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Rules to prevent further loss of migrants’ lives off EU coasts

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 dicembre 2013

The official emblem of the European Parliament.

The official emblem of the European Parliament. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Draft rules to clarify how border guards serving in Frontex-coordinated maritime operations should deal with migrants intercepted or rescued at sea and where they should land them were approved by the Civil Liberties Committee on Monday. These rules should help to save lives, by removing confusion due to EU member states’ differing interpretations of international law. MEPs also inserted clauses to ensure that migrants’ rights are better protected.”The European Parliament has taken a step to respond to critics of Frontex operations by strengthening respect for the priority of saving lives. I hope that the Council will have the same priority and arrive swiftly at an agreement with Parliament to allow this regulation to take effect”, said rapporteur Carlos Coelho (EPP, PT).The draft EU regulation clarifies rules on the interception or rescue at sea of migrants and where they should be landed. These EU rules should remove confusion created by EU member states’ divergent interpretations of international law and practices. It should also improve the efficiency of Frontex-coordinated sea operations and help member states fulfil their duty to render assistance to persons in distress.The new rules should make it easier to ensure that border guards comply with all international obligations to render assistance to any ship or person in distress at sea.

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Civil Liberties Committee delegation to assess drug situation in the EU

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 13 luglio 2013

A delegation of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee will go to Lisbon on 18 and 19 July to visit the EU Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). The main findings of the 2013 European drug report, monitoring of new drugs, EMCDDA’s work and its cooperation with other agencies and with the European Parliament will be among the issues to be discussed in the meetings. Members of the delegation Ioan Enciu (S&D, Romania) and Marco Scurria (EPP, Italy), as well as Carlos Coelho (EPP, Portugal) and Nuno Melo (EPP, Portugal) as accompanying members, will meet with EMCDDA’s Director, Wolfgang Götz, and the Chair of the EMCDDA Management Board and national drug coordinator for Portugal, João Goulão, among others.

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Schengen: stricter EU rules to prevent illegal border checks

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 30 novembre 2011

MEPs examine re-imposition of border checks in...

Image by European Parliament via Flickr

A proposed EU-based system to monitor any attempt by Member States to introduce illegal checks at the EU’s internal borders was backed by the Civil Liberties Committee on Tuesday. It says that where a Member State seriously neglects its duty to enforce external border controls, despite EU support, specific measures, including closing a specific border crossing point with another Schengen country, could be taken “as a last resort”. Every year, EU citizens make over 1.25 billion journeys as tourists and or to visit friends and relatives across the EU without being held up by checks at its internal borders. The Schengen area also allows free movement for EU workers and third-country nationals legally staying within it. The new “Schengen evaluation and monitoring mechanism”, which takes up most of Parliament’s demands, is designed to maintain Member States’ mutual trust in their capacity to apply all Schengen provisions effectively and efficiently, thus making it possible to maintain a check-free zone. The current draft law – part of the Schengen governance package presented by the Commission in September and building on a previous (2010) proposal – aims to strengthen the existing mechanism for verifying Member States’ compliance with Schengen rules.”The new mechanism should help to reinforce the free movement of persons, be able to monitor any attempt to introduce illegal checks at internal borders, and to help to reinforce mutual trust by ensuring an effective control of the external borders by each Member State”, underlined Civil Liberties Committee rapporteur, Carlos Coelho (EPP, PT). Mr Coelho welcomed the Commission proposal as providing a legal basis that requires the use of the Parliament/Council co-decision procedure.
The new proposal would step up the frequency of on-the-spot inspections and introduce unannounced visits by Commission-led teams and experts from other Member States to verify that Member States are not imposing internal border checks in breach of Schengen rules.
Should a serious deficiency be found in the way that Schengen rules are enforced at external borders, support should be provided to the Member State concerned for a period of six months, MEPs say, including the help of the EU’s Frontex border agency and other EU agencies.This Civil Liberties Committee orientation vote gives Parliament’s rapporteur a mandate to start negotiations with Council.

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