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Virtustream Announces Platform Enhancements, New Network Connectivity Options to Speed Time-to-Cloud and Expand Features and Automation

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 1 maggio 2019

Virtustream, an enterprise-class cloud company and Dell Technologies business, today announced a major expansion of its partnership with Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) and new platform updates to increase functionality, automation, speed-to-deployment and customer choice. These enhancements cover all workloads, including mission-critical applications typically used for managing sensitive data like customer and financial details or patient information in the healthcare industry.Virtustream’s expanded partnership with ECX further extends network connectivity options to accelerate time-to-market for customers through simplified access to secure, reliable and high-performance direct connectivity for Virtustream Enterprise Cloud customers in North America and EMEA. The expanded enhancements and support for the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric offers more customer control, minimizes security threats, and enables easier and faster connectivity access.The expanded options include commercial Virtustream Enterprise Cloud nodes in North America and EMEA and a broader portfolio of private connectivity options building on existing IPSEC VPN, MPLS, and AT&T NetBond (selected markets) solutions, providing reduced complexity, simplified direct connectivity and vendor management enhancements. While the portfolio provides secure, scalable and reliable connections to offer 99.999% availability-based QoS controls and low latency, the time-to-connect can be dramatically reduced from weeks to just hours in most cases. Furthermore, the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric provides streamlined private connectivity to all major hyperscale cloud providers for customers with multi-cloud requirements.

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Axfood Selects Tradeshift for End-to-End Automation

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 5 aprile 2019

Tradeshift, the leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces, has been selected by Axfood to bring digital transformation to its procure-to-pay processes. By choosing Tradeshift, the 48 billion SEK grocery company plans to collaborate with its suppliers more effectively, increase innovation and drive efficiency.Axfood was established in 2000 and is the second largest player in the Swedish food retail market with a roughly 20 percent market share. With Tradeshift Buy and Pay, Axfood plans to solve problems with complex processes and a lack of transparency and traceability with its suppliers and purchases.Axfood selected Tradeshift for the intuitive interface and functionalities of its solution, its experience in the Swedish market, and the trust and transparency that Tradeshift established with Axfood throughout the engagement.Tradeshift will be used to digitize and simplify Axfood’s entire payments process including engagement with its suppliers. Tradeshift delivers Axfood a modern, easy-to-use interface, industry-leading supplier onboarding practices, end-to-end supply chain payment functionalities and an innovative marketplace that supports retail companies with franchises. With Tradeshift, Axfood plans to ensure that all suppliers in scope will benefit from a simple and easy-to-use solution.

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78 Percent of UK Office Workers Believe Their Jobs Will Survive Automation

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 21 dicembre 2018

Seventy eight percent of UK office workers are confident their jobs will survive automation, according to new independent research* undertaken for leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company UiPath.The research, exploring the attitudes of 1,000 office employees toward automation, revealed that nearly half (49 percent) do not see how their administrative duties can be undertaken by a software robot.“RPA is one of the most far-reaching revolutions in the UK workplace,” said Kulpreet Singh, managing director EMEA, UiPath. “Office employees may be in for a pleasant surprise as the burden of boring and routine tasks moves to being performed by software robots instead. They will need to adjust to having a greater amount of time for more valuable work.”
Despite being confident about automation, only a third of male office workers (33 percent) and 22 percent of female office workers believe the technology will increase their productivity, even though more than six-in-ten across both sexes (61 percent) spend an excess of 30 percent of their time on repetitive, routine tasks that are set to be automated. “The fourth industrial revolution will create relentless waves of change as we embrace machine learning and robotics,” said Jacqueline de Rojas, CBE, president of TechUK. “This is not going away and the only thing we can change is our response. Our job will be to figure out how we respond to these changes and to pivot our skills in an ‘evergreen’ way throughout our careers. What I love about the UiPath approach is their commitment to the democratisation of learning which will undoubtedly make the difference to our ability to lifelong learning, inclusion and our connected future.”The research found that 37 percent of respondents will devote more time to new strategic projects once they are freed from repetitive work by RPA, while 36 percent will seek to develop new skills.Almost a quarter (24 percent) will spend more time on collaborating with colleagues, and more than a fifth (22 percent) on interactions with customers.“It’s encouraging to see that when office staff understand how RPA can free them from drudgery, they already see more profitable uses for their time,” added Singh. “It is imperative that organisations prepare their employees for the automation revolution.”The research found that women and younger workers bear the brunt of administrative and repetitive tasks. Sixty four percent of female workers spend more than 30 percent of their time on administrative tasks, while half of those aged 18-24 devote more than half their time on repetitive aspects of their jobs.Less than a quarter of UK employees (24 percent) believe automation will have a bad effect on the UK economy.

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Rockwell Automation Collaborates with Plug and Play to Extend Innovation Strategy

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 giugno 2018

Rockwell Automation has joined Plug and Play’s corporate partnership network which provides access to qualified and strategically aligned early-and-growth stage startups.Established in 2006, Plug and Play is a global innovation platform that, through a series of industry-specific accelerator programs, brings together the best startups and the biggest corporations in the world. By accessing these programs, Rockwell Automation will now be able to identify, review, and leverage new and disruptive industrial IoT technologies developed by world-class start-ups which will enhance its industry-leading offerings in integrated architecture, intelligent motor control, and related solutions & services.“Our collaboration with Plug and Play demonstrates how we look to expand and accelerate innovation for industrial automation and information solutions, access new technologies, and better address customer needs,” said Elik Fooks, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Rockwell Automation. “With access to hundreds of startups and developers in Silicon Valley, we can positively impact the future of our industry, and the customer experience.” “We are proud to have Rockwell Automation join our IoT platform. Their expertise in industrial automation and information will bring valuable insight to our ecosystem,” said Saeed Amidi, Founder and CEO of Plug and Play. “Our goal is to help them find the best and brightest startups so they can conduct successful pilots to grow their business.”

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Cutting-Edge Array of Self-Serve Automation from Apex Helps Retail Build Business

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 16 gennaio 2018

CustomersNational Retail Federation (NRF) Show attendees are getting a first-hand view of the latest order pick-up and fulfillment solutions from Apex Supply Chain Technologies®. The world’s leading provider of self-serve automation, Apex is demonstrating its full-range of innovative retail technology at #NRF2018, and showing how brands including Fanatics, Delaware North, Carolina Panthers and Casey’s General Store use Apex to automate retail processes, including buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) and mobile device management.“For a truly seamless shopping experience, it must be effortless for the time-starved customer to buy and for retail operations to fulfill,” says Kent Savage, founder and CEO of Apex. “From the store into the warehouse, self-serve automation is being applied by some of the world’s leading retail brands to improve key processes.”Apex solutions are known for decreasing costs while increasing productivity by eliminating low-value, manual tasks. More and more, this technology is proving critical to retailers, restaurants and foodservice in making the customer experience and operations truly seamless.Orders Increase 26% with Self-Serve, Automated Order Pick-Up. Retailers and restaurants are automating order pick-up with Apex AnyWhere™ lockers so customers can skip the line when picking up their purchases. Automating this process also brings customers into the store, helping increase orders by as much as 26 percent according to Deloitte. For retailers, it gives their customers more fast and convenient options in how they buy, pick-up and return purchases without adding staff. Restaurants and foodservice brands rely on the AnyWhere Flow-Thru lockers. The lockers’ two-sided design creates an efficient workflow for preparing orders. This ensures stores can handle the additional demand created by popular mobile order apps. (photo: Customers)

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RFID System for the Solar Industry

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 25 maggio 2009

Nasdaq:BRKS announced a new radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader specifically for the solar cell industry. This innovative solution provides reliable traceability from the source ingot to the ready-to-use solar cell module. RFID usage increases manufacturing throughput, reduces handling errors and limits non-value handling.  The innovative HF80 Series developed by RFID specialist Brooks Automation offers a variety of functions and is obtainable with an Ethernet and/or serial RS232 interface. The system consists of an RFID reader, antenna and transponder. Working at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, the five antenna terminals minimize the cost per reading point and ensure best-in-class reading ranges and reliability. The HF80 Series is intended for use in the production process where it is effortlessly integrated into production machines. An application in order picking stations is also conceivable. The HF80 enables solar cell manufacturers access to integrated, transparent production data throughout the manufacturing process. RFID is the future ID-System for the PV-Industry. The read and write capability of the transponder, the accurate reading rate and the exceptional reliability of the system uniquely qualifies it for the solar production process.
Brooks is a leading worldwide provider of automation, vacuum and instrumentation solutions to the global semiconductor and related industries. The company’s advanced offerings in hardware and services are critical to customers where equipment productivity and availability are essential for successful manufacturing. Brooks’ products and global services are used in virtually every semiconductor fab in the world as well as in a number of diverse industries outside of semiconductor manufacturing.

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