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Cloud & the Car: GM and IBM Present Use Cases that Actually Impact

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 18 settembre 2015

londonLondon, UK The auto industry is currently buzzing with key words like autonomous cars, Big Data, IoT and cloud. This industry – once called conservative – is making more noise about emerging technologies than even the consumer electronics space. Apart from the clamour to demonstrate real business benefits, it even presents use cases in real time. Cloud is one such area. IBM, for example, showcases a cloud-based predictive maintenance and real-time diagnostics platform at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show. This could possibly highlight a new era, in which IoT will not merely be used as a purchase puller but more as a tool that can impact internal savings and improve bottom line performance of auto manufacturers. Although having been here all along, cloud services are now coming into play, as approx. 90 percent of vehicles are expected to be connected by 2020. Everyone is talking about how data from vehicles can enable services such as predictive diagnostics, UBI and other consumer centric services. Cloud services however, are currently only being used to harness typical use cases such as ERP, CRM, marketing, talent acquisition and training. The justification of such a shift comes from IBM’s partnership with a Tier 1 supplier like Continental. The latter will be using IBM cloud services for their eHorizon solution by applying analytics and managing complex data streams. The idea behind such a partnership stems from the fact that there needs to be a collaborative effort from the industry to enable the cloud to harness benefits. In such a scenario Continental will have direct relationships with OEMs, and IBM would become their managed service provider for data analysis. What IBM has previously done was to process as well as return vehicle raw data using tools like SPSS and others. Now they have gone a step ahead. By using their IoT solution for the auto industry, they will be able to showcase insights for newer applications applying the raw data. Additionally, even secured data transfers and data privacy would be taken care of by help of cyber secured protocols which happen to be key challenges in the process of the cloud adoption. Such partnerships add great value to OEMs, especially premium OEMs. Take the classic case of an OEM which loses track of its customer beyond the vehicle sale. There is a significant opportunity with respect to product planning and other related elements which the OEM misses out on due to the lack of customer/vehicle data feedback. Among the auto OEMs GM seems to be leading the way with their internal route of having their own data centres along with their legacy powerhouse OnStar boasting of 4G LTE connectivity. All said and done, they have had OnStar for more than 15 years. Why couldn’t they harness its power to overcome related recall issues? A typical GM answer to this is their Driver Assurance program which is set up to understand component durability using OnStar’s embedded connectivity and cloud based servers.
GM’s prognostics entry is focused on three things namely the battery, starter, and fuel pump. It identifies diagnostic trouble codes which show up any kind of an irregularity on the functions of these elements that are transmitted back to their OnStar cloud server, which essentially means two things:
1. Reinstating the use of 4G LTE which is very practical in this case to understand the severity of fault code in real-time and
2. Off board algorithm processing, which means processing information in the cloud, negating the need for on-board processing that takes a toll on the on-board TCU requiring high computational capacity.
Basically this means that GM is not only minimizing their cost due to their in-house embedded expertise and cloud processing but it is also supporting customers with proactive monitoring of the vehicle. This is GM’s distinct edge to reduce recall/warranty issues and improve the bottom-line. Ford’s Microsoft Azure platform is another example, which is cloud based (OTA) updating where the goal of their FSDN is to keep vehicles up-to-date and relevant throughout the vehicle ownership period. The cloud and the car will not only achieve off board analysis in real time but can also aid OEMs harness critical data sets that provides them a medium of revenue prospects which directly influences their bottom line, example maintenance services opportunities and warranty analytics. OEMs who do not have an internal capability should ideally work with cloud based ecosystem partners to leverage their strengths in terms of managed services, reduced investments on licensing fee and real-time computational power. As for cloud based service providers, they are expected to generate revenues in excess of 50 percent by 2020 using high performance computing for the future of the automotive industry which will be determined by autonomous vehicles and cloud based connected car platform solutions. As well as the cloud helping OEMs keep in touch with customers once they have bought the vehicle, a new 3D car configurator solution uses the cloud to support OEMs and their customers at the point of sale. Frost & Sullivan has recently published a White Paper analysing a new 3D car configurator platform developed by IBM and ZeroLight offering a one-stop shop, omni-channel car configurator solution for OEMs and their retail strategy. For complimentary access to this White Paper, visit:

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Director for Auto Communities and Workers To Visit Michigan

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 1 aprile 2009

White House Dr. Ed Montgomery, the White House Director of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers, will visit Michigan to discuss the President’s support of a strong American auto industry and the President’s Auto Task Force initiative to support and revitalize auto industry workers and communities. Dr. Montgomery will meet with Governor Granholm and her Economic Development Team in Lansing.  Following their meeting, Governor Granholm and Dr. Montgomery will hold a press avail at 3:30 pm ET in the Governor’s Press Auditorium on the first floor of the Romney Building, 111 S. Capitol Ave., Lansing.

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