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Cardinal visit to Idomeni close to the border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 19 ottobre 2015

balcaniCardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila will see how Caritas is helping migrants on a visit to Idomeni close to the border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on 19 October. Cardinal Tagle is the president of Caritas Internationalis, which is coordinating relief efforts for the confederation of Catholic aid agencies.Caritas Greece (known nationally as Caritas Hellas) volunteers in Idomeni provide food and water and sanitation to women and children on the crossing point. Over 450,000 people have gone through Greece this year heading for a new life in the European Union.Idomeni is a small village unable to host the large number of people travelling through. Many must staying outside, without shelter. There is little chance of getting a meal, a wash or access to a toilet.Caritas is providing warm clothes, food, medical care, bedding and water and sanitation and other services, working in Greece, the FYR of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and elsewhere in Europe.More than 70 percent of asylum seekers and migrants have come to Europe in 2015 from countries experiencing severe emergencies like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Conflict, religious and ethnic persecution and poverty are driving people out of their homes.Those crossing Greece include families with women and children. They’ve faced dangerous and difficult journeys over sea and land.Caritas says governments should work together to ensure safe and lawful ways to migrate. The current situation is only benefiting criminals and traffickers.Many of the European countries they’re travelling through don’t have the capacity to support such a huge numbers of people, especially in terms of shelter. Caritas is concerned that as the weather worsens, their situation could deteriorate. Caritas is urging that the refugees be welcomed, while at the same time solutions are pursued to promote peace and development in their countries of origin. in the Middle East.
Il cardinale Tagle, testimone della crisi dei rifugiati durante la visita in Grecia per la Caritas
Il cardinale Luis Antonio Tagle di Manila vedrà come la Caritas sta aiutando i migranti durante la sua visita a Idomeni, vicino al confine con l’Ex-Repubblica Jugoslava di Macedonia, il 19 ottobre.I volontari della Caritas Grecia (nota a livello nazionale come Caritas Hellas) a Idomeni
forniscono cibo, acqua e servizi igienici a donne e bambini che si trovano alla frontiera.Quest’anno oltre 450.000 persone hanno attraversato la Grecia in cerca di una nuova vita nell’Unione europea.Il cardinale Tagle è presidente di Caritas Internationalis, la confederazione che coordina i soccorsi delle sue organizzazioni umanitarie cattoliche.La Caritas distribuisce indumenti caldi, cibo, cure mediche, acqua, servizi igienico-sanitari e di altro genere, in Grecia, Ex-Repubblica jugoslava di Macedonia, Serbia, Croazia, Ungheria e in altri Paesi d’Europa. Più del 70 per cento dei richiedenti asilo e migranti giunti in Europa nel 2015 provengono da Paesi in conflitto come la Siria, l’Afghanistan e l’Iraq. Tra quelli che attraversano la Grecia ci sono famiglie con donne e bambini. Hanno affrontato viaggi difficili e pericolosi, per mare e per terra.Molti dei Paesi europei che attraversano non hanno la capacità di sostenere un numero così imponente di persone, soprattutto in termini di alloggi. La Caritas è preoccupata per la loro situazione che potrebbe aggravarsi con il peggioramento delle condizioni meteorologiche.

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Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga on the Gaza crisis

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 1 agosto 2014

GazastripSince early July, almost two million Palestinians in Gaza and people in Israel have been caught up in a devastating war. People have no safe place to hide when the bombs rain down on the densely-populated, small stretch land that is Gaza. They see their children slaughtered, their neighbourhoods razed to the ground and all hopes for a future of peace torn to shreds. The battlefield is neighbourhoods full of children, women and men. It contains hospitals over-burdened with the injured and dead and schools which are being bombed even if they are meant to offer refuge. As Caritas, we have called for a permanent ceasefire but this is just the first step on the road to a just peace based on inclusive negotiations across the region. The path towards reconciliation is long but it starts with ourselves. Israel and Hamas, why do you keep pointing out the speck in the eye of your brother while missing the plank in your own eye? Instead, you should put down your arms and pick up a pair of binoculars so you can see that most of your victims are innocent people. This is the third war in five years between Israel and militants in Gaza. In the intervening years, Palestinians in Gaza have lived a life where water is scarce, much of their food comes from humanitarian organisations and where the dignity of a job is beyond many people’s reach. Caritas brings material and spiritual aid to the people of Gaza in their times of need and despair.
We call for the lifting of the blockade on Gaza to allow Gazans to protect their lives and livelihoods and so they can live a dignified life.
When he met the presidents of Israel and Palestine at the Vatican recently, Pope Francis said, “Peacemaking calls for courage, much more so than warfare. It calls for the courage to say yes to encounter and no to conflict: yes to dialogue and no to violence; yes to negotiations and no to hostilities; yes to respect for agreements and no to acts of provocation; yes to sincerity and no to duplicity.”
As Caritas, we pray for peace in the Holy Land. We pray for the Palestinian and Israeli families who have lost their children, mothers and fathers and for those who have been killed. Our prayers are with the children who live in terror and whose mental scars will run deep long after this war is over. The Caritas confederation sends its love and solidarity to Caritas workers who are risking their lives every day in Gaza. These people work humbly and tirelessly in the service of Christ in the most difficult conditions imaginable. May God be with them every step of the way. We also pray for our colleagues at Caritas Jerusalem and the vital support that they’re giving to their staff on the ground at this time. As we mark the anniversary of the First World War 100 years ago, we remember the words of the then Pope Benedict XV: “Force can repress the body, but it cannot repress the souls of men” and we pray that despite this terrible time of war and oppression, the souls of Palestinians and Israelis will remain free to believe in a future of justice and peace. Yours in Christ, Oscar Andrés Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga, S.D.B

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