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Colorectal Cancer Screening Programs

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 12 ottobre 2018

Clinical Genomics, the manufacturer of the InSure ONE fecal immunochemical test (FIT), is pleased to discuss the new American Cancer Society (ACS) Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines with Family Medicine Physicians. In the new guidelines published in May 2018, ACS now recommends that starting at age 45 years, adults with an average risk of colorectal cancer undergo regular screening with either a high-sensitivity stool-based test or a structural (visual) examination, depending on patient preference and test availability. Six testing options are recommended, including FIT annually and colonoscopy every 10 years. According to the ACS, the reason for lowering the age range was based on the marked increase in colorectal cancer amongst younger adults. The ACS reported a 51% increase among those individuals under the age of 55 between 1994 and 2014.InSure ONE, a convenient at-home collection FIT, intended to detect blood in stool, is easy to use, and may improve compliance for screening programs. Unlike other FITs, InSure ONE simply requires a sample of water from the toilet bowl following a single bowel movement. Sample collection is completed in minutes using a long-handled brush and does not require the user to collect, handle, or smear fecal matter.

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US Thyroid Cancer Market and Competitive Landscape 2014-2018 & Forecast to 2023

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 12 ottobre 2018

US Thyroid Cancer Market and Competitive Landscape – 2018 provides comprehensive insights into Thyroid Cancer pipeline, epidemiology, market valuations, product sales, market forecast, product forecasts, and market shares. This study accurately estimates and forecast Thyroid Cancer market size and drug sales. This research also provides insights into Thyroid Cancer epidemiology and late stage pipeline. The research is classified into following sections – Thyroid Cancer overview with definitions, symptoms, etiology, diagnosis, treatment options; Thyroid Cancer pipeline insights covering late stage clinical trials pipeline; Thyroid Cancer prevalence trends by countries; Thyroid Cancer market size and forecast by countries, market events, trends; product sales and forecast by countries; market shares by countries.

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Various studies associate socioeconomic disadvantage and higher rates of cancer

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 giugno 2018

People with a more disadvantaged socioeconomic position in society are more likely to develop different types of cancer, according to the compilation of studies carried out by LIFEPATH, a project funded by the European Commission with the aim of investigating the biological pathways underlying social differences in healthy ageing.The purpose of this analysis is to summarise investigations on social-to-biological processes occurring over the life course with an emphasis on processes involved in social inequalities in cancer. LIFEPATH uses a multidisciplinary approach integrating information on the socioeconomic position, environmental exposures and risk factors with biological measurements. The latest findings illustrate the potential impact of the socioeconomic position upon many pathological processes, including cancer. The analysis carried out by LIFEPATH shows that inflammatory and immune system dysregulations and biological ageing are more commonly found in disadvantaged social backgrounds. Both are closely related to cancer. Despite this, social inequalities remain neglected as a public health imperative, not clearly identified as a risk factor in public policies as tobacco and sedentary lifestyle are. Overweight and obesity have been shown to have a social pattern from early childhood. In a large study carried out by Dr Cathal McCrory, from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), it was observed that parent and child body mass index (BMI) is linked to low socio-economic position from age three and remains so across the early childhood years. Thanks for the researches made by Dr Maria Kyrgiou (Imperial College of London) and summarized by IARC (Lauby-Secretan, International Agency for Research on Cancer), there is evidence thathigher BMI may produce a dysregulation in the cellular and molecular mediators of immunity and inflammation, both related to cancer. Another set of important social-to-biological mechanisms involving the immune system may be set up in childhood. A study by V. Garès and colleagues showed that children from more disadvantaged social backgrounds are more likely to be infected by a ubiquitous herpes virus called Epstein Barr virus (EBV). EBV is involved in certain types of cancers (including nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Burkitt lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, and post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder). “The main interest of this finding is that early acquisition of pathogens affects the maturation of the immune system and in turn affects its function either positively or negatively”, says Paolo Vineis, Professor at the Imperial College of London and leader of the LIFEPATH project.Among adults, a large multi-cohort study which investigated the relationship between socioeconomic adversity, risk factors and mortality, showed that social inequalities are associated with a 2.1-year reduction in life expectancy between ages 40 and 85 years. This was the strongest association with life expectancy, just after smoking (4,8 years), diabetes (3,9 years) and physical inactivity (2,4 years). Another analysis focused more specifically on how the educational attainment of individuals is related to an epigenetic mechanism, DNA methylation, used to represent overall biological ageing. Carried out by Giovanni Fiorito (Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine) it suggests that individuals with a lower level of education experience a higher rate of biological ageing than those with a high education level. The analyses controlled for a number of behavioural factors, but nevertheless accelerated ageing among the more socially disadvantaged remained present. Socioeconomic adversity may be associated with accelerated epigenetic ageing, implicating biomolecular mechanisms that link social circumstances to age-related diseases and longevity.

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Dendreon Publishes New Data in Clinical Cancer Research

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 5 giugno 2018

Dendreon Pharmaceuticals LLC, a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company and pioneer in the development of immunotherapy, today announced publication of new data in Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, showing that treatment with PROVENGE® (sipuleucel-T) generates killer T cells that target prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP), a protein expressed on the majority of prostate cancer cells. The results of this analysis provide further evidence around the relationship between killer T cell activity and overall survival in men with asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).“This research suggests the role of sipuleucel-T in the generation of killer T cells following treatment,” said Charles G. Drake, M.D., Ph.D., director of genitourinary oncology at Columbia University Medical Center and senior author. “Importantly, these data suggest how the mechanism of action of sipuleucel-T may, in part, translate into survival benefit for patients.”To quantify potential cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) activity, cell-surface CD107a expression on PAP-specific CD8+ T cells was measured in samples from a subset of patients enrolled in Dendreon’s STAMP clinical trial (study ID: P11-3) before and after sipuleucel-T treatment. It was observed that T cells were able to recognize and target PAP only after sipuleucel-T treatment, with responses observed at 6 weeks and sustained out to 26 weeks post-treatment. Importantly, the magnitude of the CTL activity at week 26 correlated with increased overall survival, indicating that PROVENGE evokes a memory T cell response that may play a role in the survival benefit of PROVENGE.“While the IMPACT trial established the survival benefit of sipuleucel-T, the mechanism of action of treatment has not been fully appreciated,” said Bruce A. Brown, M.D., senior vice president, medical, at Dendreon. “This research provides more information about how sipuleucel-T works and – for the first time – correlates the magnitude of killer T cell activity with overall survival.”

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“New Drugs on the Horizon”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 7 aprile 2018

Bicycle Therapeutics, a biotechnology company pioneering a new class of therapeutics based on its proprietary bicyclic peptide (Bicycle®) product platform, announced today that it has been selected for one invited lecture and three poster presentations at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), being held from April 14 through April 18 in Chicago, Illinois.A presentation describing the discovery of BT1718 will be given by Bicycle’s Chief Scientific Officer Nicholas Keen, Ph.D. in the New Drugs on the Horizon Session. BT1718 is a Bicycle Toxin Conjugate offering a completely new approach to the treatment of cancer, and it is currently being evaluated in a Phase I/IIa study sponsored by Cancer Research UK, the world’s leading charity dedicated to cancer research.“We are honoured to have been selected to describe the discovery of BT1718 in the New Drugs on the Horizon session and look forward to sharing our preclinical data as well as providing a clinical update,” said Dr. Keen. “BT1718 represents a new and highly differentiated approach to the treatment of cancer and is being developed through a unique collaborative partnership with Cancer Research UK, which provides important access to world-class operational infrastructure and strong drug development expertise.”In the three poster presentations, Bicycle will present new data on its rapidly expanding preclinical pipeline, including two posters on the development of BT5528, a Bicycle Toxin Conjugate targeting EphA2, which is a tumour antigen highly expressed in difficult to treat cancers associated with poor prognosis. The company will also present new data describing the discovery and chemical optimisation of the first fully synthetic CD137 agonist, representing a new class of multimeric Bicycle T-cell modulators.

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MUSC Health and Alliance Oncology Expand Cancer Care in Beaufort, S.C.

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 7 febbraio 2018

san frnciscoSan Francisco. Alliance Oncology and the Medical University of South Carolina Health System (MUSC Health) announced today that they will partner with Beaufort Memorial Hospital to relocate and expand the hospital’s radiation oncology center to its main campus in late 2018. This project represents Alliance Oncology’s vision to be a driver in transforming healthcare by partnering with leading providers to expand regional services to communities – thus giving patients and their providers improved access, convenience and services closer to home. “In partnership with MUSC Health and Beaufort Memorial Hospital we are excited to add this location benefitting the local Beaufort community, and to augment academic cancer care services in the region,” said Greg Spurlock, President of Alliance Oncology. “As one of the nation’s leading providers of cancer care, this center will join Alliance affiliated locations across the country in providing high-quality, patient-centered services in partnership with premier cancer care providers and caregivers.” At the new Beaufort Memorial Keyserling Cancer Center, an MUSC clinical advisory committee will collaborate closely with local oncology experts and a dedicated clinical liaison will be onsite in the radiation oncology center. This expands upon the collaboration that was formed in 2016 when Beaufort Memorial Keyserling Cancer Center began enrolling qualifying cancer patients in clinical trials through an affiliation with the National Cancer Institute-designated Hollings Cancer Center at MUSC. “Given the needs of our patients throughout the state, it is imperative that we find innovative affiliations such as this one to ensure we are reaching all of those who need the expertise of our teams,” said Patrick J. Cawley, M.D., CEO, MUSC Health and Vice President for Health Affairs at Medical University of South Carolina. “We are excited and pleased to work with our colleagues at Alliance Oncology and Beaufort Memorial to bring the expertise of the Hollings Cancer Center even closer to those who need us.” “Beaufort Memorial Hospital has been providing outstanding cancer care to the community for more than a decade,” says Russell Baxley, MHA, President and CEO of Beaufort Memorial Hospital. “Our new and expanded partnership with MUSC and Alliance Oncology allows us to offer cutting-edge technology and resources locally, providing the latest in cancer care to our patients.”Alliance Oncology partners directly with hospitals and physicians to develop fully integrated oncology programs. Providing a full range of inpatient and outpatient service line capabilities, Alliance Oncology’s comprehensive approach to cancer care affords its partners the speed-to-market, quality clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and operational expertise that sets them apart from the competition. (foto: san francisco)

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AgeX Therapeutics Identifies Genes Implicated in Tissue Regeneration and Cancer

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 3 gennaio 2018

cancerAgeX Therapeutics, Inc. (AgeX), a subsidiary of BioTime, Inc. (NYSE American: BTX), today announced a newly-published peer-reviewed study that reveals genes implicated in tissue regeneration, cancer, and aging. The study, by scientists at AgeX and BioTime, in collaboration with Insilico Medicine, utilized artificial intelligence (AI) technology to parse millions of gene expression data points to decipher the complex mechanisms controlling natural tissue regeneration. The results, published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Oncotarget, showed that the candidate genes are expressed differently in tissues early in development when they are capable of regeneration compared to later in life when regeneration can no longer take place. Surprisingly, some of the genes, including one highlighted in the study, COX7A1, displayed a rare profile of being nearly universally dysregulated in diverse types of cancer. The discoveries may lead to novel strategies to induce Tissue Regeneration (iTRTM) in the context of trauma or age-related degenerative disease, as well as treat and diagnose cancer.“It is rare to find genes implicated in tissue regeneration, let alone with abnormal expression in so many diverse cancer types such as those of the breast, lung, kidney, bone, and muscle,” said Michael D. West, PhD, CEO of AgeX and co-CEO of BioTime. “AgeX has certain rights to use the associated patent applications and to commercialize related therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Since we believe unlocking the natural ability of the human body to regenerate tissues afflicted with degenerative disease is a very large market opportunity, we are aggressively developing products using the technology.”A short video is available online describing the discovery and its implication for product development at AgeX. Included in the video is a discussion of an iTR product designated RenelonTM, which, in its first generation form, utilizes a repurposed drug and may therefore have a relatively short development timeline.“The embryonic-to-fetal transition (EFT) deciphered in this study is emerging as a wonderful new arena in which to explore the enhancement of regenerative capacity in old age, which is the core of AgeX’s mission,” said Aubrey de Grey, PhD, VP of New Technology Discovery at AgeX. “The discovery of a subunit of the respiratory chain as a key EFT marker dovetails this research fascinatingly with age-related changes in mitochondrial function, which have long been a priority in the anti-aging field and in my own work.”“BioTime and AgeX Therapeutics are at the forefront of regenerative medicine,” commented Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, CEO of Insilico Medicine. “By utilizing their heavy investment in large-scale, highly-controlled experiments and their unique expertise in regenerative medicine we managed to develop the AI-powered system for cell and tissue sample profiling. We utilized this system to identify the important genes implicated in the EFT, and possibly in aging. This collaboration started in 2015 when deep leaning methods were in their infancy and required two years to diligently validate the outcomes. We learned that domain expertise is just as important as expertise in AI.”

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Juno Therapeutics to Present at November 2017 Investor Conferences

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 8 novembre 2017

cancerJuno Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: JUNO) today announced that it will webcast its presentations at two investor conferences in November. The presentations will feature a business overview and update by Steve Harr, Juno’s Chief Financial Officer and Head of Corporate Development.
Juno will present at the 26th Annual Credit Suisse Healthcare Conference at 9:15 a.m. Mountain Time (MT) on Wednesday, November 8, 2017.
Juno will present at the Evercore ISI Biopharma Catalyst / Deep Dive Conference at 8:45 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) on Wednesday, November 29, 2017.
The webcasts will be accessible on the Investor Relations page of Juno’s website at A replay of each presentation will be available at the same location for 30 days following the corresponding conference.
Juno Therapeutics is building a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative cellular immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer. Founded on the vision that the use of human cells as therapeutic entities will drive one of the next important phases in medicine, Juno is developing cell-based cancer immunotherapies based on chimeric antigen receptor and high-affinity T cell receptor technologies to genetically engineer T cells to recognize and kill cancer.

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Vedanta Biosciences to Advance Cancer Immunotherapy Candidates

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 2 novembre 2017

tumore metastatico1Vedanta Biosciences, an affiliate of PureTech Health (LSE: PRTC) developing a new category of therapies for immune and infectious diseases based on rationally designed consortia of human microbiome-derived bacteria, today announced that it has exclusively sub-licensed key intellectual property from JSR Corporation to develop and commercialize microbiome-derived cancer immunotherapies based on live biotherapeutics. These live biotherapeutics have been shown to activate CD8+ T cells, a type of white blood cell that is the predominant effector in cancer immunotherapy. The sub-licensed intellectual property is based on the pioneering research of Dr. Kenya Honda, Professor, of Keio University School of Medicine and his collaborators in the University of Tokyo in Japan. An IND filing for the lead product candidate is planned in 2018.“Dr. Honda’s research suggests an entirely new approach to cancer immunotherapy harnessing the human microbiome, which has the potential to significantly enhance the effectiveness of cancer therapies,” said Bernat Olle, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Vedanta Biosciences. “We are actively developing product candidates containing defined bacterial consortia that activate CD8+ T cells and stimulate the immune system to fight cancer alone and in combination with checkpoint inhibitors. This license to additional intellectual property from Dr. Honda’s institution further strengthens Vedanta’s leading IP position in the microbiome field.” In validated pre-clinical models of cancer, Vedanta’s orally administered product candidates containing defined bacterial consortia induced CD8+ T cells, potentiating the immune system’s attack of tumor cells. The tumor fighting effects of a variety of checkpoint inhibitors were significantly amplified when combined with the bacterial consortia, suggesting a potentially novel approach for combination cancer immunotherapy.

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Immune-stimulatory Activity with RGX-104 in Advanced Cancer Patients

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 30 ottobre 2017

PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia. Rgenix, Inc., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class small molecule and antibody cancer therapeutics, announced today preliminary data from an ongoing Phase 1a/b clinical trial with its lead oral investigational agent, RGX-104. These data demonstrate immune-stimulatory activity in solid tumor patients with highly-refractory malignancies, including patients who have failed prior checkpoint inhibitors. Also presented were pre-clinical data establishing the immune-modulatory and anti-tumor effects of RGX-104. The company presented the data at the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics in Philadelphia. RGX-104 is a liver X receptor (LXR) agonist that upregulates the expression of the target gene, Apolipoprotein E (ApoE), triggering several downstream effects via ApoE receptors. In pre-clinical data presented today, treatment with RGX-104 in mouse models resulted in dual effects on myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) and dendritic cells (DCs), both innate immune cells that play a central role in regulating anti-tumor immunity and response to checkpoint inhibitors. Innate immune activation with RGX-104, coupled with a reduction in tumor blood vessels, resulted in anti-tumor activity as a monotherapy as well as synergy with checkpoint inhibitors (CPI) in several drug-resistant mouse models. These data provide rationale for Rgenix’s ongoing Phase 1a/b trial of RGX-104 in advanced cancer patients and support evaluation of RGX-104 as both a monotherapy as well as in combination with CPIs.
As part of the ongoing Phase 1a/b clinical trial, 15 patients with a variety of solid tumors have been treated with escalating doses of RGX-104 monotherapy. Patients treated with RGX-104 had a median of six prior therapies with a range of 1-12, highlighting a population of patients with profoundly resistant disease.Activation of the LXR-ApoE pathway with oral administration of RGX-104 was associated with immune-stimulatory activity in 9 of 10 evaluable patients. This was demonstrated by an increase (up to 11-fold) in activated circulating PD-1+CD8+ T cells during treatment. T cell activation was observed in patients who experienced modulation of the innate immune system during treatment. The effect of RGX-104 on the innate immune system consisted of both MDSC depletion (up to 95% decrease) as well as DC activation as indicated by induction of PD-L1 expression (up to 100% increase). In most cases these effects were observed within two weeks of treatment initiation and generally preceded the onset of T cell activation.
Safety data demonstrate good tolerability with on-target safety findings in the first three dosing cohorts. One patient experienced a DLT of grade 4 reversible neutropenia – a known potential effect of LXR agonism – that reversed within one week, allowing the patient to subsequently tolerate a 50% dose reduction. No MTD has been reached to date. Stable disease has been observed in 4 of 12 evaluable patients, including three who have failed prior checkpoint inhibitor therapy, for periods of at least 8 weeks.Rgenix plans to enroll subsequent dose-escalation cohorts of the RGX-104 monotherapy trial in Q4 2017. Additionally, Rgenix is planning to initiate the Phase 1b expansion component of the study, comprised of disease directed cohorts receiving RGX-104 monotherapy as well as cohorts receiving RGX-104 combined with a CPI, projected to begin in 1H 2018.The LXR-ApoE pathway was discovered as a cancer target using a microRNA (miRNA) based target discovery approach originally developed at The Rockefeller University and now exclusively licensed to Rgenix.

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Augmenix Announces Positive Clinical Trial Results Demonstrating Efficacy of SpaceOAR

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 29 settembre 2017

prostateResearchers have long known that higher radiation doses (dose escalation) are more effective at killing tumors. However, the amount of radiation safely delivered to the prostate is limited by the rectum proximity, and concerns of creating long-term rectal injury and associated side effects. Physicians at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center recently evaluated 44 men receiving SpaceOAR Hydrogel followed by dose-escalated (45 Gray) SBRT. The data show that SpaceOAR Hydrogel significantly reduces rectal injury in men undergoing high-dose SBRT for prostate cancer. Specifically, 13.6 percent of treated men had rectal mucosal injury in the study, all of which were mildly symptomatic and completely healed within six months following treatment. These findings are significant, as prior clinical research found that 90 percent of non-SpaceOAR Hydrogel patients treated with the same SBRT regimen experienced similar radiation-induced mucosal injury due to higher rectal wall radiation doses. None of the patients exhibited signs of biochemical cancer recurrence in the 12-month follow up period.“Hypofractionated approaches are gaining momentum in the treatment of prostate cancer, and in our experience, high-dose regimens have provided exceptionally high rates of biochemical control, but at the cost of an increased risk of rectal complications associated with the rectal wall dose,” said Michael Folkert, MD, radiation oncologist and brachytherapy specialist at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. “Our new study demonstrates that use of the perirectal hydrogel spacer gets us the ‘room’ we need to safely deliver the most potent therapeutic doses to patients, which may ultimately lead to the optimal cancer control while significantly reducing the risk of treatment related complications.” As the first and only prostate cancer spacing device to receive Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance, SpaceOAR Hydrogel is placed between the prostate and rectum, protecting the rectum and surrounding tissue from high-dose radiation exposure. Long-term clinical data has shown that at both three and five years post-radiation therapy (using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy), patients treated with SpaceOAR Hydrogel demonstrated significant bowel, urinary and sexual function benefits.1-3
“We are excited by the successful results from this study, as it is the first time we’ve evaluated SpaceOAR Hydrogel in prostate cancer patients treated with high-dose SBRT, and the findings confirm a significant clinical benefit,” said John Pedersen, CEO, Augmenix. “As this robust data indicates – along with the other positive data on our hydrogel spacing technology presented this week at ASTRO – we remain steadfast in our vision to develop disruptive medical technology that improves the lives of patients receiving radiation therapy.”Prior SpaceOAR Hydrogel clinical studies have demonstrated significant reductions in long-term radiation side effects, and improvements in patient quality of life following the delivery of standard prostate radiation doses. This recent study was designed to see if SpaceOAR Hydrogel allows for safe prostate dose escalation, which if proven safe in other studies, has the potential to reduce cancer recurrence rates following prostate radiotherapy.For more information on SpaceOAR Hydrogel, visit (photo: prostate)

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Treatment of heart attack patients depends on history of cancer

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 20 settembre 2017

cuoreSophia Antipolis Treatment of heart attack patients depends on their history of cancer, according to research published today in European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care. The study in more than 35 000 heart attack patients found they were less likely to receive recommended drugs and interventions, and more likely to die in hospital if they had cancer than if they did not. “It is well known that cancer patients may have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease as a result of their treatment,” said senior author Dr Dragana Radovanovic, head of the AMIS Plus Data Centre in Zurich, Switzerland. “However, on the other hand, little is known about the treatment and outcomes of cancer patients who have an acute myocardial infarction.”This study investigated whether acute myocardial infarction patients with a history of cancer received the same guideline recommended treatment and had the same in-hospital outcomes as those without cancer.The study included 35 249 patients enrolled in the acute myocardial infarction in Switzerland (AMIS Plus) registry between 2002 and mid-2015. Of those, 1 981 (5.6%) had a history of cancer.Propensity score matching was used to create two groups of 1 981 patients each – one with cancer history and one without – that were matched for age, gender, and cardiovascular risk factors.The researchers compared the proportions of patients in each group who received specific immediate drug therapies for acute myocardial infarction, and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) to open blocked arteries. They also compared the rates of in-hospital complications and death between the two groups. The researchers found that cancer patients underwent PCI less frequently (odds ratio [OR], 0.76; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.67–0.88) and received P2Y12 blockers (OR, 0.82; 95% CI 0.71–0.94) and statins (OR, 0.87; 95% CI, 0.76–0.99) less frequently. In-hospital mortality was significantly higher in patients with cancer than those without (10.7% versus 7.6%; OR, 1.45; 95% CI, 1.17–1.81).Patients with a history of cancer were more likely to have complications while in hospital. They had 44% higher odds of cardiogenic shock, 47% higher chance of bleeding, and 67% greater odds of developing heart failure than those with no history of cancer.Dr Radovanovic said: “Patients with a history of cancer were less likely to receive evidence-based treatments for myocardial infarction. They were 24% less likely to undergo PCI, 18% less likely to receive P2Y12 antagonists and 13% less likely to receive statins. They had also more complications and were 45% more likely to die while in hospital.”“More research is needed to find out why cancer patients receive suboptimal treatment for myocardial infarction and have poorer outcomes,” continued Dr Radovanovic.
“Possible reasons could be the type and stage of cancer, or severe comorbidities. Some cancer patients may have a very limited life expectancy and refuse treatment for myocardial infarction,” she added.

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Protecting workers: stricter limits on cancer-causing substances

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 settembre 2017

europeNew EU rules to protect workers from carcinogens and mutagens in the workplace were voted in by the Employment Committee. The legislation, approved by 42 votes in favour, none against and 8 abstentions and already informally agreed with EU Ministers, sets EU-wide rules to eliminate and reduce all carcinogens and mutagens in workplaces.Employers will have to assess the risk of exposure for workers and take preventive measures. This should tackle the primary cause of work-related deaths in the EU, i.e. cancer. The aim is to help save up to 100 000 lives over the next 50 years.It includes a lower “occupational exposure limit (OEL)”, i.e. a maximum quantity of harmful substances that workers can be exposed to, for:
· chromium VI, used in textile dyes, paints and leather tanning materials and generated during the casting, welding or cutting of stainless steel
· hardwood dust, produced, for instance, by cutting or pulverising wood
· vinyl chloride monomer, mainly used to produce PVC
MEPs ensured that the Commission will have to assess the possibility of including reprotoxic substances, i.e. those having effects on sexual function and fertility, by the first quarter of 2019.New rules also establish that the national authority responsible for the health surveillance of workers can decide that health surveillance must continue after the end of exposure, for as long as needed to safeguard health.
For chromium VI, a limit value of 0,010 mg/m3 will be in place for the first 5 years after the date on which it is applicable in national law, subsequently lowered to 0,005 mg/m3 afterwards. A derogation for welding, plasma cutting or similar processes puts a limit of 0.025 mg/m3 for the first 5 years and 0,005 mg/m3 thereafter.For hard wood dust, a limit is set at 3 mg/m3 for five years after the entry into force of the directive and is thereafter lowered to 2 mg/m3. The Parliament will put the draft directive to the final vote during one of forthcoming plenaries.

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International Forum on Cancer Patients Empowerment “Shared decisions, one policy”

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 11 maggio 2017

università studi milanoMilano, 16 al 17 maggio 2017 presso l’Università degli Studi. Nella sessione di apertura dalle 9.30 alle 10.15 sono attesi gli interventi del Ministro della Salute, Beatrice Lorenzin, e del Ministro dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca, Valeria Fedeli. L’equilibrio tra innovazione e sostenibilità, in uno scenario caratterizzato dai nuovi trend dell’oncologia di precisione e della medicina genica e personalizzata, sarà al centro di una
successiva sessione dedicata (dalle 11.45 alle 13.30), dove interverranno tra gli altri, Mario Melazzini, Presidente dell’Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco, Massimo Scaccabarozzi, Presidente di Farmindustria, e Nathalie Moll, EFPIA General Director. Nella giornata del 17 maggio, Gianluca Vago, Rettore dell’Università degli Studi di Milano introdurrà la sessione di apertura, in cui Paolo Corradini, Direttore del Dipartimento di Oncologia ed Onco-ematologia dell’Ateneo milanese, illustrerà l’esperienza maturata negli anni da quello che oggi, con oltre 60 addetti, si propone come un centro di eccellenza, tra i più grandi a livello europeo, dedicato alla ricerca e cura oncologica. Il Forum avrà luogo presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano, sede di importanti gruppi di ricerca operanti nel contesto e partecipe di molti dei più rilevanti programmi di ricerca nazionali e internazionali sul fronte della ricerca scientifica e su quello del trasferimento tecnologico e di sviluppo applicativo dei risultati della ricerca scientifica. La partecipazione dei cittadini ai processi decisionali rappresenta uno dei valori fondamentali su cui si basa la strategia comunitaria europea, anche nella pianificazione dei nuovi programmi sanitari. “Shared decisions, one policy” è il primo Forum internazionale dedicato ai diritti dei pazienti e al loro attivo coinvolgimento nel processo decisionale clinico e nelle politiche di sanità pubblica nell’era dell’oncologia personalizzata, con particolare riferimento alle esigenze di omogeneizzazione e riequilibrio tra i diversi standard assistenziali europei.
Il Forum propone una sintesi multidisciplinare e multidimensionale, offrendo il contributo di tutte le categorie a vario titolo interessate e coinvolte su questo tema in Italia e in Europa: rappresentanti dei pazienti, operatori sanitari, politici, legislatori e regolatori, organizzazioni internazionali, organismi governativi e aziende farmaceutiche. Il Forum contribuisce al dialogo internazionale sul diritto umano ad uno stato ottimale di salute, collocandosi a pieno titolo all’interno del contesto dell’azione comune europea sul controllo del cancro.
La partecipazione al Forum non prevede costi di iscrizione ed è aperta a tutti gli interessati, previa registrazione sul sito: (foto: università studi milano)

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International Forum on Cancer Patients Empowerment

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porta nuova milanoMilano 16 e 17 maggio a Milano l’International Forum on Cancer Patients Empowerment, primo appuntamento promosso su questo tema a livello europeo.
Nella sessione di apertura il 16 maggio dalle 9.30 alle 10.15 sono attesi gli interventi del Ministro della Salute, Beatrice Lorenzin, e del Ministro dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca, Valeria Fedeli. L’equilibrio tra innovazione e sostenibilità, in uno scenario caratterizzato dai nuovi trend dell’oncologia di precisione e della medicina genica e personalizzata, sarà al centro di una successiva sessione dedicata (dalle 11.45 alle 13.30), dove interverranno tra gli altri, Mario Melazzini, Presidente dell’Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco, Massimo Scaccabarozzi, Presidente di Farmindustria, e Nathalie Moll, EFPIA General Director. Nella giornata del 17 maggio, Gianluca Vago, Rettore dell’Università degli Studi di Milano introdurrà la sessione di apertura, in cui Paolo Corradini, Direttore del Dipartimento di Oncologia ed Onco-ematologia dell’Ateneo milanese, illustrerà l’esperienza maturata negli anni da quello che oggi, con oltre 60 addetti, si propone come un centro di eccellenza, tra i più grandi a livello europeo, dedicato alla ricerca e cura oncologica.
Il concetto di patient empowerment, coniato e sviluppatosi negli Stati Uniti a partire dagli anni ’70, ha segnato una vera e propria rivoluzione nel mondo della salute. Un cambiamento culturale, che ha posto il paziente al centro del processo di cura, con la sua storia personale, il suo vissuto, il suo ambiente, la sua rete di relazioni. E’ stato dimostrato, infatti, che la consapevolezza del paziente rispetto alle proprie condizioni di salute e al proprio percorso di cura incida positivamente sull’esito delle terapie e porti benefici alla collettività in termini di risparmio e maggiore efficienza del Sistema. Per questo, l’empowerment del paziente oncologico si pone oggi come riferimento imprescindibile e unificante delle politiche a livello globale: la partecipazione dei pazienti ai processi decisionali è uno dei valori fondamentali su cui si basa la pianificazione delle nuove strategie sanitarie dell’UE. I pazienti europei sono chiamati ad essere più coinvolti in ogni aspetto della loro salute, dal rimodellamento della sperimentazione clinica alla legislazione e in tutte le questioni che li riguardano in prima persona, compresa quella della gestione dei dati genetici, al centro dei nuovi protocolli della medicina personalizzata.
Troppo spesso, tuttavia, il “patient empowerment” resta ancora relegato a una dichiarazione di intenti e raramente tradotto nella prassi medica e sanitaria quotidiana. “Shared decisions, one policy” è il titolo scelto per questo primo Forum, che affronterà la sfida di tradurre in azioni concrete e buone pratiche la centralità del paziente oncologico, grazie al ruolo chiave che può essere giocato dalla sinergia tra scienza e formazione. Con questo obiettivo, l’evento vedrà il contributo di tutti gli attori coinvolti nel Sistema (rappresentanti dei pazienti, operatori sanitari, politici, legislatori, regolatori, organizzazioni internazionali, organismi governativi e aziende farmaceutiche) per fare il punto sui traguardi raggiunti e tracciare una roadmap per affrontare esigenze e sfide future.

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Nuove prospettive dell’immuno-oncologia

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tumore metastaticoVienna. Ogni giorno in Italia si registrano più di 110 diagnosi di tumore del polmone, complessivamente nel 2016 sono stimati 41.300 nuovi casi nel nostro Paese. Il 60-70% è individuato in fase avanzata, oggi per questi pazienti si stanno aprendo importanti prospettive nel trattamento in prima linea grazie alla combinazione delle molecole immuno-oncologiche innovative. Lo dimostrano i risultati presentati alla 17° Conferenza mondiale sul tumore del polmone dell’International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer in corso a Vienna. “L’immuno-oncologia – sottolinea il prof. Federico Cappuzzo, direttore Oncologia all’Ospedale di Ravenna – ha già evidenziato risultati decisivi in seconda linea nella fase avanzata della malattia. La sfida ora è individuare i pazienti che possono maggiormente beneficiare di questa nuova arma in prima linea, cioè al momento della diagnosi. Sono incoraggianti i risultati aggiornati dello studio CheckMate -012, dopo un follow-up di circa 16 mesi, sulla combinazione di nivolumab e ipilimumab nella forma non a piccole cellule, la più frequente. I tassi di risposta obiettiva confermata in tutti i pazienti trattati sono pari al 43%, quasi il doppio rispetto alla percentuale registrata con nivolumab in monoterapia (23%). Inoltre, la sopravvivenza a un anno copre il 100% dei pazienti quando l’espressione tumorale di PD-L1 è superiore al 50%. Positivi anche i dati sulla sopravvivenza libera da progressione. Per questi pazienti si sta sempre più concretizzando la possibilità di evitare la chemioterapia e aver accesso a farmaci innovativi caratterizzati da una tollerabilità migliore. Nel frattempo aspettiamo i risultati di CheckMate -227, questo studio di fase III in cui l’Italia ha svolto un ruolo determinante sta valutando le combinazioni con nivolumab in prima linea: riteniamo che il futuro sia rappresentato dall’associazione delle molecole immuno-oncologiche”. Il principale fattore di rischio di questa neoplasia è rappresentato dal fumo, un vizio sempre più diffuso fra le donne: infatti il 23% delle italiane è tabagista. Con gravi conseguenze: tra il 1999 e il 2011 l’incidenza del carcinoma del polmone è diminuita del 20,4% tra gli uomini, mentre è aumentata del 34% nelle donne. La percentuale di sopravvivenza a 5 anni delle persone colpite da carcinoma del polmone in Italia è pari al 14,3%, più elevata rispetto alla media europea (13%). Le possibilità di guarigione cambiano drasticamente in relazione allo stadio in cui avviene la diagnosi. Complessivamente, la sopravvivenza a 5 anni nella forma non a piccole cellule in stadio I è compresa tra il 47% e il 50%, mentre per lo stadio IV scende al 2%. I tassi tendono a essere più bassi nel tumore del polmone a piccole cellule perché questa forma cresce più rapidamente (in stadio I sono compresi tra il 20 e il 40%, in stadio IV scendono all’1%). “Lo studio CheckMate -032 presentato a Vienna – spiega il prof. Francesco Grossi, Responsabile UOS Tumori Polmonari all’IRCCS AOU San Martino IST, Istituto Nazionale per la Ricerca sul Cancro di Genova – ha valutato nivolumab in monoterapia e in combinazione con ipilimumab in pazienti precedentemente trattati, quindi in seconda linea, colpiti proprio da tumore del polmone a piccole cellule. Il tasso stimato di sopravvivenza a due anni è stato del 30% con nivolumab più ipilimumab e del 17% con nivolumab in monoterapia. Non solo. Il tasso di risposta obiettiva con la combinazione era pari al 25%, il doppio di quello riportato con la monoterapia (11%). È la conferma che la combinazione rappresenta la strada da seguire”.

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Sabato e domenica la quarta tappa del primo tour nazionale WALCE con test della spirometria gratuiti

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sigaretteUna sigaretta gigante campeggerà per tutto il weekend in via VIII febbraio 1848: una struttura alta 3 metri e lunga 14, con all’interno un vero e proprio percorso multimediale di prevenzione e informazione sui danni arrecati dal fumo e test spirometrico gratuito. “Esci dal tunnel. Non bruciarti il futuro” approda domani nel centro storico di Padova, quarta tappa (dopo Torino, Bari e Milano) del tour nazionale di sensibilizzazione sul tumore al polmone organizzato da WALCE Onlus (Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe), l’associazione europea dedita ai pazienti affetti dalla neoplasia e ai loro familiari. “Abbiamo lanciato il progetto in occasione della Giornata Mondiale senza Tabacco e dopo aver incontrato i cittadini, i media e le istituzioni di Torino, Bari e Milano, siamo qui a Padova, a fianco delle Istituzioni, per ribadire con forza quanto sia importante la prevenzione e quali sono i gravi danni causati dal fumo, attivo e passivo – spiega la prof.ssa Silvia Novello, presidente di WALCE Onlus e docente nel Dipartimento di Oncologia Polmonare presso l’Università di Torino. L’iniziativa sarà inaugurata sabato mattina alle 10.00 con il taglio del nastro, e proseguirà fino a domenica pomeriggio. Tutte le attività sono gratuite e aperte al pubblico dalle 10 alle 19 nelle due giornate: si parte dal totem posacenere in ingresso, si passa al desk per l’esame spirometrico, si può parlare con lo pneumologo e con l’oncologo e ricevere opuscoli informativi e gadget. “Le malattie respiratorie correlate al tabacco sono in sensibile aumento in tutte le fasce d’età, anche tra i non tabagisti: – spiega il prof. Pierfranco Conte, coordinatore tecnico scientifico della Rete Oncologica Veneta – irritazione a occhi e naso, mal di testa, secchezza della gola, vertigini, nausea, tosse e malattie respiratorie più gravi come la bronchite cronica o la bronco-pneumopatia ostruttiva. Inoltre, respirare sigarette, proprie e altrui, determina il 90% del totale dei decessi per tumore del polmone, che nel 2014 ha colpito 40mila persone”. La campagna ha il patrocinio di AIOM (Associazione Italiana di Oncologia Medica), Fondazione Insieme Contro il Cancro, Healthy Foundation, AIPO (Associazione Italiana Pneumologi Ospedalieri), dell’Ordine dei Medici Chirurghi e Odontoiatri della Provincia di Bari, della Società Italiana di Chirurgia Toracica (SICT), della Rete Oncologica Veneta, dell’Istituto Oncologico Veneto IRCCS di Padova e del Comune di Padova – Città Sane. “Il fumo fa male è una verità dimostrata e l’assunzione costante e prolungata nel tempo di tabacco incide sulla durata della vita media – sottolinea il vicesindaco di Padova, Eleonora Mosco – E’ necessario sensibilizzare l’opinione pubblica sui rischi connessi al tabagismo. L’invito pertanto che rivolgo a tutti coloro che sono ostaggio di questo brutto e deleterio vizio, è di smettere di fumare, per se stessi e per gli altri. Mi rivolgo in particolare ai tantissimi giovani che negli ultimi anni, secondo i sondaggi, sono accaniti consumatori di tabacco sfuso, più economico delle sigarette. Il compito di tutti noi è dunque quello di tenere alta l’attenzione su questo tema di vitale importanza per la salute, puntando sulla prevenzione universalmente riconosciuta come l’arma più efficace nella lotta a tante patologie. Come Amministrazione sosteniamo con orgoglio il progetto Esci dal tunnel, non bruciarti il futuro, che farà tappa a Padova questo week-end ringraziando gli oncologi e pneumologi che scenderanno in piazza contro i danni del fumo”.

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Contro melanoma, cautela al sole e tempi brevi per farmaci

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Ripetuti eccessi di esposizione ai raggi solari durante l’infanzia triplicano il rischio di sviluppare il melanoma da adulti. Per questo motivo i bambini vanno difesi dal sole con adeguate protezioni, evitando sempre le ore centrali della giornata, soprattutto con l’arrivo della bella stagione. Ma alla prevenzione si aggiungono nuove strumenti di cura efficaci per combattere questo tumore, immunoterapia e farmaci mirati su bersagli cellulari. Se ne è parlato al convegno nazionale dell’Associazione italiana di oncologi a medica (Aiom) intitolato Nuove frontiere nel trattamento del melanoma, tenutosi a Napoli. Oggi, infatti, si stanno affacciando nuove armi realmente efficaci, come l’immunoterapia che agisce stimolando le difese immunitarie contro le cellule tumorali con importante beneficio per i malati. Inoltre sono in via di registrazione anche in Italia farmaci mirati su bersagli cellulari da impiegare nei pazienti con melanoma metastatico che presentano specifiche alterazioni molecolari. I tempi tra la registrazione europea e la successiva approvazione dei nuovi farmaci in Italia sono purtroppo ancora lunghi. Gli oncologi chiedono che vengano velocizzati i processi registrativi per i trattamenti oncologici realmente innovativi come nel caso del melanoma. «La battaglia contro questa forma di cancro è difficile» spiega il professor Carmine Pinto, segretario nazionale Aiom «ma si può vincere ponendo più attenzione a semplici regole di prevenzione. Troppe persone si e spongono al sole senza precauzioni, in particolare i bambini rappresentano l’anello debole della catena. Un richiamo da tenere in considerazione soprattutto in questi mesi, in cui molti approfittano del fine settimana per prendere un po’ di colore. Vanno inoltre totalmente bandite le lampade abbronzanti che, secondo l’Agenzia internazionale per la ricerca sul cancro (Iarc), aumentano il rischio di melanoma del 75%, al pari del fumo di sigaretta, se utilizzate prima dei 30 anni». (fonte farmacista33)

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Nordion Launches Custom Doses for TheraSphere® Liver Cancer Therapy in Europe and Canada

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Ottawa, Canada (PRNewswire) Nordion Inc. (TSX: NDN) (NYSE: NDZ), a leading provider of products and services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, today launched a new custom dose feature in Europe and Canada for TheraSphere®, Nordion’s Y-90 microsphere treatment for liver cancer. Nordion has also filed a request with the Food and Drug Administration for approval of the custom dose feature in the United States.In addition to standard dose vial configurations, Nordion now offers an expanded range of TheraSphere treatment options with custom doses available in wider variety of increments. The custom doses are designed to provide greater treatment flexibility for physicians, save administration time and reduce product waste, while limiting unnecessary radiation exposure to patients and healthcare professionals.Nordion has also enhanced its Treatment Window Illustrator tool to demonstrate how custom doses can be selected and compared to standard dose vial configurations.Nordion is attending the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Annual Scientific Meeting 2012, March 24-29, in San Francisco. Nordion representatives will be at Booth #1234 to talk about TheraSphere to physicians attending the conference. Nordion will host two “Eat and Be Educated” learning sessions at its booth:
TheraSphere is a liver cancer therapy that consists of millions of small glass beads (20 to 30 micrometers in diameter) containing radioactive yttrium-90 (Y-90). The product is injected by physicians into the artery of the patient’s liver through a catheter, which allows the treatment to be delivered directly to the tumour via blood flow. In the US, TheraSphere is used to treat patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common form of primary liver cancer, and can be used as a bridge to surgery or transplantation in these patients. It is also indicated for the treatment of HCC patients with portal vein thrombosis (PVT). TheraSphere is approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under a Humanitarian Device Exemption (HDE). HDE approvals are based on demonstrated safety and probable clinical benefit. However, effectiveness of the indication for use has not been established.
Nordion Inc. (TSX: NDN) (NYSE: NDZ) is a global health science company that provides market-leading products used for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. We are a leading provider of medical isotopes, targeted therapies and sterilization technologies that benefit the lives of millions of people in more than 60 countries around the world. Our products are used daily by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical-device manufacturers, hospitals, clinics and research laboratories. Nordion has more than 500 highly skilled employees in three locations. Find out more at and follow us at

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Experts Meet to Drive Improvements in Cancer Treatment in Europe

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"seeds" used for brachytherapy of pr...

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Copenhagen, (PRNewswire). Clinicians come together in Copenhagen to discuss the best approaches for future brain, prostate and lung cancer radiotherapy treatment. Today clinicians from around the world will gather at the 4th Brainlab European Radiotherapy User Meeting to share their best practice and experiences in treating difficult-to-treat cancers using advanced radiotherapy The two-day meeting held at the Global Center of Stereotactic Radiotherapy at Rigs Hospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark, aims to discuss the best approaches for future radiation treatment to achieve the best outcomes for patients. Over 170 clinicians from nearly 90 different international cancer centres will hear 33 different advanced approaches for treating cancers across the body using modern radiation therapy techniques. Highlights of the meeting will be keynote presentations on new protocols for the treatment of lung, prostate and brain cancers with radiosurgery. These protocols will show that radiosurgery can offer faster treatment times, shorter periods of treatment and in turn allows greater numbers of patients to be treated using the same advanced radiotherapy systems. Prostate Cancer clinical specialist Professor Raymond Miralbell, Head of Radiation Oncology at University Hospital Geneva, Switzerland, will present his experiences treating prostate cancer using a novel radiosurgery approach. Brainlab’s bi-annual Radiotherapy meeting immediately follows the launch of the Global Center of Stereotactic Radiotherapy at Rigs Hospitalet, launched to local clinicians the previous day. The facility is one of the most well equipped cancer centers worldwide with advanced technology that allows clinicians to both treat and research some of the most modern techniques available to patients.
Brainlab develops, manufactures and markets software-driven medical technology that supports targeted, less-invasive treatment. Core products are image-guided systems and software that provide real-time information used for surgical navigation and radiosurgical planning and delivery.Brainlab technology drives collaboration between hospitals and clinicians from a wide variety of subspecialties-from neurosurgery and oncology to orthopedics, ENT, CMF and spine and trauma. This integration delivers better access to improved and more efficient treatment.Founded in 1989, the privately held Brainlab group has more than 5,000 systems installed in over 80 countries. Based in Munich, Germany, Brainlab employs 1020 people in 17 offices worldwide.

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