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Immigration: the Lega battle horse

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 giugno 2018

The question starts on the basis of the statistical report of popular consents to the League for its policy of denial of reception. A question that in some circles tries to exorcise by sticking to the “magic” word of populism. In reality, the speech takes us further. For at least four years, in this regard, our leaders, in terms of hospitality, have chosen a very uneven path, mainly due to methods that have shown they are incapable of having a perspective view of the problem. In the end all the nodes arrived at the comb and showed the unsustainability of the system adopted. And the inversion of course is today, without a doubt, traumatic for all the parties involved. Let’s not forget the magnitude of this “tragedy”: in four years more than half a million “fugitives” have landed on the Italian coast, desperate and anxious to find an outlet that would allow them to lead a less precarious life. We rescued them with humanity and solidarity, beyond the imaginable, because it was especially the poor Italians who broke their frugal food with the stranger and showed them the meaning of our hospitality. But this first step, linked to the emergency, did not have adequate support from the institutions and their “distractions” have in practice nullified the theme of reception and then focus on the final integration. The goal was that, even if not explicitly stated, of wanting to divert them as soon as possible elsewhere, beyond our borders. The move did not succeed because if we want to be clever the others are not stupid. And so we find ourselves with a mass of dispossessed that we can no longer manage and with the aggravating circumstance of making them slaves again of those who unscrupulously exploits them and reproduces the same miseries that they left in their countries of origin. And yet the state has guilty left to sharpen the same relationship between immigrants and natives. Now we wonder we really wanted the Lega di Salvini to understand the mess in which we hunted? And yet we can define them as good or naive or worse yet the governments that preceded the current in wanting to accommodate many without wanting to offer them a possible outlet for hospitality but also work? They say it’s Europe’s fault and they put their mind in peace. Is this perhaps the way to govern? Let us also say that those who cause their illness weep themselves if they were not arid people and that their tear ducts have become atrophied. (Riccardo Alfonso)

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