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Greater EU Civil Protection capacity needed in light of lessons from COVID-19

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 23 settembre 2020

Parliament calls for the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism to be enhanced so that the EU can better respond to large-scale emergencies such as COVID-19. The EU Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) has successfully supported member states to save lives, including during the COVID-19 crisis, by coordinating and assisting in civil protection efforts. Medical equipment such as ventilators, personal protective equipment, vaccines and therapeutics and laboratory supplies have also been procured through rescEU to support national health services during the pandemic. Just this week, it was used to channel further aid to refugees on Lesvos, following the fire in Moria refugee camp.However, the pandemic has also shown that, when many member states are hit simultaneously by the same emergency, the way the current crisis management is set up has its limits. Parliament therefore wants to strengthen the EU’s role through the rescEU to ensure that member states are not left to rely on own assets and voluntary support when dealing with such emergencies.In ongoing EU budget and recovery fund negotiations, Parliament has supported the significant increase in the budget proposed by the Commission.Parliament, however, wants a significantly larger amount to be allocated to preparedness, including for the purchase of necessary new rescEU equipment, materials and resources to be better able to assist member states when national capacities are overstretched. This would make it possible to respond swiftly and effectively to large-scale emergencies or to events which rarely occur but which have a high impact, including medical emergencies such as COVID-19.To be more transparent about the use of EU funding, MEPs also want to specify how money is allocated across the three pillars of the mechanism: prevention, preparedness and response.

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Zayo Announces Largest Capacity Wavelengths Deal

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 31 ottobre 2019

Zayo Group Holdings (NYSE:ZAYO) announces that it has signed a deal for the largest amount of capacity sold on any route in a single deal in the company’s history. The deal will provide the customer with approximately 5 terabits (Tb) of capacity to connect key data centers.With the world’s data consumption expected to grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025, demand for infrastructure capacity continues to accelerate. This trend is especially apparent among webscale, content and cloud providers that need diverse, high-capacity, highly reliable connectivity between their data centers. As a result, more are turning to dedicated, high-capacity wavelength solutions.In addition to Zayo’s world class long haul network, the company leverages its deep, dense fiber assets in almost all North American and Western European metro markets to deliver a premier metro wavelength offering. Increasingly, enterprises across multiple sectors including finance, retail, pharma and others, are leveraging this network for dedicated connectivity as they seek ways to have more control over their growing bandwidth needs.
Zayo’s extensive wavelength network provides dedicated bandwidth to major data centers, carrier hotels, cable landing stations and enterprise locations across our long-haul and metro networks. Zayo continues to invest in the network, adding new routes and optronics to eliminate local stops, reduce the distance between essential markets and minimize regeneration points. Options include express, ultra-low and low-latency routes and private dedicated networks.

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Interxion to Expand Capacity in Amsterdam and Frankfurt

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 3 Maggio 2018

INTERXION HOLDING NV (NYSE: INXN), a leading European provider of carrier and cloud-neutral colocation data centre services, today announced new data centre builds in Amsterdam (“AMS10”) and Frankfurt (“FRA14”), together with an expansion at the Science Park facility (“AMS9.2”) and the acquisition of land and a building at the Schiphol-Rijk campus in Amsterdam. As a result of these land bank and build projects, Interxion today announced an increase in its 2018 annual capital expenditure guidance to €365 million – €390 million.“Interxion is continuing to see a strong flow of opportunities across markets and customer segments and we are increasing our expansion programme to address this demand,” said David Ruberg, Interxion’s Chief Executive Officer. “Customers are recognising the value of our communities of interest and our trusted provider status for their mission critical applications. We are capturing deals from multiple customer segments, including connectivity, digital media, Cloud platforms and enterprises, and across the size spectrum. Of the announced phases in AMS9.2, AMS10 and FRA14, approximately 25% of the capacity is pre-sold.”AMS10 will be Interxion’s tenth data centre in Amsterdam and will be adjacent to AMS8 on land owned by Interxion on its Schiphol-Rijk campus. In total, AMS10 is expected to provide 14,400 square metres (”sqm”) of equipped space and a total of 26 megawatts (“MW”) of customer available power when fully built out. The first phase of AMS10 will provide 2,700 sqm of equipped space and is scheduled to open in 3Q 2019, while the second phase will provide 4,100 sqm of equipped space and is scheduled to open in 1Q 2020. The capital expenditure associated with the first two phases of AMS10 is expected to be €128 million.In addition, Interxion has purchased land and a building on the Schiphol-Rijk campus that can accommodate a future data centre of approximately 6,000 sqm of equipped space. The purchase price for the land and building was €19 million. The power required for this site has also been obtained.The AMS9 data centre in Amsterdam’s Science Park will be expanded by 500 sqm and 1MW of customer available power. The capital expenditure associated with the AMS9 expansion (“AMS9.2”) is expected to be €8 million. This phase is scheduled to open in 4Q 2018.In Frankfurt, Interxion will construct its fourteenth data centre (“FRA14”) on owned land in its existing campus. FRA14 is expected to provide 4,600 sqm of equipped space and will have approximately 10 MW of customer available power when fully built out. FRA14 will be constructed in two phases – the first phase will provide approximately 2,400 sqm of equipped space and is scheduled to open in 3Q 2019, while the second phase will provide 2,200 sqm and is scheduled to open in 4Q 2019. The total capital expenditure associated with FRA14 is expected to be €76 million.

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Antitrust: Commission invites comments on TenneT’s proposed commitments to increase cross border electricity capacity with Denmark

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 1 aprile 2018

The European Commission has invited comments on commitments by the German grid operator TenneT to increase capacity on the electricity interconnector between Western Denmark and Germany. The commitments are in response to Commission concerns that capacity restrictions may breach EU antitrust rules.Prior to the opening of the investigation and sending of a preliminary assessment on 19 March 2018, TenneT had already been in commitment discussions with the Commission. The opening of the investigation allowed TenneT to formally submit a set of commitments to address the Commission’s concerns. In particular, TenneT is proposing to ensure that the maximum capacity of the interconnector between Denmark and Germany would be made available to the market, while preserving the security of the German high-voltage electricity network. The Commission invites all stakeholders to submit their views on the commitments. Taking into account all comments received, the Commission will then take a final view on whether the commitments address its competition concerns. Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said: “Electricity interconnectors must be open to cross-border trade if we are to build a real Energy Union. To achieve this we need to ensure that energy flows freely without any capacity restrictions that may breach EU antitrust rules. In this context, we will assess whether TenneT’s proposed commitments address our competition concerns in light of the responses of interested parties.

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NTT Communications to Share Industry Views with Global Carrier Community at Capacity Europe 2017 in London

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 26 ottobre 2017

london-centralLondon. Executives from NTT Communications (NTT Com), the global data and IP services arm of Fortune Global 500 telecom leader NTT (TYO: 9432), will play a prominent speaking role at this year’s Capacity Europe conference in London – Europe’s largest annual meeting for the global carrier community. During the conference, which runs October 24-26 at the Intercontinental London 02, NTT Com executives will participate in three panels that provide expert analysis and perspective on trending industry topics including the Internet of Things (IoT), network security and the importance of innovation and leadership.NTT Com is in a unique position to address global wholesale trends and opportunities as the global carrier consistently ranks as one of the top IP network providers worldwide.“Coming together as an industry to share insights and perspective is not only beneficial to the companies attending Capacity Europe but, more importantly, the customers that we collectively serve,” said Michael Wheeler, executive vice president of NTT Communications Global IP Network at NTT America.Mr. Wheeler will speak on the panel entitled “The Internet of Things and Meeting Data Demands” that takes place at 2 p.m. local time on Tuesday, October 24. The session will explore the steps IP providers are taking to handle the levels of data IoT devices demand from their networks as well as innovate their business models to benefit from the growth of IoT applications.Brent Duncan, senior vice president of Sales & Marketing of NTT Communications Global IP Network at NTT America, will take part in a panel that focuses on “Confidence, Innovation & Leadership,” scheduled to take place at 2:15 p.m. local time on Wednesday, October 25. The session, that will be moderated by Alan Burkitt-Grey, executive editor of Capacity Media and Global Telecoms Business, will take a closer look at an exclusive global research study monitoring the most important issues affecting senior international telecom executives.Darren Grabowski, the head of NTT Com’s Network Security team, will also offer expert perspective on a panel entitled “Alleviating the Threat: Solutions to Deliver Safe Networks.” The session takes place at 1:15 p.m. local time on Thursday, October 26 and will explore the pathway to delivering increasingly secure networks. As a recognition for its leadership in the industry, NTT Com was shortlisted for numerous Global Carrier Awards, including Best Global (Data), Best Pan-European, Best North American and Best Asian Wholesale Carrier. The Global Carrier Awards recognize innovation, vision and excellence in the global wholesale industry. The winners will be announced at Capacity Europe 2017 on October 25.

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Istanbul New Airport

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 16 febbraio 2016

istanbul new airportIn 2018 one of the largest global infrastructure projects will go live: Istanbul New Airport. The project will comprise one of the largest airports in the world and thus create one of the biggest air transfer hubs in Europe, serving 350 destinations at a capacity of up to 200 million passengers per year. The airport is currently being built and will start operating in early 2018. Istanbul has already become an increasingly important location for international passenger and air cargo traffic – and Istanbul New Airport is set to support this development even further. (photo: Istanbul newairport)

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Federalising the Eurozone: Towards a true European budget?

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 gennaio 2016

euroDiscussions about a future fiscal capacity for the euro area are too often limited to a comparison of the technical advantages and disadvantages of different modalities of cross-country fiscal shock absorbers. This Policy paper aims to broaden the debate, by connecting these discussions with debates on fiscal union and the exercise of political power in EMU.Through an analysis of past and current debates on EMU, this Policy paper by Eulalia Rubio identifies five different rationales for deepening budgetary integration in a monetary union: ensuring fiscal discipline and stable sovereign debt markets, protecting euro area countries against the risk of asymmetric shocks, equipping the euro area with a capacity to stabilize the economy over the cycle, providing budgetary support for convergence and providing an appropriate fiscal backstop for the banking union. The paper discusses the relevance of these various rationales in today’s EMU and their different implications as regards to mutualizing budgetary resources and powers.A key message of the paper is the need to reflect on the sequence and consistency between actions taken in response to different logics for budgetary integration. For instance, the creation of an ambitious Eurobonds scheme, while not intended to stabilize national economies, it would undoubtedly provide a financial buffer to countries in economic difficulty, thus diminishing the need for a euro-area cross-country stabilisation mechanism. On the contrary, if Eurozone leaders opt for moving towards a market-based fiscal discipline regime, they shall assume that the existence of powerful EMU-level fiscal stabilisation mechanisms is imperative. This Policy paper is a contribution to the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and Centro Studi sul Federalismo (CSF) research project “Which Government for the European Union? An analysis of the current European institutional balance and its possible development”. (photo: federalising)

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Three Options for FCA To Become a Force To Reckon With

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 17 giugno 2015

london-centralLondon, UK “Okay FCA, just stop!” was how General Motors (GM) rebuffed Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) on a possible GM-FCA merger. FCA has lately been pushing beyond its weight to make overtures to numerous auto-manufacturers, rather incessantly in GM’s case. FCA CEO Marchionne has repeatedly expressed his opinion regarding the inevitable consolidation in the automotive industry towards reaping better synergies, especially when over-capacity is a major unsolved issue which should be attended to, sooner rather than later.Closely analysing both brands explains GM’s stand: Just like GM, FCA has a strong SUV and LCV portfolio, yet with a much wider reach in the segment. With 21 models FCA produces close to 2.2 million vehicles in this category encompassing the Americas, Europe and Asia. With 34 models GM on the other hand barely manages to produce the same number of vehicles as FCA in the SUV and LCV segment and predominantly caters to the Americas only. Comparing the small car segment and hybrid capabilities of the two however, we notice that FCA significantly lags behind and finally it becomes clear why Marchionne is pushing for a merger with GM. Despite serving the same geographical base and with 38 models having two more than GM, FCA rakes in just about 2.1million vehicles in the A/B/C segment which is less than half of what GM produces globally in the same segment. A merger with FCA would therefore be a big gamble for GM, as it would only benefit FCA, while at the same time being a liability to GM. Meanwhile, GM is trying to run lean by avoiding the addition of any new factory capacity. Since 2010, GM has shut down operations for low-volume brands such as Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn and kept alive high-volume brands such as Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC. Factoring in these aspects, GM has also recently undergone a major restructuring at a group level themselves. A deal between GM and FCA looks highly unlikely and it showcases that FCA requires GM more than the other way round. Considering their strong portfolio in the small car segment, PSA seems to be the most likely automaker FCA should approach. A merger would help both brands to focus on their strengths, while at the same time gain sufficient market impetus for each other in those regions in which the other lags behind. PSA has a rather strong small car portfolio that FCA can benefit from and needs to become more of a global player. Together PSA and FCA can cater to their specific needs of filling the gaps in each other’s portfolio. Yet a merger with PSA seems to be a slightly difficult proposition as PSA itself is struggling to recapture the market domination they once had and is looking to return to magnitude. The future is all about succeeding in the market or succumbing to its dynamics. There are three possibilities for FCA to succeed. If Marchionne is seriously considering to bring GM onboard, there is a back-door way to do it and FCA might well be pursuing it. The second option would be to partner with tech-giants such as Google or Apple. A disruptor such as them is what FCA needs, as it would instantaneously equip the automaker with ground-breaking technological prowess across automated driving, best-in-class connectivity/HMI among other things, something FCA is currently not well-known for. Thirdly, partnering with PSA seems to be the most logical way ahead. PSA will bring in the volumes required for FCA in Europe, while FCA can help PSA to become a global automaker by helping the French group with its manufacturing facility and dealership network globally, a win-win situation for both.

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Two international courses in mental health accepting candidates

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 Maggio 2015

mental healthThe International Diploma on Mental Health, Human Rights and Law is currently accepting applications for the academic year 2015-16. The Diploma, now in its 8th year of existence, is a collaboration between WHO and the ILS Law College in Pune, India. The course builds the capacity of students to advocate for human rights and to influence national legislative and policy and service reform in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and other key international human rights standards. It is a one year Diploma and includes two residential sessions and distance learning.
Students to date have comprised health and mental health professionals, lawyers, mental health service users/survivors, government officials, social workers, human rights defenders and families and carers. The course is taught be a faculty of renowned international experts in the area.The International Master in Mental Health Policy and Services, an international course promoted by the NOVA University of Lisbon in collaboration with WHO, is now currently accepting applications for the academic year 2015-2017. The main scope of the Master Degree in International Mental Health Policy and Services (MHPS) is to build capacity of mental health professionals to lead and contribute to conceiving, formulating, implementing and evaluating:
National Mental Health Policy
National Mental Health Legislation
Mental Health Services and Care Delivery
The course will start on the 12th of October 2015, with a two-week residential session, at the Faculdade de Ciências Médicas campus in Lisbon. A second two-week residential session will take place in Lisbon, from 4th April 2016. Between the two residential sessions, the students will participate in e-learning teaching activities under the orientation of supervisors.
The second year of the Course will be dedicated to the development of a project and the elaboration of the dissertation, under the orientation of a supervisor. Additional information about the Course can be found at the following site: (photo: mental health)

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First Solar, BELECTRIC to Add 45 Million kWh of Clean Electricity to UK Generation Portfolio

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 8 novembre 2014

Landmead09MAINZ, Germany & TEMPE, Ariz. First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) and BELECTRIC today announced that they have broken ground on a new 46 megawatt (MWDC) utility-scale power plant, in Oxfordshire, Southern England. When completed, the facility will produce 45 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean, solar electricity per year; sufficient to power approximately 14,000 average homes or approximately 25% of the estimated 55,400 households in the city of Oxford.
The project is the fourth to be executed in the United Kingdom (UK) under a First Solar and BELECTRIC Joint Venture, announced in 2013. With its recently built solar farms in Wiltshire and East Anglia, the JV is expecting to reach a total capacity of 80MW in the UK. Together, the farms generate almost 80 million kWh of clean energy per year, while displacing an estimated 35,000 tons of greenhouse gasses, each year.“This latest project is a clear indication of the fact that dramatic efficiency gains and increased cost competitiveness have created an undeniable tipping point for solar power, not only in the UK but around the world. There is no doubt that, thanks to the UK’s renewable energy roadmap, solar PV will help reinforce the country’s efforts to address climate change, while also working towards sustained energy independence,” said Christopher Burghardt, Vice President for Europe at First Solar.A total of 483,157 of First Solar’s advanced thin film modules will be used to power the facility, while BELECTRIC is responsible for the construction and the Balance-of-Systems (BoS) requirements. By displacing 20,000 tons of greenhouse gases each year, the plant will help to maximize the share of climate-friendly power generation in the UK. The project will be in compliance with stringent sustainability standards designed to minimize its impact in the local environment, and to support biodiversity initiatives. Furthermore the land under the solar farm will continue to remain in food production with sheep grazing the site as was the case before the project was constructed.”By combining First Solar’s best-in-class thin film modules and components with our industry-leading BoS and construction techniques, we are effectively helping to realize the vast potential of fast developing solar markets, such as the UK,” said Martin Zembsch, Chief Sales Officer, BELECTRIC. “This project, and the others before it, demonstrates that we can remain competitive in a wide range of regulatoryLandmead12 environments thanks to our singular focus on quality, reliability and competitiveness.”“When we connect this project in the coming months, it will be the UK’s largest and most technologically advanced solar energy plant, incorporating the latest innovations delivered by both BELECTRIC and First Solar,” said Toddington Harper, CEO of BELECTRIC UK. “To put it in context, this single project will produce enough secure, home-grown, solar energy to drive an electric vehicle over 200 million kilometers per year, or the equivalent of approximately 260 round trips to the moon. Combined with the fact that the land under the solar arrays will remain in agricultural use, with areas set aside to support biodiversity, this is a prime example of the multiple benefits that best-in-class solar farm projects can deliver to the UK”.First Solar and BELECTRIC share a longstanding relationship that spans over a decade. In 2013, they realized Europe’s largest thin film PV power plant in Templin, Germany. Bringing together industry-leading capabilities and technologies the two groups established a joint venture to realize selected utility-scale PV projects in Europe, North Africa and the United States.(landmead)

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The Danger From Within Oxford study warns of the increasing risk of internal cyber-attacks

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 20 ottobre 2014

oxford universityIn a new Harvard Business Review article, Professor David Upton of Saïd Business School, and Professor Sadie Creese of Oxford’s Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre warn that internal cyber attacks against companies, are an increasing threat that costs tens of billions of dollars a year worldwide, can destroy companies, and sink the careers of many senior executives. Their study found that while many organisations are intensifying their defences against external attack, these widely used safeguards are often ineffective against attacks involving insiders. Such attacks from insiders, be they from employees, suppliers, or other companies legitimately connected to a company’s computer system, pose a more pernicious threat than external attacks.Cyber attacks on corporations are on the increase. The 2013 cyber attack on Target, where Russian thieves compromised point of sale information, left the company with a potential loss of $420 million, and affected 70 million customers, made headline news. What is less well known however is that this attack came through an unwitting vendor who had authorised access to Target’s computers, and as such was an insider in their ecosystem.Over the past two years Professor Upton and Professor Creese have led an international research project whose goal is to provide a significant step change on insider threat prevention and detection so companies can be better protected. The study found that many managers were ignorant of the threat of insider attacks and the risks it posed from fraud, sabotage, intellectual property theft, and corporate terrorism. The key to reducing their vulnerability, they say, is to adopt the same approach companies applied to improve quality and safety at the end of the last decade. They recommend removing the reliance on the IT team and making it everyone’s responsibility to ensure critical assets are protected, proposing five steps that managers should implement immediately to reduce the risks:Introduce a clear and concise policy to address what people must or must not do to deter insiders who introduce risk through carelessness, negligence or mistakes. The rules must apply to all levels of the organisation and employees should be given tools to help them adhere to the policy (such as on-screen warning messages). The policy should regularly be reinforced with information sessions and internal communications campaigns.
Be open about likely threats so staff can detect them, and customise training to take into account the kinds of attacks they might encounter, such as phishing: phony emails which trick staff into sharing personal details or access codes, or downloading malware when a link is clicked. Encourage employees to report unusual or prohibited technologies or behaviour – such as the use of portable hard drives or asking for confidential data files.
Adopt screening processes and interview techniques designed to weed out potential threats before they become privileged members of staff. Examples include criminal background checks, looking for misrepresentations on resumes, and techniques that assess a candidate’s moral compass. During the interview process managers should also assess cyber-safety awareness.
Organisations must ensure that suppliers or distributors don’t put them at risk or create a back door to their systems. It’s therefore imperative that managers seek out partners and suppliers that have the same risk appetite and culture, and audit them regularly to ensure practices are maintained; if necessary screen their employees for criminal records, check candidates employment histories, and monitor access to its data and applications for unauthorised activity.The researchers recommend using readily available security software to monitor employee activities, such as accessing websites, yielding important information that will help detect danger. Regular risk assessments will identify the source of any threat, vulnerable employees and networks, and the possible consequences if a risk becomes a reality.‘We have burglar alarms installed to prevent people breaking into our houses,’ said Professor Upton. ‘But it’s the people we let through the door that are the problem. It’s the same for organisations. The principles used to defend against external threats just don’t work with insiders. In recent years businesses have been letting more people into their houses – be it through the use of cloud services, Google drives, employees bringing their own devices to work, or through the proliferation of social media and use of big data. Though these people may have a legitimate access to an organisation’s cyber-assets, the scope for them to exploit this or be exploited is hugely increased.’
‘We found wide-scale global ignorance of the nature of the threat organisations face from internal attack, leaving corporate assets vulnerable, jobs and bonuses insecure, and reputations at risk,’ said Professor Creese. ‘We are now expanding the initial survey of 35 companies to 5,000 which will enable us to develop models to detect threats more accurately, faster and earlier than current solutions, and to help us develop education and awareness materials to help transfer knowledge and management skills to stakeholders.’

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Digital Agenda for Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 31 agosto 2011

Agenda Digital

Image via Wikipedia

Brussels 3rd October 2011, The Square, As fully recognised by the EU 2020 Strategy and the Digital Agenda, the Internet is increasingly changing our daily lives in a positive way and used as a key enabler for industry sectors and contributor to societal challenges such as climate change and an ageing population. High performance networks providing fast access to innovative, quality services and products are essential for the success of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The exponential growth in data traffic over fixed and mobile broadband networks, driven mainly by over-the-top (OTT) applications such as video, requires huge investment in order to deploy additional network capacity. A new equilibrium will be essential to ensure that players generating large amounts of data traffic also contribute to the investment challenge ahead. Without clear economic and investment incentives, network congestion will increasingly affect innovation and growth. At this crucial time, ETNO and the Financial Times are proud to present a Summit to foster dialogue between all actors of the Internet eco-system to debate how to allow innovative services to be launched, how the current commercial model may need to evolve and how new revenues can be generated to justify infrastructure investments. It will also look at the role policy makers can take in supporting these initiatives to achieve a viable, sustainable Internet for the benefit of all. Decisions taken now will affect the way the Internet is developed and used and we are proud to convene a distinguished speaker line up to discuss the way forward. The Summit will feature a keynote presentation from European Commissioner Neelie Kroes and two high-level CEO panel debates. Proceedings will be chaired by the Financial Times. Agenda
09:30 Welcome by the Chair Michael Skapinker, Assistant Editor and Editor, Special Reports, Financial Times
09:40 Introductory remarks Luigi Gambardella, Executive Board Chairman, ETNO
09:55 Future Internet models and trends Jonathan Liebenau, Reader in Technology Management, London School of Economics
10:10 Keynote presentation: Enabling a sustainable digital economy Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, European Commission
11:00 Panel session I: Making the Internet more sustainable: How should the current commercial model evolve? Without the necessary investment in infrastructure, traffic congestion will inhibit innovation and internet usage.
14:10 Panel session II: Enabling a sustainable global digital society: Meeting the demand for services and productsThis panel session will look at how telecom service providers are enabling sustainable economic development and social progress whilst also generating new services revenue to help justify their network infrastructure investments.
16:30 Close of Summit http://www.ftconferences/etno/

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EUA maps contribution to energy research

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 26 aprile 2010

In 2009, EUA established a ‘European Platform of Universities engaged in Energy Research’ (EPUE) as a mechanism to bring university-based research into the activities of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA). The platform provides the framework for consultation between universities that have a research capacity in a variety of energy-related fields. One of the EPUE’s first activities has been to carry out a preliminary mapping of university research and postgraduate education and training capacity in the energy field. A questionnaire was sent to all EUA member universities in December 2009 and by the end of March, 121 universities had replied (this represents a reasonable response rate of more than 15%, given that many EUA members do not cover the field of energy).  The responses reveal the enormous potential of university-based research and training in this area, in terms of the breadth of the field, its interdisciplinary character, and the level of collaboration between universities and with external partners (such as industry). Over 12 000 staff members (professors, doctorate holders and candidates, researchers, etc.) are involved in a total of more than 1,000 different research topics (on both EERA and non-EERA topics). In all, the responding institutions run a total of 374 doctoral programmes and 577 masters’ programmes related to energy. The areas of research are, not surprisingly, focussed predominantly on the science, engineering and technology fields but also include bioscience, medical/life sciences and economics, social sciences and the humanities (particularly in energy policy development). In terms of financing, the survey highlighted that two thirds of this research is funded from external competitive sources (public and private). EUA now plans to continue this mapping exercise amongst its members as part of the development of the EPUE and believes this is an important step towards enhancing the visibility and future opportunities for Europe’s universities in the EU’s future support for energy research.

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Europe Appoints Dan Smith as Post Trade Manager

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 23 febbraio 2010

London, Nasdaq Omx Europe (Neuro)  announced the appointment of Dan Smith as Post Trade Manager.  In his new capacity Mr. Smith will spearhead NEURO’s Post Trade strategy, working closely with central counterparty clearinghouses to increase efficiency and reduce costs for trading participants.  In addition, Mr. Smith will be the primary contact with General Clearing Firms and lead NEURO’s effort to promote interoperability between clearinghouses.  Currently a Managing Director in the Markets Development Team at NEURO, Mr. Smith will continue to be responsible for new initiatives such as the Sponsored Access Program and the extension of NEURO’s offering to Central and Eastern European markets.
Nasdaq Omx Europe, the most competitively priced multilateral trading facility in Europe, is the first platform to connect European liquidity pools with Pan-European routing. Nasdaq Omx Europe currently trades approximately 1,200 securities including constituents of the main European indices, ETFs and other highly liquid securities. For more information about Nasdaq Omx Europe, visit
The Nasdaq Omx Group, Inc. is the world’s largest exchange company. It delivers trading, exchange technology and public company services across six continents, with approximately 3,700 listed companies. Nasdaq Omx offers multiple capital raising solutions to companies around the globe, including its U.S. listings market, Nasdaq Omx Nordic, Nasdaq Omx Baltic, Nasdaq Omx First North, and the U.S. 144A sector. The company offers trading across multiple asset classes including equities, derivatives, debt, commodities, structured products and exchange-traded funds. Nasdaq Omx technology supports the operations of over 70 exchanges, clearing organizations and central securities depositories in more than 50 countries.

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The Savvio 10K.4 Hard Drive

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 13 febbraio 2010

Scotts Valley, Calif. Seagate® Ships World’s Highest-Capacity, Most Reliable Small Form Factor Enterprise Drive: The Savvio® 10K.4 Hard Drive Enterprise storage systems can now move to 600GB capacity, 2 million hour MTBF solution Seagate (NASDAQ: STX) today announced worldwide shipments of its Savvio® 10K.4 hard disk drive (HDD), the world’s highest-capacity and most reliable 2.5-inch enterprise-class drive. Built for the demands of enterprise servers and to enable new levels of data density in external storage arrays, Savvio 10K.4 doubles the capacity of its nearest competitor to 600GB. It is also the first HDD to achieve an unprecedented 2 million hours Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) reliability rating.

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NATO works with Somali officials

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 15 agosto 2009

London: Regional government and law enforcement representatives from Somalia visited the NATO flagship HMS CORNWALL yesterday off the port of Boosaaso. The delegation, headed by the Minister of Ports and Marine Transport, Mr Abdil Irazaq Gaaiyte met the NATO Task Force Commander, Commodore Steve Chick CBE Royal Navy. The meeting was the first direct engagement between the Boosaaso authorities and the NATO Task Force since its arrival in the region on 29 Jun 09. The purpose of the visit was to establish a working relationship between NATO, the Government, Bari regional authorities and local law enforcement agencies.  Following briefs by both parties much common ground and opportunity to co-operate further was identified.  One area of co-operation that can be quickly implemented is the exchange of information between the counter piracy forces ashore and those at sea.  Whilst NATO and other international forces are able to deter and disrupt pirate attacks far out at sea, real success will only be achieved if the pirates can be stopped before they depart from the beaches in the first place.  That is where the potential for frequent and rapid exchanges of information between NATO and the shore authorities will be key.  Early information about pirate movements from the coast will better enable warships to intercept them prior to them reaching their victims, often in the international shipping lanes.  Reciprocal information from NATO warships can be of great value in enabling pirates to be captured by shore authorities as they return from their attempts at piracy. During the meeting, Abdiwahid Mohamed Hersi, Director General of Fisheries, Ports and Marine Resources, explained the damage that piracy was inflicting on the country as a whole.  The spread of crime inland, the soaring coast of commodities, and the damage to traditional Somali society all have their roots in piracy.   It is as a result of these issues and the need to secure the safety of shipping in the Gulf of Aden that NATO has deployed one of its 2 Standing Maritime Groups to the region.  The original mission ‘Operation Allied Protector’ commenced in Mar 09 in support of UN Security Council Resolutions was focused on deterrence and disruption of pirate attacks. The overall aim was to safeguard navigation in the sea lanes adjacent to Somalia.  The opportunity was not missed to help protect vessels engaged with the World Food Programme, delivering vital humanitarian aid to the needy ashore.  With the increase of piracy and threat to the strategically important sea lanes NATO is now looking to the future and seeking to work with local law enforcement agencies to build up regional capacity.

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International Whaling Commission Annual Meeting

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Madeira, Portgual June 22-26 The Pestana Casino Park Hotel Rua Imperatriz D. Amélia Funchal Humane Society International’s opening statement at the International Whaling Commission’s annual meeting in Madeira, Portugal underscores the increasing threats to whales. Those threats include habitat degradation, pollution, overfishing of prey species and climate change.  An HSI petition calling for a global whale sanctuary is being sent to leaders of IWC member countries to promote sanctuaries and whale watching as a more humane and scientifically sound alternative to slaughter.  HSI representatives will be at the meeting in Funchal, Madeira and available for comment.  Patricia Forkan, HSI special envoy, has participated in IWC meetings since the early 1970s. Her areas of expertise include international trade and capacity building, marine mammal protection, and United Nations and international treaties. She currently serves as a member of the Trade and Environment Policy Advisory Committee, working closely with the U.S. Trade Representative and the Environmental Protection Agency. From 1979 to 1983 she served on the public advisory committee to the International Law of the Sea Negotiations. She directed the HSI European office in its landmark efforts to stop the importation of dolphin-deadly tuna into the European market. Kitty Block, vice president, HSI, oversees   efforts in international treaties and agreements including the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and Species Survival Network, International Whaling Commission, Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, Cartagena Convention/Protocol to the Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife, and the Convention on Migratory Species. Block works with representatives of member countries, drafts proscriptive language (resolutions, convention amendments etc.), presents policy papers and serves on oversight panels. Block provides legal analysis and drafts position papers on domestic and international laws involving animals.

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The Economics of Chromium (11th Edition)

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Demand for chromite increased by an annual average rate of 4% for the period 2000 to 2008, with ferrochrome consumption increasing by the same amount.  However, the onset of the economic downturn from mid 2008 has seen demand for chromium plummet, with prices following a similar path. Ferrochrome consumption fell by 3.5% in 2008, in year-on-year terms, as major Asian and European consumers reduced orders to a minimum in an attempt to run down inventories, as demand from end-users declined sharply. Export prices for ferrochrome have fallen by 68% for the ten months to May 2009, as demand from stainless steel, the main end-use for ferrochrome has collapsed.  In response to weakening demand and falling prices producers have cut production, in some cases ceasing operations all together.  Around 70% of world ferrochrome production capacity was suspended in the first quarter of 2009, with the Xstrata-Merafe joint venture operating at 20% of capacity since December 2008, while Samancor Chrome suspended all production in the first quarter of 2009.  With the sudden disintegration of end-user demand, the forecast is for demand for both ferrochrome and chromite to fall in 2009.  Demand for ferrochrome will fall by around 24% in 2009, year-on-year, on the back of the 3.55% fall in consumption in 2008.  However, a recovery could begin to materialise from the fourth quarter this year, as the global economic situation begins to ease. Global stainless steel production has been driven in recent years by emerging markets, with China leading the way.  Double-digit GDP growth of recent years has helped fuel China’s growing demand for all commodities, with Chinese producers contributing some 80% of the increase in global stainless steel output since 2000. Demand for chromium chemicals has declined in recent years, as environmental concerns have seen tightening legislation limits its use in the two main end-uses, leather tanning and metal finishing.  Global demand peaked at around 1Mt (sodium dichromate equivalent) in 2001, falling by 32% to 680,000t in 2008. Going forward, demand for chromium chemicals is going to be modest at best, growing at an annual average rate of 2.5-3% over the next five years. Ferrochrome prices were negotiated at US¢69/lb in the second quarter of this year, almost 70% lower than the US¢213/lb peak set in July 2008.  Prices for chromite have fallen by 73% to US$140/t from its US$520/t peak in July 2008, while prices for chromium chemicals and chromium metal have both fallen by almost 45%. Given the weak outlook chromite and ferrochrome demand, prices are forecast to be much lower than those set in 2008.  Ferrochrome prices are forecast to average US¢77-80/lb this year, as end-use demand remains depressed.  However, prices in the fourth quarter of 2009 could increase on the back some restocking.  Chromite prices are likely to follow a similar pattern, with average prices for 2009 at US$135/t, with a potential 20-30% increase for 2010 as demand returns.

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