived in the Gulf of Aden to ensure continuity to NATO’s counter piracy campaign.  The warships will provide protection to maritime traffic in the region and contribute to NATO’s initiatives to help the states in and near the Gulf of Aden strengthen their own defense against piracy. Operation Ocean Shield proves the ability of sustained long term maritime operations away from our usual operating areas.”

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