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DefenseStorm Cybersecurity Expert Alex Hernandez to Address the Oklahoma Bankers Association CFO and Financial Officers Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 14 febbraio 2018

Bankers attending the Oklahoma Bankers Association’s CFO & Financial Officers Conference 2018 on February 15 will hear from a variety of experts highlighting strategies for improving Return on Assets (ROA) and Return on Equity (ROE) performance against a backdrop of increasingly challenging times for the banking industry. Alex Hernandez, a bank-focused cybersecurity expert, will discuss strategies for cost-effectively thwarting cybersecurity threats prevalent in banking, and will highlight strategies C-level executives can use to efficiently and confidently manage and adhere to compliance requirements centered on keeping banks safe and sound. Hernandez is a vice president at DefenseStorm, which provides cybersecurity and cybercompliance technology and services specifically built for banking.The conference is on Thursday, February 15 from 9:00 a.m. CST to 3:30 p.m. CST, with registration available online beforehand and on-site at 8:30 a.m. CST. Hernandez’s hour-long session, “Understanding Today’s Threat Landscape + Threat & Vulnerability Management = A Winning Security Combination for Banks,” begins at 10:00 a.m. CST. Hernandez will identify current IT threats, issues, and trends bankers face, including rising liability with respect to C-level executives and Boards of Directors. Bankers will explore how to assess the efficacy of their threat and vulnerability programs, and will learn practical, actionable steps they can take to determine if a sound risk management process is in place, especially against the backdrop of escalating threats and changing regulatory viewpoints. Hernandez will cover how to take corrective actions if necessary, help bankers understand where threats originate and how to combat them, and share cybersecurity predictions for 2018. Attendees will return to their banks equipped to implement ideas shared during the session.
The conference will take place at the Harris Event Center at the Oklahoma Bankers Association, 643 NE 41st Street, Oklahoma City, OK.

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World’s largest gathering of international Takaful leaders announces 11th annual edition

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 8 febbraio 2016

dubaiDubai. The 11th Annual World Takaful Conference (WTC 2016) will be held on the 11th and 12th of April 2016 at the Dusit Thani in partnership with the leading takaful companies from from the GCC, Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe. The Forum is set to gather more than 250 Takaful professionals from around the world comprising of policy makers, dignitaries, central bank representatives, heads of insurance supervision, CEOs of the largest Takaful companies, thought leaders and experts in research, bankers, academia and Shariah scholars.The Takaful industry is still at a nascent stage in its development, however, its growth has been rapid over the past 7 years and its total assets have doubled in the last 5 years. As the industry navigates through the complex global Takaful landscape, there is a greater need for its leaders to share insights and deliberate on new strategies to help it grow beyond its niche status.For a decade, WTC has provided a unique platform for leaders to deliver on these strategies. It takes a pragmatic approach in finding solutions to the major issues in the industry by carefully analyzing the Takaful landscape and leveraging in-house research insights and engages renowned experts to come.WTC 2016 will play host to a number of new initiatives and innovative features. The most noteworthy feature is “Connect by MEGA”, a mobile application that will provide a truly engaging and interactive experience for the audience by enabling them to participate in live voting on key issues. The mobile app will also facilitate high impact networking opportunities between delegates to help build new partnerships. Another key feature is the real time extensive coverage of the conference on social media to facilitate virtual conversations, thereby extending the reach of the Takaful community and its key issues to consumers.On the intelligence front, the most exciting feature will be the launch of the “Finance Forward World Takaful Outlook Report 2016” by Middle East Global Advisors, the conveners of the Forum over its 11-year history. The findings of the report will help leaders in the industry to make key strategic decisions and capitalize on the emerging opportunities.Speaking ahead of the forum, Ehsan Abbas (Chairman of Middle East Global Advisors): “The App and Outlook report are part of our promise to the global Takaful industry to further enhance the experience of participants and ensure that WTC 2016 generates fresh insights for the industry. I am particularly looking forward to the launch of the “Finance Forward World Takaful Outlook Report 2016” as the findings of the report will help leaders in the industry make key strategic decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities.”
Middle East Global Advisors (MEGA) is the gateway connectivity and intelligence platform to opportunities in the rapidly developing economic region that stretches all the way from Morocco in the West to Indonesia in the East – The Middle East North Africa Southeast Asia (MENASEA) connection. We pride ourselves for being at the heart of these diverse markets for over 22 years.
World Takaful Conference (WTC) is the leading global forum for Takaful which has played an instrumental role in the development of the industry for more than a decade by facilitating thought-provoking discussions, producing quality research and actionable insights.
WTC serves as a platform to facilitate ideas sharing among the leaders in the industry gathered from various parts of the world ranging from key markets for Takaful such as the GCC and SE Asia to emerging markets such as Africa and Europe.

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Remarks of President Barack Obama

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 4 aprile 2009

In this new century, we live in a world that has grown smaller and more interconnected than at any time in history.  Threats to our nation’s security and economy can no longer be kept at bay by oceans or by borders drawn on maps.  The terrorists who struck our country on 9/11 plotted in Hamburg, trained in Kandahar and Karachi, and threaten countries across the globe.  Cars in Boston and Beijing are melting ice caps in the Arctic that disrupt weather patterns everywhere.  The theft of nuclear material from the former Soviet Union could lead to the extermination of any city on earth.  And reckless speculation by bankers in New York and London has fueled a global recession that is inflicting pain on workers and families around the world and across America.  The challenges of our time threaten the peace and prosperity of every single nation, and no one nation can meet them alone.  That is why it is sometimes necessary for a President to travel abroad in order to protect and strengthen our nation here at home.  That is what I have done this week.  I began my trip by attending a summit of the G20 – the countries that represent the world’s largest economies – because we know that the success of America’s economy is inextricably linked to that of the global economy.  If people in other countries cannot spend, that means they cannot buy the goods we produce here in America, which means more lost jobs and more families hurting.  Just yesterday, we learned that we lost hundreds of thousands more jobs last month, adding to the millions we’ve lost since this recession began.  And if we continue to let banks and other financial institutions around the world act recklessly and irresponsibly, that affects institutions here at home as credit dries up, and people can’t get loans to buy a home or car, to run a small business or pay for college.  Ultimately, the only way out of a recession that is global in scope is with a response that is global in coordination.  That is why I’m pleased that after two days of careful negotiation, the G20 nations have agreed on a series of unprecedented steps that I believe will be a turning point in our pursuit of a global economic recovery.  All of us are now moving aggressively to get our banks lending again.  All of us are working to spur growth and create jobs.  And all of us have agreed on the most sweeping reform of our financial regulatory framework in a generation – reform that will help end the risky speculation and market abuses that have cost so many people so much.I also met this past week with the leaders of China and Russia, working to forge constructive relationships to address issues of common concern, while being frank with each other about where we disagree.  President Hu and I agreed that the link between China’s economy and ours is of great mutual benefit, and we established a new Strategic and Economic Dialogue between the U.S. and China.  President Medvedev and I discussed our shared commitment to a world without nuclear weapons, and we signed a declaration putting America and Russia on the path to a new treaty to further reduce our nuclear arsenals.  Tomorrow, I will lay out additional steps we must take to secure the world’s loose nuclear materials and stop the spread of these deadly weapons. As we have worked this week to find common ground and strengthen our alliances, we have not solved all of our problems.  And we have not agreed on every point or every issue in every meeting.  But we have made real and unprecedented progress – and will continue to do so in the weeks and months ahead. Because in the end, we recognize that no corner of the globe can wall itself off from the threats of the twenty-first century, or from the needs and concerns of fellow nations.  The only way forward is through shared and persistent efforts to combat fear and want wherever they exist.  That is the challenge of our time.  And if we move forward with courage and resolve, I am confident that we will meet this challenge.  (from Barrack Obama)

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