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Blockcloud Global Meetup – Australia Stop: Delivering the Value of Future Internet

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 1 settembre 2018

On August 25, Blockcloud was invited to the Blockchain Ecology Summit of the Australia-China Trade Expo, the most influential international trade expo between Australia and China. This meetup attracted numerous investors, who expressed great interests and wishes to seek further cooperation with Blockcloud. On August 26 and 27, Blockcloud held 2 meetups in Melbourne and Sydney, which were well received by blockchain fans, Australia’s local influencers, experts and scholars.During the meetup, Zhongxing Ming, CEO of Blockcloud, made a deep analysis of Blockcloud in terms of its technology, business mode and achieving methods, which was highly praised by the attendants. Walter Villagonzalo, Mayor of Wyndham, Australia, talked with Zhongxing Ming afterwards and expressed the intent to cooperate with Blockcloud in the near future.As the advanced TCP/IP based on Blockchain technology, Blockcloud has a core team composed of world-class scientists and consultants, including Fred Baker, the famous Internet pioneer and former president of IETF, and Internet specialist Shai Mohaban. Blockcloud has strong communities foundation worldwide with a language coverage of Chinese, English, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Arabic. It has gained the support of 200,000 blockchain fans in more than 20 countries/regions, and the figure is still rising.It is believed that this meetup in Australia is bound to strengthen the community consensus of Blockcloud and promote its image as an international project. With its global meetup steps continuing, Blockcloud will pass the value of Future Internet to more blockchain fans.

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Blockcloud a Blockchain-Based Advanced TCP/IP to Power up IoT Gains Spotlight at Silicon Valley Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 4 luglio 2018

A multi-discipline team of scientists led by Zhongxing Ming, visiting scholar at Princeton University, discussed their blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP Blockcloud during the recent Blockchain Connect Conference in San Jose, CA. The future of the Internet of Things (IoT) is in peril. “IoT applications are hitting roadblocks due to the obsolete architecture of today’s Internet,” they said. “TCP/IP cannot cope any more with the sheer number of devices and the mobile nature of today’s connectivity.” The traditional Internet, which hasn’t evolved in decades, uses a point-to-point, IP address-based communication model. This is suitable under small-scale and static network conditions, but not for mobile IoT applications where the number of devices is huge and the IP addresses change in real time.To address this challenge, Blockcloud introduced a service-centric network (SCN). Separating the identity of an IP address from its location semantics, it allows applications to establish connections directly with service names without having to handle complex IP address management. This approach can solve the mobility and scalability problems of existing networks, offering both performance and compatibility with existing IP networks.However, SCN needs another “leg” to stand on its feet. How to ensure the safety of the services exchanged and how to motivate service providers to offer services on the network? Thus blockchain technology can be used to create an ecosystem that is both safe and profitable for all service providers.According to Zhongxing Ming and his team, this is especially good for IoT, “As a next-generation TCP/IP based on blockchain technology, Blockcloud can reliably connect a large number of devices in car networking, smart health, and smart home, and support mobile communication networks. With its performance and its token incentive system, it can be regarded as the real prototype of the next-generation Internet.”

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